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No distortion, no noticable vibration (had it up to 110mph)at 6'4" need the 2" to push the wind over me instead of into my face. Still gives me the stock adjustment ability (you lose it with the taller ones +4)

Also doesn't have the Tulsa bump your head getting on and off your bike problems, I an
m very happy with this product.
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ITEM: PG02361

No more shoulder / back pain, MUCH more comfortable hand position. I'm 6'4" 235lbs and love the new positioning. Long rides are pure joy, much more relaxed, more happy riding. Also No More Pain, better upright riding... Thank you MBL for making these gems. Very simple to install, decent instructions, took about 1 hour from start to finish.

What an amazing difference for my shoulders and back. I now sit more upright, no more slumping to reach my grips, better able to use my back rest. 450 mile ride in one day with no pain!
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

I was impressed with the smoothness of a goldwing when I bought one. Installed these wheel balancers, OMG!!! Made the smooth wing ride feel like a vibrating hotel bed by comparison.
Now feels & handles like a rocket sled on wheels, not even a ripple in my water bottle in my cup holder. Also no more 40mph deceleration wobble..
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ITEM: KU4064

These pegs are the BOMB !! all the comfoert of floorboards PLUS the flexibiility / multi positionability of standard type pegs allowing for multiple footrest positions and comfort. Will not ride without them.
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Ergo II Highway Peg w/Mini Arms
ITEM CODE: KU4073,   SKU: KU4073

I bought these to get some relief for my long legs.
At 6'4" I need the room to stretch out and these fit the ticket completely.

Nice look and plenty of adjustability for a custom fit. Installition is a breeze, about 30 minutes total.

Paired with a set of Switchblade pegs and I am in heaven. have more foot placement options than I know what to do with
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Rubber Foot Kickstand Pad
ITEM CODE: BB4235,   SKU: BB4235

Bought it, thought no more kickstand sunk into soft asphalt / grass...WRONG !!!!

To light of material, it just folded up around the kickstand foot

What a waste of space / time /money
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ITEM: KU7445

Like cuff links on a tux, these jewels really polish of a great look. lights up the front end of my bike without being to bright, and really makes a statement.

As noted by other reviewers YOU ARE ATTACHING METAL TO PLASTIC... DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.... A bit of lock tight or thread locker and gentle pressure is your ticket. 1 1/2 years on the wing and NO Cracks
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easy to do, just set them in place, stay in place due to great fit, smart because they deaden noise and keep things in place. One of the first things I did
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Trunk Soft Liner Bag
ITEM CODE: PU35160124,   SKU: PU35160124

Fits like a glove, holds 4 days worth of clothes and is very affordable,,, a great item
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ITEM: AO678015B

Bought 2 round mount 12" eagle top, easy to install, worked ok then was rolling back from Daytona last year and the next thing my riding partner almost gets hit with my Marie Corps Flay and 11" of chrome shaft at 80mph on the road... Thankfully the snapped pole didn't hurt anyone or another vehicle and cost me hospital or repair bills or worse. Only lasted 7 months VERY VERY disappointed. When I stopped and checked the other shat it had stree cracks also.... JUNK
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Chrome Fender Extender w/Rubber for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7352,   SKU: KU7352

The rubber extention really stops debris from chipping my custom painted cowl and the chrome makes a nice finishing touch to the rear fender. Smooth,clean, effective, reasonably priced, and easy to install... almost a dream come true. (have to drill a hole for install..drats)
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ITEM: PG00202

A more slick looking item than the other Air Deflectors I found, do a good job of cutting the wind buffeting and work for 34in inseam 6'4" 225lb rider. The OTHER deflectors cause uncomfortable leg position or rubbing. I know cause I rode & tried them all before I bought. For me they work great. Mine are the smoked, and they match the rest of my tinted pieces
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