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Perth, Australia, AU, WA




Irish, living in Australia.
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IT Executive Manager

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1. What goes around comes around
2. Don't start what you can't finish
3. Treat others as you would have them treat you.

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Black 2010 Honda Goldwing

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Universal Chrome LED Battery Guage
ITEM CODE: KU4219,   SKU: KU4219

I've had my unit nearly 2 years and it's given up the ghost.

Still, it's good value for money and worth the investment so I'll be buying another one.
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TireGard 2 Wheel H. Bar Display Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor
ITEM CODE: BB13318,   SKU: BB13318

I've had my TireGard unit since September 2012 and been through battery replacements and also some glitches with losing a sensor signal - which was fixed by big deal.

A few days ago I was riding along a highway at 90Kmph and suffered a rapid decrease in front tire pressure. I got a warning from TireGard and was pulled over, off the road in about 30 seconds. Within another 30 seconds the tire was FLAT.
Tiregard warned me BEFORE I felt anything from the front end. If I hadn't TireGard I think it would have been very very messy.
I'm satisfied by investment has paid off.
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There are times when you want to secure something that won't fit in the saddlebags or top box and the last thing you want to be carrying is a chain.
Like when you're touring and your bags & trunk are already full and you want to leave your jackets and helmets with the bike rather than lug them around.
These are ideal. Tried them and love them.
I also use them to secure a box in my UTE tray so some bugger can't just nick it walking buy...
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I've got a Rivco rack and these straps will fit nicely across the rack to secure anything I carry.

I'm impressed with the quality but I haven't tried them in anger yet.

Like I said, good value and usable for purposes other than my Wing.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

I bought mine when it was on special at under $40.

Fitted it in about 15 minutes and definitely watch for the sharp edges.

The front (detachable) part is not as snug as it could and has the potential to rattle so I modified it by putting some teflon tape on the inside at the bends where it may contact the engine under-side.

The more I buy stuff for my Wing the more I scratch my head as the simplicity of the accessories and wonder why Honda didn't include it as standard.

And finally, as alway - awesome service from Wingstuff
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TireGard 2 Wheel H. Bar Display Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor
ITEM CODE: BB13318,   SKU: BB13318

Of all the accessories I purchased for my Wing, this is the one that I think is the wisest investment but has me left ‘undecided’ after installing it a week ago and riding 2,200Kms already.
I bought one because my mate has a TPMS fitted as standard to his Kawasaki GTR1400 and it alerted him to falling tyre pressure because of a puncture. At the time we were riding through the countryside at circa 120Kmph so it was a good thing to be warned early.
I fitted the Tiregard to my Wing and am still getting used to it. It doesn’t work like the factory fitted GTR unit as the readouts are fairly inconsistent. The safest reading is the one taken first thing in the morning, when the tyres are cold, and provided, the bike is not sitting in the sunlight.
At the moment, I’m setting the high pressure warnings very high at 55+ because sunlight and riding causes it to alarm when there is nothing wrong. I’m basically using it now to alarm me if the tyre pressure drops.
So, the jury is out at the moment but I reckon, for a few hundred dollars, if it warns me of a puncture it’s probably saving me in more than one way.
If anything changes I’ll post and update.
PM me if you have any tips or want more info.
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Chrome Lower Front Cowl for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52608,   SKU: BB52608

Great product and one of those things that looks to be worth far more than was paid for it.
Looks particularly fantastic on my black 2012 Goldwing.
No problems fitting it, just needed a little patience and a steady hand to remove the blanking plates because my Wing has fog lights.

One word of caution though, the edges are sharper than the OEM cowl so mind your hands when fitting and cleaning.

Just need more chrome now !!!!
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Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7016,   SKU: KU7016

Installed them as I invested in some pegs for myself and decided I better not be selfish so bought these for my wife. We've ridden over 2,000kms since I installed them and she's not complained (that's progress for most of us).

They fit in minutes and look great and she's now got the choice of two different positions for her feet.
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ITEM: PG03513

Great product, well constructed, solid and fits snugly to the Wing. The instructions are fine (plenty of words) but seriously lack pictures. Fortunately someone photographed every step of his installation and posted them and this saved me lots of time. Check out

I had a mate to help me and it made a big different - ideally, it's not a job to be undertake on your own.

Lastly, for those non-US based Wingers, the bloody fittings appear to be a mixture of metric and US Standard Units (inches) so I had to pop to a hardware store and purchase extra tools.

All in all, fantastic product. I deducted 1 star because of the installation instructions and mixed bag of fittings.

PS - Aaron from Wingstuff did a fantastic job of sourcing and shipping this to me in Australia with days to spare before I departed on a week long ride North.
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Fender Accent Filler for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52801,   SKU: BB52801

Great little piece that really shows up on my black Wing. Looks really well.

Worth every cent.

Make sure you clean your fender before you fit it.
For the save of an extra 5 minutes, I removed my fender and took the opportunity to clean it throughly.

Having the fender removed also made handling the inserts and applying pressure much easier without fear of too much force against the fittings.

Good luck
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Beverage Butler Motorcycle Drink Holder

Firstly, no fault with the product or the WingStuff service. All ignorance on my part and the result of trial and error.

I’m in Australia and have a 2010 GL1800. I love the flexibility of RAM mounts so I added RAM mounts and RAM cup holders(rider & pillion) to my GL1800. I can interchange my GPS, Phone and cup holder RAM mounts between Goldwing and truck as required.

I liked the look of the Beverage Butler, and, after reading the reviews, decided to invest in 2, seeing as I was ordering other bits & pieces from WingStuff anyway and the cost was negligible.

One thing I didn’t know, and didn’t investigate, was what the hell a 34oz cup looked like. We use metric in Australia so I expected a large thermos style mug, like you buy in the shops here, that would fit the RAM cup holder, or just about any vehicle mug holder, which is standard.

But the Beverage Butler is enormous and far too wide to fit into the RAM cup holder.

So be warned….don’t make the same mistake I made.
I’ll find a use of the Beverage Butler and I still think, for what I paid for the pair of them, they are great value for money so I am not complaining.

Good Luck & I hope this review helps someone.
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Ultragard Touring Luggage Rack Bag
ITEM CODE: BB4603,   SKU: BB4603

This has got to be one of the best value for money purchases available on Wingstuff.

Bought one for my wife and it took everything she needed for a few nights away and still left me 2 saddlebags and a top box to pack other stuff (including a coffee machine).

It's solid, durable and withstood the rain.

Highly recommended and compliments a chrome Kuryakyn rack..
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