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Fred Harmon's Maintenance DVD Set for 2001-2017


Should be 7*

Fred should be well rewarded for his videos. After watching the first video, they basically paid for themselves. The tips and how procedures better what Honda has in their tech manual.

Okay, so one knows how to do a task, the videos offer a great resource to see how wires and hoses look in their proper position, and offers a good review for a task.

I bought my videos through WingStuff because they had the best price.
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Rear Shock Hydraulic Pre-Loader Line


No instructions

This is a great modification to an otherwise crummy suspension. I started out with replacing this hose as my winter project. Then I decided to for for replacing the rear spring since I was going this far.

The hose is a great product, yet I give it 3 Stars for not having any instructions for its replacement. After considerable research on the internet, I came up with a decent set of procedures for the replacement and servicing of the preload. More wasted time. A GOOD set of instructions will kick this hose up to 5 stars.
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Rear Shock Spring
ITEM CODE: TR771173,   SKU: TR771173


Worth while upgrade

Over the winter, I decided on upgrading to a steel braided preload hose. Since I was going that deep, I went for the Progressive Spring too.

This is a job for those with a fair amount of mechanical experience. Getting into the project, I found it best to get a spring compressor. Sorry WingStuff, a competitor had a better compressor. It was not worth the time and money to build my own or take the chance in modifying a cheaper one.

I took my Wing out for its first ride with the Progress Spring this afternoon. The ride is beyond belief. When I got home from my maintenance ride, I told my wife to gear up. We did the course again and she too was amazed. My wife hardly felt or didn't feel many of the bumps we're accustom to, especially the curb on our driveway.

The ride, one or two up, is smoother and the handling is more responsive with the Progressive.
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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B
ITEM CODE: TR416233,   SKU: TR416233


Solid Front End

Last year I picked up a wobble that quickly turned to a "controlled crash" coming home from a ride on 2010 Wing. The first thing I turned to in my research was the steering bearings. While replacing the bearings, I rebuilt the forks, and installed Traxxion progressive springs. Installing the bearings outside of a dealer requires a few special tools and being an experienced mechanic. If in doubt take it to the dealer.

I installed my bearings without a driver by freezing the steering stem in dry ice, and using the old races as a "driver" for tapping the new bearings in. Now, my Wing is a whole new ride. Tight right turns are now a breeze. As with all the other posts, I agree that Honda dropped the ball with their ball bearings. Please note, these bearings may not solve all front end wobbles, I sincerely feel that one should replace their Honda bearings with All Balls!!!!!
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Driver Floorboard w/Heel Toe Shifter
ITEM CODE: RIGL18020,   SKU: RIGL18020


5 Stars

I've had mine for three years, and they are a real creature comfort. There hasn't been a problem with the rubber coming off. I did get a couple of one inch stainless steel spacers with longer bolts for the driver's right peddle so that I can get access to the cover over the oil dipstick. This way, I don't have to yank the peddle in order to get to the dipstick.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416


Great Product III

Got trigger happy.

One last IMPORTANT to add to my original review; take a good file and 30 minutes to remove the sharp edges. Since doing that, I can take my belly pan on and off bare handed.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416


Great Product

I've had mine for several years. It does help with the crosswinds. The best features of this belly pan are:
1. It keeps the bottom clean!!!!!!!!!!!
2. The front detachment plate makes oil changes easy. I did put a couple of plastic bumpers on the front lip to protect the cowling.
3. It has protected the bottom of my Wing. I've had to straighten out some of the louvers. There are more scratches and dings on it than you can stick a shake at.
4. After taking it on and off a few times, the initial installation quirks are old hand.

Watch out for the sharp edges. Finally, I haven't noticed any access heat on my feet.
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