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ITEM: KU6383


Great grips - take some extra care installing

I really like these grips but have to agree they may be a little too large for some people. I carefully read all the installation concerns from the reviews and decided to use regular silicone spray to help with the installation. I think you could probably use any type of lubricant such as dish soap, windex, WD40 etc., but you shouldn’t try to install them dry. It is also a good idea to run/tap the screws into the holes on the back side of the grips before installing them because there may be some left over powder coat from the factory in the tops of the threads that can interfere with the installation. I also snapped the halves together several times before installing to get them worked in and so that I could get a good idea how they're supposed to look and how much pressure was needed to snap together. I then used 3 tie wraps per side and slowly drew both ends together and carefully installed the screws. After I took all the precautions, installation went pretty smoothly.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709


Not the best tire

In reading the reviews on these tires I am perplexed. These tires came as OEM on my 2012 Wing. The first thing I noticed was some steering wobble at lower speeds in the front at about 3k miles. I have a fork brace but it does not help the wobble. The second thing I noticed was a "whirring" type noise at 5k miles when leaning the bike left or right. At first I did not know where the whirring noise was coming from and read online that it could be the rear tire. The online blogs and my suspicion was confirmed today. I recently got a flat on the Blue Ridge Parkway from a large puncture in the rear tire. I had the rear tire replaced today with a new Bridgestone and the whirring noise is gone but I am sure it will be a matter of time before the noise returns. These tires are ok when they have low mileage and seem to handle well in the rain but my next set will not be these Bridgestone's that's for sure.
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Smoke Signal Lenses w/ Amber Bulb
ITEM CODE: BB52733SK,   SKU: BB52733SK



First let me say that I really like Big Bike Show Chrome accessories however when I installed these today I had to remove the VERY HARD foam that is attached to these lens housings. The rock hard foam does not allow these to be installed easily and can cause you to break the plastic mounts inside of the mirror housings. I did not take any chances and removed the hard foam and then cut the soft foam off the factory lenses and glued to these lenses for a trouble free installation. When I originally tried to mount them with the foam that comes with these lenses the foam is so hard that they do not allow the factory screws to be installed. It may be possible to use the hard foam they come with but I think the screw mount holes would either strip or the mounts would break considering they are plastic. Big thumbs down to Big Bike Parts for using a hard rock foam on these! You may want to consider something else.
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Deluxe 3pc Carpet Kit for GL1800 2nd Gen


Nice carpet set

I am very happy with this set. They fit great and keep your things from moving around less. You really can't go wrong for the price and the Wing Stuff logo looks great!
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Chrome Passenger Floorboard Side Covers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52613,   SKU: BB52613



These look great and fit perfect without any modification. When installing make sure you move them around and tighten each anchor bolt a little at a time and you will have no problems. Nice product for the price!!
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Capt. Richard's Best Bike Clean & Polish


Called the Bom for a reason

A bit pricey but worth EVERY penny. It does what it says and the results are beyond what I expected. Does not leave a haze like most products that you have to go back and buff off. Leaves a mirror like finish on painted surfaces, plastic, and chrome. Looks like you just spent hours waxing after one treatment. Cleans windshields so well they look invisible. Once you try this stuff you won't go back to anything else.
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