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Cooler Rack System
ITEM CODE: RIGL18011,   SKU: RIGL18011


4 Stars

On the "Generation 2" GL1800 (2012-UP) The easiest way to get the U bolts in is to remove the turn signal/ tail light housing by accessing 4 fasteners on the back wall inside the side compartments. Once that is taken off, you can easily manipulate the U bolts around the frame tube and secure them. You may have to re-dress the threads on the U-bolts so they'll accept the nuts without cross-threading. They're cut pretty sloppily and you'll need a file or grinder to clean them up. Try fitting the nuts before installing the U-bolts! You'll also need to trim a inch or so off either side of the back side of the center panel to allow clearance for the flat plates on the mount. Fit the panel and look underneath to see how much you'll need to remove to get the panel to mount flush. The picture included in the directions only show a "Generation 1" configuration. Unless you plan on keeping the mount tube in place all the time, you'll want to find a plastic cap or cover the opening with tape to prevent dirt from corroding the inside of the mount tube. You might also want to remove the tension bolt located above the hitch pin and re-install it using plumbers Teflon tape wrapped around the threads to keep the bolt from vibrating out when not tightened down. Remember that all this stuff is INSIDE the rear tire well and will be exposed to everything your rear tire rolls thru. I recommend using a loc-tite thread locker product on all fasteners also. Instillation wasn't bad, but be prepared to take your time because the instillation is tedious and easily frustrating.
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