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Love to ride and meet new people.
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Retired Plumber

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titanium 2008 Honda Goldwing1800

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Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge
ITEM CODE: TR151502,   SKU: TR151502

Have owned a lot of tire air pressure gauges, but this one is the best! At only Fourteen Dollars this is a steal! It is easy to use. Have another digital air gauge that I paid considerably more for and although it looks impressive is a pain to use because you have to hold it on the stem until it beeps and you probably lose abut a pound just trying to get the thing seated. This gauge is quick,easy and fits the stem so well it is a pleasure to use. Love this little thing and so will you!
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7 LED Mirrors Blue for GL1800

The other reviewers have it right. These mirrors are an easy install. You will love the looks and reduced glare ( blue tint) and the safety factor is an added plus. These mirrors come with their own screws which work without washers. A side benefit is that the mirrors adjust very easily, which my stock mirrors didn't. They give you a lot of extra wire so do a good job of looping it so it doesn't "pop out" of the housing. Ride with somebody who has a set of these and you will be impressed. Great product.
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Classic Blue Cooling Vest

Was hoping that someone would buy one of these then give a review. $169.00 is a lot of money for this product. I don't think I could look somebody in the eye and say it was worth it. What price do you put on comfort? That's the bottom line.This vest is the best I've worn for easy cooling comfort. Also very well made. You know the drill with the other vests. You soak them and in effect ride around with a little wet blanket on you and for a short while they will cool you off and leave your shirt sopping wet. This mesh vest comes with Four cooler packs that are filled with a clear non toxic substance that turns white when it is fully chilled.These packs are pretty cold at first but are designed to keep your body core at Fifty nine and one half degrees. Your shirt will still get wet from the packs but not like the other vests. We rode in ninety five degree heat and this vest kept me cool for close to two hours ( Glacier Tek claims two and a Half, so pretty close). The cooler packs recharge in ice water in about Twenty minutes. You can also place them in a freezer or refrigerator but they will take longer to chill. I combined this vest with a mesh jacket and I've never been more comfortable in the heat.This products price is the only negative thing I can say. Hands down the best vest I've ever worn. I would not hesitate to buy this product again.
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LED Honda Fog Lights Airbag or Non Air Bag Model Gold Wing

Was told these lights were worth the extra money and like a lot of reviewers have noted: these are very expensive. They are very well made and the low draw on the battery help somewhat in accepting the $400.00 price tag.If your going to spend that kind of money get the lens protectors!
Tested these lights out on a dark early morning ride with heavy fog. They work great in lighting up the sides of the road and are a nice addition to your low beams. Night or day they increase your visibility to other vehicles. All things considered, these lights are worth the extra money.
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Plastic Polish

If you buy the fine scratch remover thinking it will make your windshield like new...forget it. This stuff will not take out scratches, no matter how fine or small. The heavy scratch remover is not designed for windshields. It works okay as a cleaner for bug guts and water spots; but that is it. Would not recommend or buy this product again.
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Original Spray Cleaner Polish
ITEM CODE: TR530396,   SKU: TR530396

Started using this product when the Honda spray cleaner went to Ten dollars a can. This stuff is GREAT and has kept my '08 looking new. In fact, I've never used water to wash my Wing. After every ride I spray it on and enjoy the shine. This is a five star product!
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ITEM: BB52626

After installing the Hondaline chrome pivot covers and chrome passenger highway pegs the bottom covers on the passenger floorboards looked very dull. After installing these, the side area looks very nice.Easy install nice results.
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My original pivot covers were a little scratched and dull looking. After installing some nice passenger cruise pegs it brought out how dull the pivot covers looked.I'm not a chrome it up guy but these are beautiful, and ,yes, pricey but once you get them on you will love them.
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Air Hawk Pillion Pad 9"x11" Seat Cushion
ITEM CODE: WP869507,   SKU: WP869507

Received the AirHawk seat cushion as a birthday gift in July. Have ridden about a thousand miles so far and love this product! I never had an issue with the stock Honda seat, but now I'm spoiled and would not ride without it. As other reviewers have noted: it does make you sit taller in the saddle and does not take much air. We ride in a lot of rain here in Florida, and would recommend you take the cushion off because it does soak up water and will give you a wet butt.
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Passenger Armrests for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52677A,   SKU: BB52677A

Bought these for my wife's birthday a couple of weeks ago and installed them today. Very nice product, but had some problems with installation. The directions are adequate with pretty good drawings.When I opened the parts bag there were two extra( or so I thought)metal washers.You will need these! This isn't a hard install as far as being complicated the problem was putting the long 6mm bolts back through the hand rails and new bracket.The right side was easy but the left side for some reason was a bear to line up, after several curses and finally a bended knee and prayer they went in. At one point I thought I had stripped the female fitting inside the seat.I had to push down on the seat to get them to line up.Next the swing arms that hold the armrest cushions were different. On one side the nylon washers fit inside the bracket, as shown. the other side I could not get both washers inside the bracket ( this is where the two metal washers come in)The metal washers aren't shown in the swing arm install sheet but you will need them here. The wife does love them and that is the bottom line. They look very nice on the bike,too.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

This should come stock with the Goldwing. I give this belly pan four stars becuase of the directions.One picture is worth a thousand words and there are none with this product. Install took me about a 1/2 hour, it is fairly easy, however, do wear gloves and put the left side(kickstand side) in first.Very nice product.
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