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Ionia, MI, US, 48846




Retired from Meijers Inc, Love to travel the country and have been in every state except Hawaii and will go there as soon as they build the bridge...Alaska was quite a trip...
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Retired Foreman

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Not worth going to if you can't do it on the Wing

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Illusion Blue 2002 Gold Wing Gl1800

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Front Fairing Trim for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7322,   SKU: KU7322

Very easy to install and with the eyebrows, really dress up the front of the wing...
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Chrome Mirror Accents for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52628,   SKU: BB52628

Looks sharp and dresses up the front of the mirrors, but be careful that you have them where you want them after you pull off the backing paper
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Chrome Radio Knob Set for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52709,   SKU: BB52709

Just a little bit more chrome on the bike and not affected by the sun like some chrome on the dash. easy to install but have to remove the metal clips from the original knobs.
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Chrome Trunk Handle w/Gold Wing Logo
ITEM CODE: HO08U94MCA100,   SKU: HO08U94MCA100

Sharp looking and adds some more lighting to the rear of the bike.. More safety with brake lights hooked up as well.. Holes have to be drilled a bit larger then they say and made me a bit nervous drilling four holes in the trunk, but guess it is worth it.
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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800

Nice product and easy to install, makes it very easy to get the bike on the back stand by just stepping down on the pad and putting it in reverse.. Have to put a spacer under it though if you want to spin the back wheel or if you are going to remove the rear wheel. Caution though if you are parking in a sandy area.. best then to use the side stand with a pad..
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ITEM: PG00127

Really look sharp and easy for an oncoming car to see if you are making a turn especially if they along side of you.. Easy to install..
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LED Trunk Spoiler Running Light Converter
ITEM CODE: BB52734,   SKU: BB52734

Easy to install being plug and play and gives you extra light on the spoiler when you apply the brake lights.. the more lighting the better to keep you safe..
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XP Rear Brake Modulator
ITEM CODE: PU20500030,   SKU: PU20500030

Easy to install and hooked it up to the brake lights on the bike.. Spoiler brakes come on but are not hooked up to stagger like the bike lights.. Really gets some ones attention if they are behind you..
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ITEM: AO451806

Really like the way this hitch is hidden, and is easy to remove the hitch for changing a tire or just to remove the hitch itself..Guess the only thing I can say against it, is it is not built as heavy as it should be.. Went to Alaska pulling a trailer and rough roads caused the hitch to break off.. Normal conditions would have been fine but Canadian roads are not the norm..
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Heavy Duty 8 Ft. Motorcycle Jumper Cables
ITEM CODE: AP1867500,   SKU: AP1867500

A good thing to carry for emergencies both for your bike and other riders.. Get them out of a bind if battery fails.. Another one is the one that hooks from cig lighter to cig lighter for easy starting...
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K&N High Flow Lifetime Air Filter for GL1800, F6B

Have the K & N filters in all my vehicles and would not be with out them.. Never have to replace them, just clean them.. Biggest problem was installing them as you have to half disassemble the bike.. Real pain to install but still would not be with out it..Would not recommend a person doing it by their self if not mechanically inclined...
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Chrome Helmet Lock Extension Set
ITEM CODE: BB2416,   SKU: BB2416

One of the first things I put on the bike.. When riding at night they flash when a car lights hit them and grabs their attention
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