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Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover
ITEM CODE: AO678034B,   SKU: AO678034B

I've always had saddle problems. I've tried different seats, pads, sheep skin, etc., and have found that there is no universal solution that fixes everyone. Each person's weight, shape, age, and bike, affects their comfort level. I have an Air Hawk pad that I used for a year or two and it's pretty good. But I've known people that like bead mats so I saw this one for a good price and tried it. I have only used my Air Hawk once since I purchased this bead mat and that's when the mat fell apart and I had to repair it. Then I went right back to the mat and have used it for a year now. Yes, part of my bead mat came apart but I just sewed it back together. After that single repair it's been fine. But I don't hook mine down to the seat. I leave it loose so that I can move it around if I need to. The beads aren't like round marbles, they are more elongated beads. I can hardly believe that I like this simple thing so much and just paid 25 bucks for it and it's the best answer for me so far.
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17-Piece Motorcycle Tool Kit w/Bag
ITEM CODE: TR151553,   SKU: TR151553

No tool kit is perfect unless you make it up yourself to meet your specific needs. But this is a good one and I feel a little safer having it onboard. I've used it several times for my bike and for buddies.
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Contoured ISO-Throttled Boss for GL1800 Gloss Black
ITEM CODE: KU6314,   SKU: KU6314

A friend recommended this to me and I have really enjoyed it. Especially on a long ride, it's a lot easy to keep pressure on the accelerator by simply pressing down on the throttle boss with the heal of my hand than it is to keep squeezing the handlebar so tightly and twisting. I didn't know what I was missing.
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ISO-Grips Black for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6383,   SKU: KU6383

These things CAN be very difficult to install. I had a terrible time. I used the dog leash method, the zip ties method, and the channel lock pliers method. All failed. In fact, I broke both grips trying to get the clamshell-like pieces to snap together over each of my stock grips. I returned them and WingStuff gave me a second set for which I was very grateful. The second install attempt went much more smoothly because I tried a different method. I used the zip ties to slowly draw the clamshell pieces together and hold them as I squeezed them together as much as I could by hand. Then for the critical final closure event I used hose clamps with a cloth between the clamp and the grip so I wouldn't scratch it. I screwed the clamp down until the clamshell looked snug and I left it that way over night. Next day I removed the clamps and zip ties and the clamshells stayed shut. I'll let you know if they come apart.
The grips are significantly fatter than a normal grip because they install on TOP of the stock grips. They really fill the hand.
I also added the end weights, the required color ring, and a throttle boss type thing.
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Kuryakyn Glove Box Cubby for GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: KU1669,   SKU: KU1669

Easy to install. Took me maybe 30 seconds. I never used that little compartment anyway. This takes its place and I love the location. The drink is directly in front of you and easy to manage. And there is no holder hanging from the handlebars, getting in my way. Since it's grounded in the body of the bike itself, it's sturdy. The interior is rubber, so I keep my sunglasses and phone in a couple of the compartments. You will have trouble getting a drink larger than a 20 oz. to fit inside the holder, although the rubber interior of the holder does have "fins" that conform to a bottle that is a bit larger sometimes. But you'll have to learn not to get a bottle that is shaped with a larger bottom to it. However, I have no complaints and I use it every time I ride. I keep extra bottles of water and Gatorade in the trunk and one of those is always in my holder.
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