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Big Ken

San Diego, CA, US, 92119


Big Ken


Rode dirt bikes, quads, and dune buggies forever. After the Honda Wing, finally made the jump. Bought an American Icon over the weekend, 2009 Street Glide. 96CI 1587cc Screaming Eagle set up with upgraded suspension and plenty of chrome; yes, it is fast.
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Respiratory Therapist Instructor

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If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts!

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Black Pearl 2009 Harley Davidson FLHX

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Blue 2001 Honda Goldwing

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Inner Trunk Light

Junk you guys. Not bright enough, cheesy switch, and for the money, I can get kick butt LEDs from Radio Shack or Kragen. Do not add this to your Xmas list!!
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

These are the bomb. Directions eh! but they are easy to figure out in the end. What a great look and a great ride. You can push on them to take the load off your butt. Still, they look cool too. For sure a must have.
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Swept Back Style Windshield Clear
ITEM CODE: BB20518,   SKU: BB20518

Buffering, see ya, watery eyes, see ya. Pretty easy to install. Took about 35 mins. No need to drill holes like instructions say. There are instructions for 1500 and 1800s. This windsreen is really tall. Wind goes right over your helmet. Refreshing to be able to see the road clearly. Keeps you warmer too.
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Replacement OEM Factory Pocket Push Pin for GL1800
ITEM CODE: HO90116SP0003,   SKU: HO90116SP0003

Don't be shocked when only one shows up for the price! They are a must have. The little suckers fly off, and they are hard to find. Lost one the other day so spares are nice to have.
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Filter Wrench, 17mm Magnetic Drain Bolt, OEM Oil Filter, Crush Washers Combo

Delivered as described. The only reason for four stars is the wrench is sharp edged. Not a big deal, but if you pulled hard enough it would cut your skin for sure.
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ITEM: PG04048

Works as advertised. I had to get it because my bike did not thave the factory AUX cable with it. So, I killed two birds with one stone so to speak. Got the cable, and the noise reducer. The reducer was cheaper than the cable from the dealer...if you can find it.
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Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
ITEM CODE: KU4038,   SKU: KU4038

Okay, I have had these on for a few months now. Good to go, look good. I had the sticking problem as mentioned. Just added small amount of wheel bearing grease and the sticking goes away. Best to use the stock ridgeid plastice piece made to cover shifter. I had a transmission problem (prior to the floorboards) took it in for extended warranty. The bike has 62,000 miles. The first thing they asked, does it have floorboards? Honda will void the transmission warranty. They MASTER Honda tech says 11 of 12 trannies he has done had floorboards. I did not ask if they were all Kuryakyn. I had the floorboards, just thankfully did not install them yet. If you have warranty issues, take them off before visit to dealer! He said okay to ride with them, just make solid shifts, and do not rest heel on shifter. Also do not shift lazy. The gear cogs will partially engage, wearing the tips of the cogs. The tranny will start partially engagging, then pop into gear when you throttle up. Real expensive if not warranty. Use em, enjoy em, but beware!
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Chrome Handlebar Clamp Plugs
ITEM CODE: BB52627,   SKU: BB52627

Simple and sweet. So far, no probs
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Kill Switch Cover for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52609,   SKU: BB52609

It is a cover, but it looks good. At first i was worried about it staying on, but it is good to go. Nice touch, a bit pricey.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

Wow! Very nice seat back. No bars in the way of the hips for the wife/passenger. The back folds down and forward for easy mounting for passenger. Nice removable storage pouch hangs on the back. Matches seat perfect. Not the easiest thing to install. Two of us (master mechanics) took about 30 mins. You move slow and steady - you are cutting the seat. Once installed, heaven. No more sore shoulders.
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Volt Meter With Back Panel

Looks good. Does not plug and play as advertised. Had to hunt down the power and add ground myself. Looks good though with the chrome accents. I like it.
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Right Side Control Panel Accent
ITEM CODE: BB52686,   SKU: BB52686

Have to have with the controller panel on left. Easy to install, looks great. Also got the Hondaline gauge to go with it.
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