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Apache Junction, AZ, US, 85119




I love to ride! In fact, I have not owned a cage since 2006. Purchased a 2005 Gold Wing in 2009 w/12,000 miles on the OD. On 6/3/18, it was hit head-on by an uninsured, illegal alien, in the mountains of SoCal. The bike died on the spot; me, I am a walking miracle... a bruised rib.

The 2018 Gold Wing is a dream. Picked it up on 9/19/2018. It's 6 months old in a few days and I have about 11K on it. Already been through 12 States, dust-devils, and rain... UGH! The bike handles like a dream.

Heading to Chicago area in May 2019... Stay tuned!

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Black Foam Brake/Clutch Lever Grips
ITEM CODE: BB1799,   SKU: BB1799


Cannot be without these

I have used the black foam brake/clutch lever grips on my Gold Wings for close to 13 years. First, on my 2005 Gold Wing, and then on my 2018 Gold Wing Tour. In fact, the first set of foam grips were put on my new 2018 Gold Wing Tour before I took it out of the dealership in Southern California. Living and riding in the deserts of California, Arizona, and New Mexico makes these grips a MUST HAVE. Definitely keeps the pinkies from burning...
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Lithium 2.0 Ion Battery


I HATE Lithium Batteries

I installed this battery on October 24, 2020. This is the THIRD lithium battery in my 2018 Honda Gold Wing - it will be the LAST one in the bike.95 days after installation - yes I kept it on a tender after riding - the battery failed. At 9AM this morning (01/29/22), there was power to the bike; at 11:30 AM, the battery shows 2% charge and will NOT TAKE A CHARGE from the BikeMaster matched charger. The charger says the battery is fully charged. NOT SO.I'm going to see if a refund is available. Keeping my fingers crossed. I located a Duracell, Lead-Acid battery for the Gold Wing and I'm going back to old school batteries. I will NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER LITHIUM BATTERY AGAIN!NOTE: It's not the brand of the battery which makes a difference - it's the type of battery. The latest version of Gold Wing (2018-2022) do not like Lithium batteries - period.
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Tall Passenger Grab Rails for 2018+ Gold Wing


What A Difference A Design Change Makes

The Tall Passenger Grab Rails for the 2018+ Gold Wing are an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for anyone riding these new models. This is especially true if you have a custom saddle on the bike - like the Ultimate Seat heated saddle.It literally took me longer to get my old(er) bones and muscles to get out of a sitting position on the floor to bolt the saddle down after installation than it did to install the new rails on my 2018 Gold Wing Tour. Total installation time - including getting up off the ground - was less than 20 minutes.These are heavy duty, OEM, parts from Honda. A little pricey; however, I feel they are worth every dollar spent.
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Lithium 2.0 Ion Battery


So Far... So Good

I am not a big fan of Lithium Ion batteries for vehicles as I have gone through two (2) of Lithium Ion batteries since January 6, 2021 on my 2018 Honda Gold Wing. They were a different brand I purchased, and had installed through a Honda dealership.I LIKE BikeMaster products and we'll see how this one works out. I also purchased the BikeMaster Battery Charger/Tender as well in order to keep this one fully charged when I'm not riding for a few weeks between trips.This is extremely lightweight battery; has a very informative and easy to read LED display on the top of the battery; and comes with more than enough padding material to fit it snugly into the rather large battery holder. You will need to use a couple of the pads to bring the battery up closer to the top frame as the battery's profile is quite small.Installation was quick and easy. The battery was delivered with 13.8V of charge (i.e., fully charged) and all I had to do was remember which wires went to each terminal. (NOTE: I have a LOT of accessories... LOL.)
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Luxury Seat Set for 2018+ Gold Wing


Ultimate Comfort & Easy Installation

The Ultimate Seat, Driver's Backrest, and Passenger Backrest is everything I expected it to be, and a little more. It's 1,000 times more comfortable than the OEM saddle, and I had repadded the OEM saddle, and makes riding those long mileage trips a joy.Installation is a breeze for the saddle and driver's backrest. It takes longer to open everything up than it does to install the new saddle. Two bolts to unscrew, lift the old saddle off (make sure to unplug the heat connection), and slide the new saddle into place. Put the bolts back in and you're good to go.The backrest is a piece of cake unless you have wiring running between the seat's backing and the fiberglass trunk lid. I had to reroute the heat, and the luggage rack/brake light connections to get the passenger's backrest to fit properly. A little more space for wiring to fit between the shell of the backrest and the trunk would be nice.Overall... installation can be completed in under 30 minutes. What a difference in comfort and looks. I'm planning another road trip to break the seat in...One recommendation: Purchase the new Honda passenger grips for the 2018 and newer bikes. These are an absolute must. Wingstuff has them for around $265. They compliment the Ultimate Saddle as well as making it more comfortable for a passenger to hang on; not to mention, getting the bike up on the center stand.
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Centramatic Wheel Balancers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-118,   SKU: CTMGW100-118


2018 Gold Wing Tour & Centramatic Wheel Balancers... 39,000 Miles Later

A previous review, around 2018, stated I was not as happy with the performance of the Centramatic Wheel Balancers on my 2018 Gold Wing Tour as I had been with them on my 2005 Gold Wing. After 39,000+ miles and a whole lot of U.S. Highway and Byway traveling, it's time for an update.The problem turned out to be Dunlop's OEM Spec tires; not the Centramatic Wheel Balancers. Seriously, I got tired of running through the Dunlop, OEM Spec tires every 5,500 miles... UGH!! Once I put the Dunlop Elite 4 on the front of the bike at the end of 2019, the problems all went away. I had also replaced the Honda OEM tie rods with Traxxion Dynamics upgraded tie rods. In January 2021 - after 21,000 miles on the front tire - I was able to put the Elite 4 on the rear.Needless to say, the Centramatic Wheel Balancers are performing better than ever. Yes, I highly recommend the Centramatic Wheel Balancers.
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Commander Highway Board Black
ITEM CODE: BB21-358BK,   SKU: BB21-358BK


Nice, yet not great

These 'fit' the 2018-2020 Gold Wings; however, they need to have a drop down from the connector of at least 1/2 inch. When mounting these, you will need to angle them forward or you are neither able to shift correctly, or use the brake pedal with adequate pressure.Well built; however, the engineers did not take into account the size along with shifter and brake pedal placement. Until changes are made, I would not recommend these due to safety concerns.
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Centramatic Wheel Balancers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-118,   SKU: CTMGW100-118


Downgrading My Previous Review

With 18,000 miles on the new (9/19/18) 2018 Gold Wing Tour, I am questioning why Centramatic only placed one (1) wheel balancer on the front wheel, compared to two (2) balancers for previous models. One just does not seem to be doing the job very well.

There is a new tire on the front (Dunlop Elite 4); new Traxxion Dynamics tie rods installed (5/21/2019); and the bike was just put through a major service check where the steering head and chassis were inspected, adjusted, etc. I've noticed, however, I'm getting a LOT of vibration through the handlebars. At this juncture, I am only able to question whether the wheel balancers - which I never had an issue with on my 2005 Gold Wing - are functioning correctly.

Has anyone else had a Centramatic wheel balancer 'go bad' on a bike? I've been using Centramatic wheel balancers on tractor-trailer rigs, and my bikes since 1995. This is the fist set of Centramatic wheel balancers I do not feel, literally, are truly working properly.

Richard S Hockett, MBA
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Centramatic Wheel Balancers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-118,   SKU: CTMGW100-118


Smooth as Silk

I ran Centramatic wheel balancers on the semis I drove for many years and more than 2,000,000 miles. It was only natural I'd put them on my 2005 Gold Wing. When the '05 was destroyed in June 2018 due to an idiot crossing the center line and hitting me head-on, the balancing effect of the Centramatic wheel balancers help keep my bike steady; smooth throughout the braking; and... helped save my life.

When I purchased the 2018 Gold Wing Tour, the Centramatic wheel balancers went on before the bike was ever rolled out of the dealership. I purchased the 2018 Gold Wing Tour in September 2018 and it now has 17,500 smooth riding miles on it. All thanks to the great engineering of Honda and my Centramatic wheel balancers.
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Black Anodized Sidestand Pad
ITEM CODE: RIGL18013,   SKU: RIGL18013


Perfect Solution

Living in Southern California means dealing with sinking kickstands when they are on hot asphalt. This is just for bicycles; add the 900+ pounds of a Honda Gold Wing on top of the kickstands pinhead foot and well... I got tired of listening to the sucking sound every time I pried the bike loose from the liquid surface... UGH!

This solves the problem of the "quicksand" asphalt as well as pulling off onto shoulders which are gravel. I do check the set screw every so often to insure it has not worked its way loose due to the hours of use and miles behind those hours.

I recommend this - highly recommend this - product.
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7-LED Muth Turn Signal Mirrors for GL1800


Signal Mirrors Are A Must

Ever since Ford Motor Company brought out mirrors with built-in led turn indicators on the Expedition and Excursion I have wanted a set of signal mirrors on my vehicles. While I no longer have an automobile - have not owned one since 2006 - and only ride the Gold Wing; I finally have a set of signal mirrors on the bike.

I purchased, and installed, the Muth 7-led, blued (anti-glare) mirrors on the Wing on Friday, 9/5/14. On Saturday and Sunday I took the bike on a trip to Northern CA and home to Southern CA via PCH through Big Sur. I LOVE these mirrors. They are bright, easily seen from either side of the lane I'm traveling in, and cagers are more aware of my intentions.

Install is a snap (almost literally) and the most time consuming part of it for me was trying to fish out the left side's main connector from under the faring because the previous owner of the bike must have done some mods along the line and shortened the wiring. The right side mirror install took less than 10 minutes. Total time, even with the fishing expedition, was less than 45 minutes.

I highly recommend these mirrors for all GL1800 owners. If you want a set with tire pressure monitoring - Muth makes them as well.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800


I Can See Clearly Now...!

Had the bike at the dealer for some general maintenance and they installed the F4 Custom (4") shield for me in around 45 minutes. This was two rainstorms, a windstorm, and 5,000 miles ago (three weeks in real time - literally).

What an amazing difference this shield makes for the passenger as well as the rider. I can actually see through the shield without hindrance and have significantly improved vision for night riding (which I do A LOT of).

The rain rolls off as advertised, and the F4 custom cleaner is worth every penny.

Be aware, this will affect handling in high winds slightly and the bike has a different feel to it than with the OEM shield in place - even at its highest point. Additionally, this shield, while wider than the OEM, has a little more curvature to it and rain drops now catch the wind between the edge and the mirrors and blow back at your legs rather than catching the slipstream and blowing past your legs as with the OEM. Not an issue if you are wearing rain gear... just a little more water on the tank and saddle than before.

5 stars all the way. I am thrilled to be running this F4 shield and highly recommend it (particularly the vented one).
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