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Grovetown, GA, Un, 30813




Retired Navy.
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Supporting the Army

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Chrome it, it will go faster.

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Pearl White 2008 Honda GL1800

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Black 2003 Polaris V92C

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Metallic Gray 2016 Honda GL1800

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Tridium LED Fog/Running/Driving Light Kit for F6B, GL1800

I had a 2008 with stock Honda lower lights and if I recall, they were ok to good.I just got this 2016, as a left over from the dealers.Today was my first commuting day to work at 0500, so its dark.(MD to VA)Riding on low beams, I was able to see the road in front on the ground to include distance. I had no idea that was actually possible. (I dont mean to sound simple), its just that having good quality lights low - open up my field of view up front and in curves as well.I had my local dealer that I bought the bike at do the installation.1 Hour of labor for the install.Yes the high beams are bright and great for day time use as well.Longevity will be the reality check.
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Grey Half Cover
ITEM CODE: TR107000,   SKU: TR107000

Light weight and compress's easy.
Easy fit into its bag.
Watch out for any flag points, it is not reinforced.
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Comfort Grip Covers
ITEM CODE: TR179222,   SKU: TR179222

Put on 2 days ago.
Increased grip, no slip from my gloves.
Easy install.
Havnt turned on the heated grips yet, but I have heated gloves so I'm not concerned.
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Full Cover w/Rear Zipper Access
ITEM CODE: VL404039,   SKU: VL404039

Knowing that only a few bikes would need this size of a cover, the only issue I have is no reenforcment support near the antennas for flags.

I ordered this cover simply because of the zipper. So far no issues with the zipper. Time will tell.

Had the standard model - no zipper on my VIC since 2005. Other than an inadvertent burn (I caused), cover is doing fine and still in use.
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Beverage Butler Motorcycle Drink Holder

Came with my 2008 Gl1800.

Holds a Grande size cup from Starbucks. Just dropped it in.

Now I just need a modular helmet to make sipping that coffee that much easier.
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Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
ITEM CODE: KU4038,   SKU: KU4038

These came on my 2008 Gl1800.

Excellent quality, however application and practical use is not ideal for this 6'3 rider.

My 2003 V92C has floor boards with toe/heel shifter and never a worry. If your looking for this ride/set up style for a Wing driver, well it just dosnt hit the mark.

Check someone else's ride before you spend the cash on this product to see if its right for you.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

1. While the directions were basic, it would have been helpful to state what tools are needed (i.e. 5.5 mm allen wrench, 10mm socket and short/stubby flat tip screwdriver). I dont know about you, but not alot of wrenching room under my 2008 Gl1800.

2. The slots on the rear section are about 3/4 inch in length; instructions did not state to push the rear half forward, rearward or center. (I pushed it slightly forward after adding the front section, to ensure it was under the starter better).

3. Rubber drain hoses; I did pull them through the rear pan hole. Instructions did not state to do so. (Ok this sounds simple, but again instructions should be complete)

4. Install was pretty much up front since I'm a bit of a gearhead. As others mentioned, grab some gloves; remember to remove the tape cover on the belly pan (Both Sides)

4 Stars due to comments above.
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