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Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Have done everything from mechanical to electrical engineering. Was in Information Technology for about 15 years before getting into rental properties.

I'm 38 as of 2011 -- and have been married for 16 years and have one son who I am introducing to the enjoyable world of bikes. I started out a few years ago on a 1983 Kawasaki 550. Purchased my first Gold Wing August 31, 2011. Black 2012 - Audio/Comfort/Navigation/XM/ABS/Airbag. I'm really enjoying this ride.

Hobbies and interests, in no particular order;

Astronomy, electronics, R/C helicopters and sailplanes, network security, music and of course, riding.

I've purchased lots of accessories from Wingstuff - so take a look at some of my product reviews, especially if you own a 2012 model and are wondering what might fit it. There was quite a bit of body styling done from the 2010 models -- so not everything fits.

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investor / landlord

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Black 2012 Honda Gold Wing Airbag

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Black 2011 Honda Ruckus

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Rubber Foot Kickstand Pad
ITEM CODE: BB4235,   SKU: BB4235

It's a cute product and when it finally arrived (was back ordered for 20 days) I saw just how big it was. It's huge! But it fits just about anywhere when stored.

Looks like it will do what it claims to do by displacing the load over a larger area.
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Red LED w/Clear Lense Chrome Trunk Handle
ITEM CODE: KU3215,   SKU: KU3215

I put this on my 2012 as well. It's easy to install, and requires you to drill five holes. If you aren't comfortable doing that, have a dealer or friend help.

Start out by removing the 18 or so screws that hold the inner trunk lid in place, remove the harness from the opener unit.

With a drill bit (recommended size found in the instructions), drill through the trunk latch screw holes. Drill a fifth hole between the two holes on the right side for the wiring. Do this from the inside between the two bosses. Don't blindly drill from the outside.

Insert wire through the gasket and the middle hole you drilled and plug the wire into harness (the white one, not the blue or red)

Reassemble the inner trunk lid. Remember to reattach the plug on the opener unit. Leave out the four screws that originally held in the latches in place.

Place the other rubber gasket on the left and start with the inner screws first. The two outer screws seem to come in a bit short until the handle is tightened a bit...but it all works out in the end.

Looks nice with the OEM spoiler and if you have a brake modulator, it'll function on that too.
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Chrome Powder Coated Ride Off Stand for GL1800

Installed this on my 2012 Gold Wing. Fits great, even with the Kuryakyn transformer floorboards.

But there a a couple of issues which is why I'm rating it four stars.

1) Chrome powder coating. Doesn't look shiny at all. Looks really dull. I should have gone with the black one.

2) Bolt plate is not as thick as OEM center stand. This results in about 3/16 inches of side to side play. This could be addressed with thick washers or they could have used a thicker plate.

3) Welding. The welds themselves seem good, but there is a lot of splatter that they didn't grind off before finishing the piece. Yea, it's under the bike and it's not a show piece -- but it would have required just a few minutes to remove it before powder coating it. This is not really that big of a deal to me, but might be to some.

4) Rocking motion when mounting the bike. This did not seem to happen with the OEM stand and it makes me feel uncomfortable when getting on. If the bar weren't on the left side, it seems that the bike would tip over. I weigh 210 pounds. That is more than enough to destabilize the stand.

Putting the bike on the stand manually is easier. You're essentially shoving it upright on the stand as opposed to lifting the back end up an inch or so, but I never had a hard time putting it on the center stand.

It's really easy to put the bike on the stand when using the reverse feature. It will take some getting use to because of foot placement. Just remember, you must leave the bike in reverse when shutting down, otherwise you unlock the back wheel and it could roll off.

Surprisingly, this is about the only accessory that I've put on the bike that my wife thinks is worth anything.

Would I recommend it? If you have difficulty getting the bike on the center stand because you don't weigh enough or have leg or back problems, then yes -- this is for you.

Overall, it's a decent product and should aid many owners who struggle with the factory stand.

Installation tips:

Another Wing Stuff member, Dee, mentioned a really good idea (review is on the black ride off stand) -- basically you put about $2.75 worth of quarters in the spring while it's extended (center stand down). This allows for it to be installed much easier since the spring requires about 50 to 75 pounds to stretch it. It's difficult to stretch with a flat blade screwdriver by itself, and you risk injuring your hand if the screwdriver slips.

Break the bolts loose while it's on the stand, but don't remove for obvious reasons until you place the bike on the kick stand. You'll have a little more room to work with. Use ONLY an 8 mm allen wrench and a 14 mm socket wrench. Do not substitute SAE tools -- use only metric. The 8 mm screw is a standard screw thread. The 14 mm bolt is a reverse thread.
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I have to rate it 4 stars because it's a loose fit. As a result, you either have to knot the elastic or find a better way to clamp the piece in. Mine keeps coming off.

I'm probably going to switch to those cable clamp things that wrap around the wire and screws in.

On my 2012 Gold Wing, the navigation processor is behind the passenger seat, so installing it there will result in being able to hold fewer things because it's stretched around it.

It's easy enough to install. Provided are 4 plastic tabs with holes on both sides. Screw one side of the plastic tab in, then place the 'S' hook through the other hole.

It's not made specifically for the GL1800. They claim it fits other models, so that would explain the universal size...but for $8, it's not bad.
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License Plate Reflector Bolt & Nut Kit

I ordered one of every color just because they're cool.

I like the green and blue ones the most because they're not standard everyday colors like the amber and red are.
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Clutch/Brake Or Round Handlebar Drink Holder w/Basket

I will be fair because I really do like a lot of the products that Kuryakyn manufactures so I will rate this five stars.

Turns out that I can't use it...which disappoints me, but my 2012 Gold Wing has an Airbag. Either way it's mounted, I feel that it wouldn't be a good idea to have it sitting between myself and the airbag. If, for any reason, the airbag were to deploy -- I see the cup holder doing one of two (or both) things.

1) Airbag deploys, sends cup holder flying toward me at incredible speeds...severe injuries.

2) Airbag deploys, hits cup holder, tears fabric -- airbag is useless.

These events may or may not occur, so please don't base your decision to purchase solely on my review or opinion.

You might find that mounting the bracket so it holds the drink holder lower will interfere with your ability to turn left somewhat as the bottom of the holder will hit the bike. Use your best judgement when installing.

I think if the handlebars were raised a little higher and separated further, this probably wouldn't be an issue, but I don't have those parts yet.

Either way, it's a great product -- just wish it fit a little differently on mine.
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Black LED Accessory Switch

Fits 2012 models.

I use this to control three relays for lighting accessories -- but I wasn't happy enough with just yellow LED's so I changed the switches out with a red, yellow and green one that I bought at a local electronics shop.

I have it mounted on the clutch reservoir and it looks OEM.

Simple to wire up, 5 wires total.

Positive (red)
Negative (black)
SW1 (blue)
SW2 (white)
SW3 (yellow)

The switch leads are a little short, but easily extended if needed.
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12V DC GL1800 Fairing Power Socket
ITEM CODE: HO08U55MCA101,   SKU: HO08U55MCA101

Perfect fit on my 2012 (airbag model), so it should work with all 2012 models.

Super easy to install -- took about 20 minutes from start to finish.

On the back side of the pocket, in the right angled corner, I found a little '+' stamped into the plastic, so I assumed this was the location Honda intended for it.
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Mirror Trim for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52683,   SKU: BB52683

Cheap plastic trim. It might end up looking nice once you deburr all the sharp ends inside and around the trim so you don't scratch your paint (which it will).

Would look nice if the trim wasn't raised off the mirror housing, because it reveals all the flaws on the end where chrome paint (or whatever that is) isn't present.

$42.99 for injection moulded plastic that has sharp edges? What a ripoff.
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Passenger Drink Holder
ITEM CODE: KU1481,   SKU: KU1481

Neat little product, doesn't look weird hanging off the side of the bike has a classy look to it.

I mounted mine on the bolt closest to the front of the bike. It's lower, but it doesn't interfere with the opening or closing of the saddle bag. It's far enough back that the passengers foot doesn't catch it while they're getting on the bike.

The drink holder has tough rubber fingers protruding through the top so it will hold a drink nice and tight.

About the easiest thing I've installed on my bike so far. Should fit just about any GL1800. Mine is a 2012, so for those of you who have a 2012 model, it fits perfectly.
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Inner Trunk Light

There is always room for improvement. The angle of the light should be directed downward a few degrees, but otherwise it is functional. Don't forget the wiring harness necessary to make this work. The harness includes a plunger switch that mounts in the left speaker box. All wiring goes from the top, above the inner trunk lid, out the back behind the passenger seat -- routes into the left speaker box, hooks up to the switch then the wiring leaves the speaker box and should be bundled with the cables running around the left hinge.

I found that the hole locations were already stamped out on the back, so it was just a matter of drilling three holes (two for the screws and one for the wire) and mounting the light.

It's not difficult to install, just time consuming. It took me about an hour from start to finish, maybe less -- I wasn't watching the clock.

I'm giving it 4 stars because it was a pain and the light could be directed better.

Now all I have to do is throw a Bazooka sub in the trunk and block the light entirely... :(

One thing to note: There is a diode on the light assembly. Reversing polarity will only cause it not to light. If this happens, reverse the connections.
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Front Nose Mask for GL1800

Nice addition to my 2012 Gold Wing, really looks nice on a black bike. If you have Kuryakyn Skinni Mini LED's installed on the headlight lens, you might have to remove them...I haven't gotten that far with wiring LED's in just yet, but the tabs that fold into the headlight lens might interfere.
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