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puyallup, WA, US, 98375




Been riding a motorcycle for about 40 years on the streets and freeways of So. California and the state of Washington. I'm used to be a big charity ride type kinda guy. I combine riding with my other passion golfing and 3D archery. My bushtec trailer is perfect for going from state to state getting on the links and collecting logo balls. My wing has 53000 miles on it and has never let me down. live to ride, love to ride and I even get paid to ride.
Addendum; 2012- let the 1994 go for a 2005 30th anniversary edition silver 1800. I've done all the states west of Co. Now let's see how far east I can go and how many more logo balls I can get.
Im retired as of 2022, and gonna keep riding til the sun keeps coming up for me.
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They are all bad (still bad).

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red 1994 honda goldwing interstate

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blue 2004 honda st1300

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Silver 2005 honda goldwingABS

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Z-Series 8-Pin Upper Headset Cord

The one that I'm replacing really took a licking being that I hang my helmet on my handle bar hook most of the time.. I bought two because soon everybody will be going to Bluetooth and I don't want to make that change. so I'll have a spare.
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Iso-Grip Set w/Chrome Accent Ring
ITEM CODE: KU6180,   SKU: KU6180

I first ordered these years ago for my 94’ 1500 . Once I got the throttle side positioned correctly for having forgotten that that one rotates, Dah! I’ve been riding my 05’ without it for a few years now and couldn’t stand it. Had to get another set. Life is now balanced. Just totally takes away any buzz or vibration you may be having.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

I bought this pan several years ago and just ordered another. I took a 3000 mile ride down the west coast from Washington, over to Phoenix, West to San Diego and then back up to Washington. Out in the heat between LA and Phoenix I hit something in the road HARD. The pan took the hit on the none-filter side. Bent the pan badly but it stayed on and the front half “untucked” itself from under the cowling and stayed connected. I “Retucked” it and continued on. Once back home in WA I took it off and realized just how hard a hit the bottom took, evidenced by the scarring on the engine bottom and how creased the pan was. No damage reached the coolant tank whatsoever. Another one is already on the way to me as we speak. Enough said.
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Pathfinder LED Headlight Kit for GL1800/F6B

I should have done this months ago. Day and night. Almost feel bad for folks at night. However, I was only flashed by one vehicle coming in the opposite direction. This is worth every Penney spent. Installation was fairly easy. If you can change your lightbulbs you can install them with no problem. Wires were placed out of the by 3M type Velcro. 15 minutes for the first one. 5 minutes for the second. High beams are not gonna happen until I get a case of beer and at a time that I have to take fairing parts off. Really tight in there.
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90 Degree Chrome Valve Stem
ITEM CODE: HO42753MN5004,   SKU: HO42753MN5004

I find that Honda just does it right. However, no one is perfect. This is a weak part. You can replace them at tire changes or just go in and have them break the seal on the tire and replace them now. Use this honda part or the all metal one, but keep them new. Wake up to a flat or go down on a long sweeper at 65mph, your choice.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800

Well I said I would check back in after some miles were put on. I'm happy to report that the windshield is tough and very scratch resistant. Its been about a year and a half. This windshield and more importantly the cleaner and clean up is off the hook. Last August was really bad for Wasps out here in the pacific north west. A few of us were stung, some twice. Fawhap is the sound they make when they hit the windshield. After a days ride we clean shields either when we get in in the afternoon or early in the morning. The cleaner that is made for this shield is phenomenal. The shield has no scratches to speak of and does not buffet. Its just made right. Cheers.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800

After being told that the previous owner glued the windshield in place on my 05, I knew I would have to do something later on. I was right. I was about to take a short ride on a good day at the tail end of winter. Started cleaning the window and in doing so IT MOVED. Closer inspection revealed that the glue he used pulled the black OEM taping off the windshield. Decided to replace the whole thing. The replacement velcro is a novel design, easy to place and they give you plenty to use. For the long portion, I cut it into three pieces to make the curve uniform. Nothing to it. Honda tells you to remove the mirror, but you don't necessarily have too. perfect fit. Windshield is protected nicely for shipping. I will check back in after some miles, or heaven forbid an incident on the road.
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ITEM: KU3911

This is such a great touch and an easy install. One little not though, the bolts heads are a little soft, so be careful when tightening.
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Battery Tender JR 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017122,   SKU: SOMS017122

I have owned about 3 of these over about a 5-6 years along with its bigger brother with the metal casing for even more years. I ride everyday, and in the pacific northwest it can get surprisingly cold overnight in a non insulated garage. These chargers are indispensable. However, for the all the times they have kept your bike alive, when they quit working, for some reason they reverse polarity and your bike is sucked dead of power. I just purchased the Yuasa brand with another indication light that might help. I will let you know.
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Gen 2 Chrome Fork Brace for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7339,   SKU: KU7339

After having put a fork brace and progressive spring on my 1500 and it becoming a brand new handling bike,, Adding it to my 1800 was a no thought requirement. Very easy install, it looks good and its a nice piece of chromed metal. I would be ashamed to this thing to loose it's glamor as someone else mentioned. As for performance, I will revisit after about 1500 miles. Why Honda doesn't put a fork brace on this bike I don't know.
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Rear Fender Chrome Trim for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU9017,   SKU: KU9017

Makes the back end look beefier. Nice look.
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LED Front Reflector Conversion for GL1800/F6B
ITEM CODE: KU7455,   SKU: KU7455

Well in looking at the recent reviews, Ernie from Lodi seems to have had the exact same experience and solutions.. I hardwired the pins to the connector and wrapped it real good with electrical tape so they wont come off. Then later found the connectors w/ the wire ties. Additionally, I had to drill out the whole in the cover with a 1/4' drill. The wires casing was just a little too thick in diameter. Other than that all was good. Nice light.
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