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Driver Stainless Drink Holder w/Chrome Mnt
ITEM CODE: KU1463,   SKU: KU1463


Not a great design

I've had this cup holder for years. There is another review for this product where the cup holder will suddenly rotate. Mine does the same thing, I take a shade tree mechanics all size socket set and tighten it up until the next time it loosens up. Of course when I think of putting a little lock-tight on it, I am not home.
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I love the way Wingstuff includes installation procedures their products. Having the installation instructions helps me decide if I want to take on the task of installing the item or having the dealer install before I make the purchase.
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11x16 Receiver Cooler Rack
ITEM CODE: RIGL18008,   SKU: RIGL18008


Great Looking Rack

I just bought this rack and it was missing the mounting bracket and the locking pins. Not a problem, called Tom at and he asked me to take a picture of what was in the box and email him. Within 5 minutes of receiving the email, I got a call back from Tom. They had an extra rack in stock and within 2 hours Tom had packaged and shipped the missing parts. Great customer service at Cyclegiant and Wingstuff.
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Vertical Trailer Hitch for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: KU7642,   SKU: KU7642


Kuryakyn receiver style trailer hitch for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing

I purchased this hitch and actually had a break in Illinois weather so I took a half day off to install it. I reviewed several competitor products before deciding on this hitch mainly because of the ease of installation. Kuryakyn's hitch is extremely easy to install and the instructions are well documented and illustrated. There was only one item that I had to think about when installing the hitch is that the amp for the premium sound system prohibits you from installing the mounting bracket for the frame. You just need to remove the 4 mounting screws and the amp will drop down enough to slide the brackets on. Other than that, there is also a small clearance issue for the trunion bars mounting bolts. Overall this is an excellent product!
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Kuryakyn LED Turn Signal Mirror Lights for GL1800


3 Stars

For a 2010 Gold Wing, this product actually installs very easily if you order the Adapter Plug for the Front Signals (7300) and the Y-Adapter Plug 607312P. If you don't order 7300 and 607312P you will have to solder the lights in. WingStuff should clear up their description to indicate you need to order both. Anyway, one other tip, replace the Philips head screws on the mirror's with a stainless steel allen-screw. the only reason this product is rated less than five is the "Y" adapter issue.
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Adapter for LED Mirror, Front Reflector, Stealth Lights
ITEM CODE: KU7300,   SKU: KU7300


1 Stars

I was disappointed to find out that after purchasing this product for use with the Ku7513 Turn Signal lights. Upon receipt of the parts, there was no way to connect KU7513 without a "Y" connector. The WingStuff web site didn't mention this. I called Kuryakin and they said you had to hardwire the lights or purchase!
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