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Rick G.

Lime Lake, NY, US,


Rick G.


I deliver golf carts to PGA tournaments. In my spare time I like to tinker. Motorcycling has been a passion for me my whole life.
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Full time Professional Tourist, Part time Truck Driver

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Life is what you make it,
so go out and make it fun....

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Red 2010 Honda GL1800

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Red 2012 Yamaha Vstar 1300

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ITEM: TR771173

After a vaction to the Vermont and New Hampshire mountains last year, pulling a trailer and riding two up, I decided it was time to do something about the rear suspension. With the trailer loaded, to distribute the weight, so there was very little tongue weight and the preload set at the maximum, I found I was still bottoming out on that trip.

When I returned from the trip I ordered the spring along with the braided line for the shock.

After doing some homework, I decided to have the dealer install the items, (this being the only thing from WingStuff I haven't installed myself). Given the amount of work involved to install, I'm glad I did.

Now for the Information that really counts. I have a 2010 GL1800 (comfort, navi, premium stereo) with 30,000 miles, I'm a big guy (280#). Before the install I would set the preload at;
13 riding 1 up,
16 riding 2 up,
20 riding 2 up pulling a trailer.

After the install I am now at 2 on the preload riding 1 up. The thing I noticed, when I first sat on the bike, was it sat about an inch higher than before. It was late in the season so I only had a chance to take a quick ride alone, but what a ride it was. I went 150 miles on some seriously rough roads to put it to the test. All I can say is, It was worth every penny it cost me to do this upgrade. Now I can't wait for my trip back to the New England Mountains to try out my new ride this summer.

If you find you are starting to set the preload higher and higher every year. Do yourself a favor and buy this. You won't be disappointed!
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Front Fairing Trim for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7322,   SKU: KU7322

I wanted this piece to finish off the front look of my bike. It is a great piece and really compliments the red.

That being said here was my problem.

This was installed according to Kuryakyn's instructions, thoroughly cleaning the area before installing. I noticed when I fit it onto the bike it didn't quite fit the curve of the fairing. After about a week I notice the piece was pulling away from the fairing. I called Wingstuff and they were fantastic, as usual. They shipped me out a new piece.

While on the phone with Wingstuff I asked about some chrome that was pealing from my Kuryakyn floorboards. They said they couldn't help with that as it was out of warranty, (2 years old), but they gave me Kuryakyns phone number to call them. After explaining the problem with the fairing piece to Kuryakyn, I asked them about the floorboard. Their response was, "they could not help me"! This along with their condescending attitude, left me in NO DOUBT I will not be buying anymore of their products.

* star for Kuryakyn customer service.

***** stars for Wingstuff, I'm a customer for life!
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Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads

After a couple of years, contemplating using Dyna Beads, I finally pulling the trigger and bought some for my GL1800. I mounted a new set of tires on my rims and roughly checked the balance. Front tire seemed almost perfect, so I added 1 oz of the beads. The back tire however was way out of balance. After a trip to the local shop to have it balanced I installed 1 oz of the beads.

I have had new tires before, to say these have made a difference would be an understatement! It's like riding on glass, my bike has NEVER been so smooth. Even my wife has noticed the difference.

Only time will tell if this will help with the cupping of the tires, but at this juncture I am one happy camper!
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Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
ITEM CODE: KU4038,   SKU: KU4038

I purchased these from WingStuff 2 years ago and really like the comfort they give me. Unfortunately I noticed this year that the chrome on the left board was starting to "bubble" up. I called WingStuff and, as usual, they were really great about the problem. Unfortunately the warranty has expired (1 year) but they gave me the number to reach Kuryakyn.

After talking to Kuryakyn I was very disappointed as they said there was nothing they could do. My bike has NEVER been left outside UNCOVERED and I even cover it in my garage. I have spent 1000's of dollars on Kuryakyn products and this is how you are treated for buying what is obviously a defective item. In the future I will be looking for OTHER manufactures to buy products from. In the mean time I will have to remover the defective item and have it chromed PROPERLY!
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ITEM: PG01048

Let me start off by saying, I love the control of the air flow around the driver and passenger that these give you.

I had a problem with my legs rubbing on these when I used my highway pegs. This was solved (short term) by removing the lower wing. This bothered me, partly due to the cost of these and because I lost the use of that wing.

After 2 years I decided to do something about it. Using my scroll saw I cut some of the corner off the lower outside section of each lower wing (about 1/2 inch) and rounded it more than it was. Then I sanded the edge to match the original look of the units.

Problem solved. Now I can ride using my pegs again with these installed! 4 stars for having to customize the fit.
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Clear LED Fender Light
ITEM CODE: BB52751,   SKU: BB52751

Added this light with the lighted side fender trim. The lights are NOT water proof. Water gets into the lights when I wash the bike but does drain out. Has been installed since April and still working.
My one concern was how to run the wires. I removed the front fender before spring to take my time to do this right.
First I drilled the holes for the wires and attached the light to the fender. Using silicone caulk, I gradually built up layers (over days) till the wires were completely covered and held to the bottom of the fender. I then soldered the wires together and installed a plug were the fender attaches to the bike. Now I can remove the fender and not have to cut any wires.
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Battery Side Trim
ITEM CODE: BB52630,   SKU: BB52630

I never liked the dull gray piece on the side cover. This really makes a huge difference on the look of the bike.
Installation is easy, just pop off the side cover, remove the screws holding that old nasty grey thing to the painted cover, align the screw holes (being careful not to over tighten), reinstall cover on bike.
Nice piece to dress up the side of your bike.
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Ergo II Highway Peg w/Mini Arms
ITEM CODE: KU4073,   SKU: KU4073

Having bad knees I need to move my legs around and be able to stretch out. Even the extra room my floorboards give me is not enough to stay comfortable on a long ride. With these I can ride in comfort for long periods of time. They are well made and very solid.
These are the ones to have if you are someone with longer legs. They are fully adjustable for your personal preference and take about 30 minutes to install and adjust.
If you are an aggressive driver, you may scrap these occasionally but they swivel up when hit at the footrest so your chances of dumping the bike are minimal. It makes a nice early warning device for those drivers. LOL
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ITEM: RIGL1800722

I have pulled trailers for about 20 years, and just got back from a 2500 mile trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway, pulling a trailer with this hitch for the first time. This hitch worked flawlessly. It is well balanced at the ball so the trailer is hardly noticeable behind you. I was impressed with how well made this hitch is.

The installation is NOT overwhelming! The directions are good, just take your time. Cutting the rear fender is easy with the inclosed template.

I did reroute some of the wire harnesses under the seat at the mounting point of the upper struts, (I have the comfort, GPS and premium stereo packages, which has more wiring located here). The struts looked like they may rub through the harnesses at the mounting point above the rear tire after installation. The extra few minutes it took to unplug and move them was worth saving a problem later.
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Quick Release Drink Holder for GL1800, GL1500

Bought this so Momma has a place to keep her drink when she rides. This takes no time at all to install or remove and does not interfere with the rider.
Great buy!
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Chrome LED Master Cylinder Switch
ITEM CODE: KU7803,   SKU: KU7803

I used this to power the extra lights on my bike and my trailer lights. They look great and work very well.

My only gripe is the location Kuryakyn chose for the fuses to be attached on the wires. If you run the harness down the handlebars the fuses will end up in the steering well. I made sure there was enough extra wire to pull them out so I will be able to change a fuse if necessary, but not a lot of room for 3 fuse enclosures down there.
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Service Repair Manual CD for GL1800 2006-2010

I bought this to get info about my 2010 wing. It falls a little short on that front. This CD is for 2006-2008 wings. It does come in handy when dismantling body parts but it doesn't get into some of the technical wiring that is on a 2010. It is still useful, so I have kept it, as most of the hardware is the same on these bikes.
3 stars for mislabeling.
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