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Tacoma, WA, US, 98404




I got my 89 Wing in the Summer of 06 and in doing so finally found a bike suited to me. At 6'3", only one other bike in my price bracket has ever felt suited to a bloke my size, and more importantly, this is the ONLY bike I have ever been so comfortable on. Being an outdoorsman and frequent camper, road fatigue was a major issue for me on smaller bikes, to say nothing of their limited cargo capacities.
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Blue-Green 1989 Honda GL1500

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Black 1997 Honda GL1500

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Chrome Lower Fairing Air Vents
ITEM CODE: BB52552,   SKU: BB52552


4 Stars

I'm afraid I can't be as generous as to give it 5 stars. Installation seems simple enough, and was for the right vent, but the left simply will not secure into place. More than once I have lost this unit on the highway. Local tech says he usually has to trim some plastic off at least one of these to make them fit right. They are very attractive, though.
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Chrome One Piece Side Trim w/Hot Air Vent
ITEM CODE: BB52557,   SKU: BB52557


3 Stars

I am bound and determined to get these on my bike, as they DO look great (I've seen them installed on bikes in my local shop). Unfortunately I am on my 2nd pair. Installation is NOT easy as the air vent has a fork that must align with an internal vent component. According to my local tech, the best way to get them on and aligned is to remove the entire fairing. If you try to put it on and don't get things lined up, don't try to pull it off or you'll end up snapping it in two at the elbow, as I did.
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Chrome Levers for GL1500 Gold Wing


3 Stars

I purchased both the brake and the clutch lever. They get points for looking nice and because these are one of the ONLY levers I've found out there for an '89, but after installing them I found that both levers were not making contact with my brake light switches and the cruise switch (located directly under each lever). Both switches were replaced, in case the issue was wear on their part, but the brake switch still required me to add aluminum tape to the lever to build it up enough to contact both switches. Loss of points for flawed design.
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