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Front Fender Extension for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451204,   SKU: AO451204


Destined to fail

the sides are too long so it puts the holes very close to the inside edge of the fender leaving very little Fender material left. I could see how it would fatigue the fender and crack.
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ITEM: BB52739


peeling chrome

I have had mine for about two years and the chrome has large areas where the chrome has peeled off. Looks like crap
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LED Trunk & Saddlebag Moldings w/ Red & Clear Lenses for GL1800


My fault

I purchased a set of these about 4 years ago and the install was very easy and they worked great. Then a couple of months ago half of the rear trunk light stopped working. I fixed it for a short time, but then it went out again. After looking at the chrome and seeing that it didn't look really good (chrome started to age), I decided to get a new set just for the truck. Put them on the same was and they look great. Drove to work and back (80 miles total), went to gas station and noticed that the right side chrome frame and lenses were gone. I called Wingstuff and they gave me the phone number for BigBikeParts. I called them only to be told I must have installed them wrong or someone pulled the off and that I could buy a new one for $15. So I put the old one back on. My fault
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Dunlop Elite 4 Tires for GL1800 2001-2018+


bad handling

Just had elite 4 tires front and back put on at Laconia bike week and drove home on them. The front kept diving side to side. I don't know if it has to get some miles on it . Has anyone had this issue?
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Kuryakyn LED Turn Signal Mirror Lights for GL1800


eariler review

There is no $10 fix. Easy enough to get the lights and just wire in. Don't need $46 worth of plugs. Just as easy to wire straight in.
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Kuryakyn LED Turn Signal Mirror Lights for GL1800


too many plugs

I purchased these in mid May 2015. Bought the $53 kit with the adapters. Now I have to buy the $23 kit from Kuryakyn if I want to use the plug and play. So it goes from the $10 price up to almost $80. It is probably cheaper for me to send this back and just get the $10 set and wire straight in with a little solder and a little liquid electrical tape. Done deal.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800


F4 windshield

Just put it on yesterday and drove to work this morning. When I got behind an SUV the windshield did start flapping on the upper edges of the shield. I believe because it is a square shape the upper corners have very little support. Also if you wear polarized sunglasses you will see different coloration in the windshield. Will try it for a while during Lake George bike week.
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