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Red 2018 Honda Goldwing Tour DCT

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XP Rear Brake Modulator
ITEM CODE: PU20500030,   SKU: PU20500030

This was installed along with an isolation box and an added center stoplight on a 2018 Goldwing Tour. This functionality should be standard equipment on any motorcycle. I used the 5 flash then on solid mode to meet requirements of my state. Simple install, I took the time to solder and heat shrink everything, as I am not a fan of insulation displacement connectors. Having the “third brake light” flash then go solid on is a real attention getter.
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Central Taillight Trim w/ Red Lens Run/Brake Light for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: AO45-1824,   SKU: AO45-1824

This is a winner item for sure. I wired up the “running” and “stop” to a brake light modulator, driven from an isolation box. So in effect, it’s a “third brake light” only, and with the flash then on solid modulator, it is a real attention getter. It fits the OEM location perfectly, but I am kind of concerned how easily it comes out should I have to get at the baggage key lock behind it, when Honda so foolishly located it. I’ve needed to get to that key twice in the three years I have owned this motorcycle.
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Electronic Fuse Block for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-942,   SKU: BB52-942

This was not a quick installation, but then again, I am a real fussy type for wiring and lead dress. The concept of this part is clear, and a necessary item. The only two squawks I have is the screws holding on the cover are too short. There’s barely two threads worth of engagement into the body to hold on the cover. Yes, there’s hardly any load on them, and yes how many times are you going to remove/install them, but I don’t think they will tolerate much. Second issue is the terminal strips accept only very light gauge wire, say 20AWG max? Otherwise, this is a good unit. Install documentation is good.
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Parking Brake Indicator Flasher for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT
ITEM CODE: EC04205,   SKU: EC04205

To be honest, have not installed it yet. Very intimidated by all of the layers of fragile plastic needed to be twisted, pulled, bent and unclipped to access a few wires and the switch. Maybe I will, and maybe I will have to buy the currently non-existent 2018 factory service manual to see how all of this comes apart. The instructions pictures are not to clear. Sort of crazy to spend $160 on a manual to take apart something to install a $30 dollar gizmo. That’s motorcycle life for ya.
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