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Ride America: Alaska

Trip of a lifetime
My hubby rode his 2012 goldwing to Alaska several years ago and said he could do the trip every year. He drove up the Alaskan Highway to Dawson City. Drove the Top of the World Highway (around 150 miles of gravel) overlooking the treetops into Chicken. Traveled every road in Alaska, including the Dalton all the way to Purdue Bay. What a fun time and great adventure he had. It's a bucket list must for everyone.



How To Install Homelink on the 2018+ Gold Wing

Way easier than Honda instructions
These instructions are way easier than the instructions Honda has. I'm sure the dealer knew all these shortcuts but still charge people the full installation labor.



Selling Your OldWing: What Is The Best Way To Sell A Used Gold Wing?

Trade vs Sell Outright
Normally I would sell it outright, but I traded in my 2016. The dealer gave me almost what I paid for the bike (after putting 10k miles on it) and a great deal on a 2019. We were both happy with the deal.

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Fog Light Trim
ITEM CODE: CI78220,   SKU: CI78220

These were easy to install and look great. The glue is strong and should stay on. One word of advice, make sure they are lined up perfectly straight because there's no do over when installing them.
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Front Fender Tip Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78250,   SKU: CI78250

Looks sharp on the bike even though it's plastic (what isn't anymore for these bikes). The only complaint is that there's no work time to adjust the piece as the glue starts to adhere immediately upon touching. It was really hard to get into position before it stuck to the fender.
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HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Risers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: HEHR01139,   SKU: HEHR01139

These are a must have for those of us that are not real tall. Before installing a set of these, my arms were extended with no bend in them and I couldn't sit back against the back of the seat. After installing these, my arms have a slight bend in them and I can sit back against the seat back. Just the little bit of rise and rear angle of the handlebars makes a world of difference and give me a much more comfortable drive.The score would have been 5 stars except for the price. I didn't purchase mine through wingstuff and they are not the same brand so I can't comment on the 2 minor issues I have with the set I purchased. The price for these helibars is excessive as the ones I purchased cost less than half this price.
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Tie Down Brackets
ITEM CODE: CI98000,   SKU: CI98000

There's not an easy way to tie the bikes down in a trailer or on a ferry. If you think you may take an ocean going ferry, these are a must. They are not only useful for tying the bike down, but useful to hook a bike cover to them. I made bike covers for our bikes and added short bungee cords with hooks on the end. I can easily keep it tight by hooking it to these.They are well constructed and easy to install. One advice, if you have the fog lights installed, you may need to losten the bolts holding them into place to get the lower bolt out and new on installed. When the bolt is unscrewed completely, it touches the fog light bolt. I had to losten the fog light on the left side because it's even tighter than the right side.Not sure why the manufacturer didn't put something like these on the bike. I'm sure the dealer I bought my bike from will be insgtalling them on most bikes they sell. My bike fell in the trailer on the way to be delivered to me. If these were installed it wouldn't have fallen and done the damage they had to fix.
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Wish we would have waited on our light. This one looks much better having not only the brake light, but also the turn signals.
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Hidden Trailer Hitch for 2018+ Gold Wing

This is the 2nd Rivco hitch we've put on a bike. Had the same problem that Brandon had with the bolt on the left side didn't have enough threads to go in all the way. It should have had threads the whole length like the bolt for the right side. It's solidly built and hidden when the toung isn't installed. After getting this and the wiring harness installed (6-8 hours), my hubby wanted to have the toung on to see something for all the time it took. Recommend installing the wiring harness at the same time to save from having to take it apart again. Giving it 4 stars due to not having the correct bolt to install this without finding a different one.
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Z-Style Required Lower Headset Hook Up Cords

This is highway robbery by J&M. I agree with the others that this should be included with the headset or sold for much cheaper. We tried using one of the older cords that looked the same, but the pins are different (8 instead of 5) on the J&M Elite 629 headsets.

The cord hooked up and works great on our '12 wing.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

Pegs were easy to install on our 2012 Goldwing. Instructions weren't as bad as others said. The first key instruction was to get the correct mount for the correct side which is easily determined by comparing them next to each other. The longest installation time was to get the adjustment height and angle. The key is to not tighten the bolts until the proper adjustment is determined.

They are heavy duty and well built. They look nice when installed.

I am rating this 4 stars because it should have both the 4" and 6" arms so the user can choose which one they need as they are installing them.
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