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Oak Harbor, WA, US, 98277




27 yrs Navy, traveling to Vietnam, Westpac, Med, Antarctia and finally Gulf War. First motorcycle was 1965 305 Honda, then '69 650 Triumph Bonny, '73 650 Yamaha, '79 750 Yamaha, '85 1200 Goldwing, another '85 1200 Wing, '89 1500 Wing, '02 1800 Wing and presently a '06 1800 Wing. Married, with a wonderful wife, and a small dog. Life is good.
UNDATE: Retired from Navy, Retired from 19 yrs with mental health clinic. Life is Better!!
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Retired Navy/Now Mental Health Support Staff

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Gold 2006 Honda 1800 Goldwing w/ABS/

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Pin Lock 12 pack

A great product. Have used them for years and only time I have lost a pin is when the pin had separated from the post. You may want to clip off part of pin post so it doesn't stick THRU pin lok and poke or snag.
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Battery Tender Plus 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017102,   SKU: SOMS017102

Well worth the price. Works great at keeping battery at full charge, or when sroring bike for long periods of time. Remember there is a constant power drain on bike when sitting, so battery can go down, and no more kick starters. Works for all kinds or batteries.
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5-pc Assorted Grommet Kit
ITEM CODE: BB52691,   SKU: BB52691

Good to have on hand. Sooner or later you will need one or two of these. Sometimes these are the only things holding a part on the bike. I carry them with the bike always. Order when you are ordering other stuff.
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Factory Service Manual for GL1800 2006-2010

Great manual to have, well worth the price. May keep you from pulling on something that really was not made to be just popped off. A must have if you intend to work on your bike.
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ITEM: PG03513

Great hitch. Easy to install, strong attachment, and very stable when trailering. Ball height can be adjusted up and down if needed. All hardware worked as advertised.
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Adapter for LED Mirror, Front Reflector, Stealth Lights
ITEM CODE: KU7300,   SKU: KU7300

Had to wait a while to get this, but it sure made installing front end accessory lights easier. Simple plug and play adapter. Just can't figure out why Honda had to change this one electrical plug behind the mirror thou.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

Great product. Can be adjusted to fit probably anyone. Gives another leg (and butt) position during long rides. Be careful you don't set them too low, as they can be made to drag in corners.
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Universal Chrome LED Battery Guage
ITEM CODE: KU4219,   SKU: KU4219

Great product, easy installation. With key on, engine off, shows condition of battery. With engine running, shows what alternator is doing. Automatically dims at night.
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Chrome Turndown Exhaust Extensions for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7606,   SKU: KU7606

Fit and look great on the bike - no more looking at a black hole. Took less then 15 minutes to install.
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