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Front Fender Tip for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7321,   SKU: KU7321

Finally! A piece of overpriced steel instead of overpriced plastic! This looks fantastic. I also have the shark tooth inserts that balance it all out. Super accent that goes a long way. Worth the cost.
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ITEM: BB52626

This is a no-brainer. Major impact with little to no effort. About as easy to install as it gets. Huge return on investment.
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Louvered Scuff Side Covers for 2001-2010 GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU3913,   SKU: KU3913

WOW! These are major bling. Easy to install with major and instant impact. These will completely change the look of the bike. Gorgeous.

They interfere with my rear-folding passenger highway pegs a liitle bit. I have press these in and pull the pegs out and they literally scrape by to stow them but it can be done. Not a huge issue and the looks negate the little clearance problem.
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ITEM: PG00127

Great addition to any bike. From the saddle you barely notice them but you can't miss them from the sides. When riding in a group I first noticed how effective they were at signalling intent and knew that I literally needed them. So simple and easy for so much function and cool factor.

I installed these with the companion Stealth lights and the front reflector LED conversion. Install is super easy and all three took about three relaxed hours to add. The three components were made for each other and add so much to the looks, safety, and function of the Wing. Install was plug and play on my '05.
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ITEM: KU7316

These look amazing and add so much to the looks of the bike. You can't really see them until lit up. They also add much needed side visibility with their running and turn signal function. I can't say enough how good these look. AWESOME!

I installed them at the same time I did the companion LED mirror turn signal upgrade and front wheel LED reflector upgrade. Install took about three relaxed hours and was very simple. I used the adapters in tandem on my '05 so no splicing or soldering was required. I also have an additional plug available for another running/turn light when I want.
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LED Front Reflector Conversion for GL1800/F6B
ITEM CODE: KU7455,   SKU: KU7455

Awesome upgrade. Very easy to install. I did these at the same time I did the Opera lights and the turn signal LED add-ons in the mirrors. I piggy-backed the adapters on my '05 so there was no splicing or soldering required. Simple installation with no problems at all. To istall all three upgrades it took me about three hours at a relaxed pace. I also have an additional running/turn signal plug waiting for more lights since I used two wiring adapters in tandem.

These give terrific added side visibility and look fantastic with the opera lights. The color is almost identical between the LEDs. A must have in my opinion.
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ITEM: BB52761

First the good: These look killer! With the chrome battery box covers and other bling these really add an awesome visual and functional accent. I was surprised at their heft and the fact that they are actually steel.

Now the bad: They don't stay on. At all. Adhesive is horrible and does not work. First piece fell off yesterday morning after a coffee run. Temperature was not that high as some have stated theirs fell off in the heat. Found it laying on the crash guard So I stuck it back in place there and kept my eye on it. It made the trip home where I pulled the others off with no effort at all. I can't trust that I won't lose the remander of them on the road so now I have to figure out what to do. I want them but don't want to drill or permanently adhere them to my paint. Now what?...

Three of the pieces fit the bag contour quite well. The forth, not so much. I now have some scrapes and nicks where I didn't before. I wasn't too worried since they covered this up. Then they fell off...

Tempting and a great accent but until they figure out how to effectively attach them I would not purchase them. I'm pretty bummed about the whole thing and not sure where to go with them from here.
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Red Lens 3rd Brake Light w/ Run Option
ITEM CODE: EC01105,   SKU: EC01105

I installed these yesterday along with the LED reflector conversion. These are brilliantly bright. Actually blindingly so on brake. I used one above and one below the plate and wired them in so they are on bright all the time. They are so bright that I added a thin strip of red conspicuity tape over the center of the lights but left the edges and end lights uncovered. This created a see-through effect that dimmed the brightest portion of the light a little but left a brilliant halo around them. The end lights are still brilliantly bright and create four points of bright red accent. When braking they flash off and all the other brake lights kick in creating an eyecatching display. These units look great and don't stand out too much. The chrome accent looks terrific. There were no instructions whatsoever but it was easy to figure out and there were connectors included. I spliced them into the reflector conversion wiring so that the Wing harness is untouched. If these hold up over time and work as designed they will certainly stay a 5 star in my book.
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