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Cabernet Red 2008 Honda Goldwing NAV / ABS

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Front Fender Tip for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7321,   SKU: KU7321

Easy install. Looks like it belongs. Dresses up the front end well.
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Progressive Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR779004,   SKU: TR779004

This is not just for the Monotubes as I had installed Progressive Monotubes, a Progressive Rear Spring as well as All Balls Bearings. I also had my actuator re-filled, bled and a new braided line installed. (Thank you John at JBJ in Santa Ana!)

In writing about my impressions know that I have only had the OEM experience and have ridden no other Goldwings with an aftermarket suspension.

After I picked up the bike I took it on several sets of railroad tracks (they were easy to find as JBJ is in an industrial area of Santa Ana) then on the freeway and finished on Santiago Canyon Highway, which has some gentle twisties.

I am not a strong sport rider. I had the install done mainly for comfort versus some might for better handling. I can throw the bike around a bit but I will never come in at number one or two. Other bikes can pass me on the inside of a turn.

Wow! Before whenever I hit a bump there was a jolt to the bike and my spine many times locking up the Anti-Dive Valve. And then all the next bumps where even harsher. Now the bumps are soft. In a sweeping turn the more I leaned into the turn I would find that my OEM forks (and rear shock if I was two up) would flex or go in and out (compress?). No more. My bike on a sweeping turn is now rock solid! Before if I was at high RPM’s and I let off of the throttle my forks would compress. No more. Before when I was in a turn and I hit a bump I was on high alert as my forks would compress in a very scary way. Today I hit several of these and it was if the bike did not even notice. Before I would evade all man-hole covers. I hated the jarring, like I was riding a HD hard tail. Again, now the bike just doesn’t seem to notice.

The bike does sit taller, even with the tubes sticking up about ½ inch above the triple tree. With the Corbin seat I can still get both feet on the ground but not as surely as I did before. But this is a small price to pay for the increased handling coupled with the smoothness of the ride. Oh, and I had the Pre-Load set at “0” the entire ride. I weigh 230.
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Fender Accent Filler for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52801,   SKU: BB52801

These fit so well I wondered if I even needed the adhesive. As stated by others, very easy install and they look like they were designed by Honda. They match my Show Chrome Shelter vent inserts. Well worth the wait on back order.
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ITEM: PG02361

I had these installed today at JBJ Cycles in Santa Ana (thanks Neil). I had installed a Corbin Seat and it lowered me and moved me back. My arms were straight. With these MBL Risers I am now where I was but also higher. I think that with the higher bars I am more sure in my handling at slow speeds (2 - 5 mph).
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Trunk Key Hole Trim Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3219,   SKU: KU3219

This trim looks even better on my bike then on the web. Easy install.
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I like these. They fit well, and offer a bit of protection to anything I put in the areas. They have a rubber backing with little rubber stubs that keep the carpet pieces from moving / sliding. The product is as thick as the carpet mats in my Honda Pilot. Overall I am happy with this purchase.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

This last weekend I installed a Utopia Backrest. The You Tube video really was a big help.

The hardest part for me was cutting into the seat (emotionally). But otherwise the install is fairly straight forward. All in all it took me about an hour and I am no mechanic.

Afterwards I took it for an hour ride mostly on interstates and WOW. Now my bike really is a Barcalounger on wheels.

The biggest improvement for me is with the highway pegs. Now the pegs make sense. I found the greatest relief to be driving up a large hill.

I am glad that I spent the money and did this install.
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Universal Throttle Boss
ITEM CODE: KU6251,   SKU: KU6251

When this was on it worked well. But when I added the clam-shell ISO grips the throttle boss lasted for only about 50 miles and then slid off when I was on cruise control and my hand was off of the grip.
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Gloss Black Grip End Weights
ITEM CODE: KU6339,   SKU: KU6339

I love how these "finish" off the look of the black ISO grips and really enjoy the weighted ends in helping me in turns. They appear to be well machined, a quality product.
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ITEM: KU6383

I love the look of these and the larger diameter are a real blessing on these old hands. I am disappointed in the very poor heat transfer. I just do not get the heat through them that I was expecting. I also found the tolerances to be less then ideal so even when installed carefully there was still a slight gap on one in the middle (BUT not the other, go figure!).
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Quick Release Drink Holder for GL1800, GL1500

Works as advertised. Doesn't hold cups much larger then a standard water bottle but that means that it holds a standard water bottle just perfectly!
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New Generation Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

They are not a hard install once you have the directions and they do work great. Mine came with the directions for an install on a 1500 (I have an 1800). When I called the company they were very polite and said they would email me the correct instructions. They emailed me very quickly THE WRONG ONES! I called them back and said that I did not get some of the parts on the instruction sheet. They then started to argue with me. Another person gets on the phone and asks what parts am I talking about and I tell her. She says those parts are no longer being supplied why am I asking for them and I tell her I am looking at the instruction sheet just emailed to me minutes ago. That was when she realized that another mistake had been made. Within the hour I had the correct installation sheet and was able to easily perform the install. Giving 4 stars not because of a problem with the product but because of poor office quality control.
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