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Red 2013 Honda F6B

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Replacement OEM Style Fog Light Switch


Just as described

I had ordered the Show Chrome Tridium fog lights that, though marked correctly on the box, included the wrong fog light switch for my 2013 F6B. Bud was super helpful through chat and on the phone as we discovered the wrong part was included. This was the part I needed and once it arrived, it was a quick plug-n-play, perfect fit.
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Very nice and easy install.

This was a very easy install. As low as the F6B sits already, plus its short suspension, I was very concerned about bottoming out, especially in my driveway entrance. This not only looks great in black with my red and black F6B, but I feel much better about the protection of my undercarriage.
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Inferno Heated Grips w/E-Z Controller
ITEM CODE: BB17961,   SKU: BB17961


Worked great for me

I've had at least 6 BMW motorcycles, all with stock grip heat. That allowed me to ride year-round here in the Southeastern US. I've had two Goldwings, and now an F6B, with no heated grips. It makes a HUGE difference in how cold you can ride. It's been in the low 30s every morning for weeks now and I haven't missed a day thanks in part to these grips (and proper gear elsewhere of course). They work just as well as any of my Beemer's stock grips. Just a note or two on install. 1. Be sure to splice into your handgrip wire harnesses low enough and as far into the nose of the bike as possible. I did mine a little too close to the left grip and the finished product didn't tuck back into the left bar's wire channel quite as neatly as stock. 2. On the glue...DO NOT put the glue on the handlebar first, then slide the grip on. That just pushes most of the glue up to the switchgear, can be ugly, or worse, glue your throttle side to immoveable. INSTEAD, put a decent-sized ring of glue on the inside of the new grip, then slide it on, twisting back and forth as you go. That ensures better coverage and less overage.3. Be sure to position your grips properly so the left grip's cabling doesn't interfere with clutch movement and the right grip has plenty of slack to turn full throttle.
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Pathfinder Adapter Plug Harness for G18DTS, G18DTC, G18RFL F6B 2013-2016


Super simple

Plug-n-play. Super simple. No splicing. Used them to install and connect Tridium fog light/running light/ turn signals. Perfect fit.
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Pathfinder LED Headlight Kit for GL1800/F6B



I bought two sets to do both low and high beams. The included instructions are pretty scary in that they are only for low beam replacement with a “warning” to use a trained technician to do the high beams. Whatever. I found the high beams actually easier. It’s a pretty straightforward installation. Not too difficult at all. Easy upgrade for any novice mechanic. I haven’t had it out at night yet, so I can’t speak to brightness, but many YouTube videos give it high marks.
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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800


Love it!

Don’t forget to order every part you need for the install. I put this on an F6B standard so it didn’t have a center stand to pull parts from. Easy work though finding everything you need from Wingstuff. Just look at the schematics and you’re golden. Install was very simple... except the dang spring. With thick washers inserted between the spring rungs, pulling with all my might with vice grips, I still needed the lever of a big screwdriver to slide it over the peg. I buggered it up pretty good, but it’s a kickstand, it ain’t supposed to be pretty. :) And it’s done. So I’m done.
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Tridium LED Fog/Running/Driving Light Kit for F6B, GL1800


Love it

Easy install, especially after watching CruiseMan’s YouTube install video. Essentially plug-n-play.
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