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Trunk Key Hole Trim Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3219,   SKU: KU3219



Just enough chrome and dress for a bland spot. I painted the sideways V shaped indents black. Really sets off the chrome points on a black bike.
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Die Cast Exhaust Tips Chrome for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52798,   SKU: BB52798


Looks good But...

When I joined the AARP crowd the guys at work gave me a gift card to the local Honda dealer where I bought the Goldwing. Having gotten so many good deals from Wingstuff it was difficult to find something I actually needed or wanted. They had these exhaust tips on display and the Wife and I both liked the look so I got them. They are marked for left and right and checked them 3 times. The left ones holes barely lined up to start the bolts and when installed had a large gap between the muffler chrome and the tip. A LOT of filing later to elongate the already oval shaped holes and the gap was gone. The right one required filing also but to the side so the tips could be positioned to mirror each other in orientation of the scallops. Had to use some oversize washers to make secure. Shot some high temp black paint inside to hide the now bare muffler ends. They look better than stock but QC at manufacturering has some work to do unless mine were a fluke.
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Cool Rider Beverage Holder


Drink holder

Good product. good price. I liked the look of the quick release holder for passenger from previous purchase so I attached the holder from it to this mount and put it on the handlebar.
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Quick Release Drink Holder for GL1800, GL1500



This thing does what it is supposed to very well. However we experienced the dreaded "at a stop sign tipover". I know, I'm the only one that's ever happened to, right! Honda did good job of placing safety chrome bars around the motor and in front of the saddlebags to prevent any damage just for me. What was a simple step off for me became a hangup on the drink holder and big bruise for the wife. It is a good drink holder, just not a good location for ergonomics. This may or may not be an issue for you.
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Chrome Fender Extender w/Rubber for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7352,   SKU: KU7352


Good match

I got this one because I like the look and I think the shape of it matches well with factory brake cover. I agree with other reviews, take the fender off and work it on a table with a cloth under it. Everything is easier, especially getting both sides even before you drill. It does a good job of keeping stuff off but nothing will do a 100%.
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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800


Ride off stand

My install went well after reading the other reviews.
I did not have to adjust the exhaust chrome. The pedal does sit more forward in the indention in the exhaust but does not hit. We love being able to mount up and hook up while the bike idles on the stand and then just ride off. That works very well. However we have not been able to back onto the stand with both of us on the bike. I'm not sure if it's bad technique, too much weight or just not as advertised.
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Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7016,   SKU: KU7016


Wife pick

We looked at different ones and read reviews. We even simulated the position of different ones while the wife sat on the bike. She chose these and loves them. The install was easy, they seem well built, have the best position and they look good. Putting them up and down is easy for her. The only down side is they can get into the back of your legs in stop and go traffic. She is a good girl and puts them up when we are in town.
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Passenger Armrest Kit
ITEM CODE: HO08R32MCA100,   SKU: HO08R32MCA100



The wife sat on several bikes with different armrests. There were several she liked but we settled on these because of the look and ergonomic issues with others. These look like they belong on the bike and should be standard. The installation is a challenge. There are hidden linkage/brace parts that must open and close with the trunk lid properly. Removing the original pads is work. Instructions are vague. Be certain of location before you drill.
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Factory Service Manual for GL1800 2006-2010


Must have

It's a little pricey but worth it. It has already paid for itself in saved labor costs. It is very good quality and will provide lots of valuable information.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416


Cheap insurance

This is one of those things you hope you never need. If the other reviews are right this is a good preventive measure and if the ground effects work a big plus. The stainless steel was perfect and installation is easy on a lift, not so easy on the ground. The front piece required a little tweaking. The louvers should prevent any heat buildup.
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Kuryakyn Chrome Luggage Rack w/Rubber Inlay for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7151,   SKU: KU7151


Luggage rack

This is "in my opinion" the nicest looking rack available. The chrome on mine was good on both sides but I had to reattach the rubber piece right out of the box. I like the look close to the spoiler so I did not use the risers. I did use the chrome/rubber star washers to spread the load. Installation is not that bad but there is no going back. Take your time, use lots of masking tape, measure till your 110% satified. Pay attention to the instructions about drill angle.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056


Highway pegs

These are great. I am 5'6" and straight back, as pictured, is perfect for me. They look good, have infinite adjustability, and are holding up well. Installation was not bad at all. Instructions were typical Kuryakyn.
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