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Black Metalic 2010 Honda GL1800

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Frame Covers w/Rubber Inserts for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52724,   SKU: BB52724

I installed these on my 2010 GW back in 2013. They have held up great and still look like new. Have not had any problems with them and love to looks on the side of the bike.
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LED Dual Load Equalizer
ITEM CODE: BB13304A,   SKU: BB13304A

This was very easy to install on my 2010 with the included instructions which have specific instructions for Goldwings. I installed it back in Feb 2013. It worked great until back in December when I started having my left turn signal flashing fast intermittently. My right was working OK. At one point both left and right signals were blinking fast. Finally got around to checking it out while it was still flashing fast. I swapped the wires between the turn signal wires and the fast blinking moved to the other side. So that to me confirmed that it is the unit and not a bad connection. I'll go ahead and have to order one more to hope that it was just a bad unit I got. If the second one goes out again that quickly, I'll move to a different brand.
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King Luxury Seat Set

I also bought my seat direct from Ultimate Seats for the options I wanted and this was only listed as a Trike version here.

I'm 6', 190lbs, but with an inseam of 35". The King seat fits me perfectly. I always felt cramp on the OEM seat. I now actually feel stretched out. I do have handlebar risers (in Tall rider position) and now my arms are basically straight out which to me is more comfortable and more like my previous cruiser. My wife felt the backrest for her gave her more support to her upper back. Rode it to work today for the first time with seat mounted and with the seat heater on, my buns were actually getting hot, had to turn the dial back a couple notches (was always on max for the OEM seat and barely felt it).

I got mine with the OEM heating, black ostrich side inlays and silver monogram stitching. Just gives it that little extra pop when you look at the bike now.

The only thing that bothered me was with the drivers backrest. It just slid in and I felt no locking to it and it would just wobble in the holder and when pushed back it actually pressed forward in seat. After my initial ride, I looked at it again a little closer. Found that the slot for the back rest was actually slightly behind the seat cutout. Once I put it into the "actually" bracket it locked in correctly and is now very secure.

For me, with the bike on the center stand, I can not reach the ground any more flat footed (toes still give me enough to push off of the stand). When I'm stopped on the bike, my feet are more under me (flat footed) now instead of being ahead of me on the ground, so it definitely raises you up.

Can't wait to do some longer distance riding on it now (IBA 'notso' Saddle Sore coming up in June).
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Deluxe Trunk Lid Organizer fits GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: WS18001,   SKU: WS18001

Great item. I had one of the previous ones that had the holes not aligned properly to match the screws. WingStuff replaced it with a new improved one and this one went on very easy.

It does eliminate the concaved roof of the trunk so a full size helmet will not fit any more, but I rarely use a full helmet except for the winter time. I love finally having a place to put little things like my license plate lock key, pens, mini flashlight, notepad, etc. So I don't have to hunt around in the trunk for them.
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5 Pin Din to 3.5mm Headset Adapter
ITEM CODE: EC03300,   SKU: EC03300

I wanted to try this for when I wear my half helmet and didn't what annoy others with my music. Did a quick test out with it today and the sound is great. The headphones in my helmet require my volume to be cranked up pretty high to hear them, but with this, the ear buds played just as loud as the external speakers. Works great.
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Red LED w/Clear Lense Chrome Trunk Handle
ITEM CODE: KU3215,   SKU: KU3215

Just installed mine today. Like several others, I fought with it for a couple hours until I finally gave up and went and bought 4 10-32 1 1/4" screws which are just a little longer than the ones that came with it (when I checked the screw that came with it, the 10-32 looked like a better fit than a metric size). I also picked up 4 1 1/2" ones since I wasn't sure if they would work better. The 1 1/2" ones were too long, but they did help me align it up a little easier to get all the screws in the handle. Once I had the longer screws in, and pulled down to lid, I then replaced each screw with the 1 1/4" screw. Had to really pull on the handle on one side since it just seemed to be off a fraction and the screw on one side wouldn't align with it once I had the screws on the other side in. Elongating the holes on the outside of the trunk helped a little to allow the screws to give a little in their alignment.

Once I got it on, looks great and very functional in picking up the trunk lid with a fairing and rack mounted on it.

Just hope I won't be having to get into the upper part of the trunk lid again for a very long time.

Giving it 4 starts just due to the issues of the installation and screw lengths.
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Quick Release Drink Holder for GL1800, GL1500

I received 2 of them also without any instructions. I also would like to know what the 2 rubber pads are for. There are no locations on the grippers that look like the pads would go. Since it is a No Name product I can't find any information on it any place else. Other than that, they seem to work great.
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