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We live in Lexington, SC. 2 hours from the mountains - 2 hours from the ocean. We are riding our third Goldwing: a black '12! The handleing and ride on the '12 is exceptional!!
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Black 2012 Honda Goldwing

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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

I first had the Centramatics installed on my '05 Goldwing when I replaced the E3 with an Avon (not so sure that was a great decision). One year later (and one year ago) I traded up to a '12 and had the dealer put them on my new bike. Now, 11 months later, I have 10k on the original tires and they are just starting to cup. I'm not sure how much of the credit is due the Centramatics and what should be credited to the Bridgstones.

I will say this, as soon as I installed them on the '05 I felt a noticeable difference in the smoothness of the ride. My 2012 has been nothing but smooth, up until about 9700 miles on the front tire when it just started to cup. I am convinced this is one of the best investments I have made for the bike.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

5 Stars for Quality
5 Stars for comfort (for for me)
3 Stars for Flexibility/Adjustability
2 Stars for instructions

I had the Switchblade version of these on my '04 and put the Ergo IIs on my '12. They are very well made, but if you don't happen to get a setting that suites you well you're in trouble. I happen to work well at one setting so I am happy with them, but their adjustment is too limited.

The Ergos have a limited number of "slots" that you can select to determine the angle of the arm (I didn't count them but I estimate there are 6 usable positions). Because of how they are attached to the roll bar, there is only about 1" of movement from front to back.

The one thing you are able to adjust on a continuim of settings is the height of the peg. This is adjustable with a set of set screws that push down on the motor to adjust the pegs up. This provides about 1 1/2 inches of play. This is the only "fine tuning" they have. With this set up there is only on notch that I can use, and I can fine adjust them so they are very comfortable for me. If I wanted to raise the peg, say another inch up and 1 inch forward I am SOL. Can't do it.

Recommend? Yes, and if they can be adjusted to hit your height and comfort zone you have a winner!
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Clear Lens Universal 3rd Brake Light w/Run Option
ITEM CODE: EC01106,   SKU: EC01106

I had this (with the red lense) on my '04, without the brake light modulator. I just put in on my '12, with the brakelight modulator. This and the spoiler lights are brake-only, and both modulated. If someone behind you misses this combination there is nothting else you can do!

A very cheap, $28 (for VIP) insurance policy.

I absolutely recommend this as a safety item.
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

Some of the best money you can spend on your wing. This doesn't fall in the category of "Safety Necessities" but is at the top of the list of "Things I think will pay for themselves."

I put these on my '04 along with a new front tire so I really don't have a pure before and after comparison, but I will say that I think I have the smoothest ride I've ever had. I stated above that I think these will pay for themselves, although it will probably take a few sets of tires. I will see if the life of my tires, or the time before the wobble starts, improves significantly. So far 3k miles on my front tire and it is s m o o t h ...

Some have commented that there is a wobble at low speeds. This is true when you start off, but goes away after three or four seconds as the beads reach eqyalibrium inside the balancer.

One more thing: I also think these help with low speed stability because there is more mass spinning to provide the gyroscope effect.

Buy these!!
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

I put one on my '04 Goldwing and just bought one for my new '12. As many others, I was a bit concerned about cutting the seat but it was no big deal. On the '04 it looked OEM and I am expecting it to look the same on the '12. GREAT product!
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Gen 2 Chrome Fork Brace for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7339,   SKU: KU7339

The best money I've spent to date on my wing. Low speed washiness is gone: I am MUCH more comfortable at low speed, especially on gravel or tight areas. High speed responsiveness is incredible. I told my wife I have a new sport bike!

The fork guard is built into this style and it is forged steel the same as the rest of the brace. The instructions are thorough and easy to follow (should be, it's a pretty simple install). It took 45 minutes to install. Without the grandson's help it would have taken 35.
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Power Sport Tire Inflator
ITEM CODE: WP40061,   SKU: WP40061

I wired it directly to the battery with the included pig tail. I've used it once so far. It seems to be pretty well build and it got the job done. It includes asmall air gauge that reads the same as my "calibrated" one.

Essential road gear.
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ITEM: PG22496

The quality is very good – the concept is great – the price is WAY too high for what you get. Wing stuff isn’t known to be inexpensive, but the price on this is way out of line.

I bought the full meal deal and in my excitement opened it all when it arrived. I should have packed it up and returned it. The instructions are non-existent. You have to guess at how the separate pieces go together, and you cannot use them all at the same time. You have to choose your configuration. If you want to change it you have to unscrew ... not lose the tiny screws ... find the other parts ... screw it/them on ... secure the part you took off.

The picture shows a GPS suction plate adhering to the flat plate. Tom-Tom suction thingy will not stay attached . You will have to stick on one of the self adhering plates and then do the suction cup to that.
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Beverage Butler Motorcycle Drink Holder

I had a hard time pulling the trigger for $150 worth of drink holders (I needed the $50 chrome bracket for the passenger seat one since we don't have arm rests). Glad I did it! The butler cup is great. My wife likes her cold diet Pepsi most of the time, and I like my hot java. I question those who can keep ice in it 10 hours when it's 110 outside but it is a nice insulated, 34 oz cup. It keeps coffee very hot for an hour or so and will keep cold drinks cold for several hours. The straw cap has a small hole in it that allows you to sip hot coffee without scalding hour mouth.

With the its size and location I have to remind myself that it's there. I wear a flip full face and I can't see it without looking down. I've hit it trying to navigate my hand around and that is always uncomforable when driving. Because of that, and common sense, *DO NOT* put it on the braek side. Not worth the risk!

Ride safe!
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

I like! It is very comfortable and completely out of the misses' way. I was a bit concerned about cutting through the seat form for the install - little concerned that I would poke through the seat, but I got 'er done. No problem other than making sure the 12" serrated knife (an absolute necessity!) was going in at the correct angle.
The back rest is adjustable and gives my wife something extra to hold on to at times. Good fit and finish - a good product.
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Red Lens 3rd Brake Light w/ Run Option
ITEM CODE: EC01105,   SKU: EC01105

Can't get much more affordable attention getting. I wired it for brakes only and it puts out more light than the 4 standard brake lites on my '04 Wing combined. Great add!
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ITEM: PG01048

I've had these and the hand wings on two Goldwings. They (or their equivalent for the next gen 'wing) will be on everyone I own in the future as well.
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