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ITEM: KU4453


Just right

I had full size floorboards on my previous Goldwing. I ended up scraping them too much and they got in the way of putting my feet down. I put these on my current Goldwing and so far I am really liking them. I especially like how you can adjust the angle of them. They provide more room that stock pegs but aren't too big like full size floorboards. Plus, they look pretty sharp too. Now time will tell how well they hold up since I am scraping them a little...
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Chrome Shifter Peg Cover w/Rubber Inlay
ITEM CODE: BB21556,   SKU: BB21556


Okay with a little modification

I was initially disappointed with this item. Its quality is not as good as their brake pedal cover. The brake cover was made of steel. This is made of plastic. Has a MUCH cheaper feel to it.

Also, as is, it has a very poor install onto the GL1800. Show Chrome should put four mounting screws on it, not just two. With just two screws on the inner end of the cover, it wiggles excessively on the outer end. This wiggle is made worse by the cover being both longer and fatter than the OEM shifter.

I initially installed this cover directly on the shift lever as described by the manufacturer. It had way to much wiggle on the outer edge of it.

The way I solved this problem was I used electrical tape to attach a 3/8" piece of wooden dowel (the same diameter as the shifter) onto the end of the shifter. (This took up the slack between the end of the shifter and the cover. Now when the cover is slid onto the shifter it has some foundation when it meets the inner edge of the rubber on the shifter.) Then I wrapped electrical tape around the dowel and shifter until it was close to the inner diameter of the cover.

Then I slid the cover on and tightened the screws. Using this method, the longer screws stuck out about 1/8 of an inch, so I used the shorter screws and they go in about 1/8".

Now the shifter cover feel solid on the shifter. I like the way it dresses it up and matches the brake pedal cover.
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Red LED Lighted Reflector
ITEM CODE: AO451227R,   SKU: AO451227R


Great value.

I replaced the back reflector with this light. Easy to install. Remove the rear fender panel, unbolt and remove the reflector, drill out for the wires, clean the area and apply the reflector, and then tap into your brake light or running light wire, depending on how you want it to operate.
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Amber LED Lighted Reflector
ITEM CODE: AO451227A,   SKU: AO451227A


Great value

I replaced the reflectors on my front forks with these. Not too hard to install. Just remove the old reflector, drill out for the wires, clean the area, and apply the light to the disk cover. Run the wires up along the brake lines and tap into your running or turn signal wire at the mirror, depending on how you want them to operate.
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Windshield Panel LED Light for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451205L,   SKU: AO451205L


Nice addition

This light installed easily. Clean the area, stick it into position, and tap into the running light wiring by the mirror. Add a nice look to the front.
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Front Mirror Trims for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451217,   SKU: AO451217


Just right

I was looking for a little chrome for the mirrors and these are perfect. I didn't want lights because I've read too much about people having trouble with the LED chrome lights for the mirrors. And I thought the Kuryakyn mirror trim was a little too much. These look great. No problem mounting and so far they are staying on just fine.
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Chrome Free Spirit Master Cylinder Covers
ITEM CODE: BB2447,   SKU: BB2447


Well made, look great, fit well

Really happy with these covers. I had previously ordered some Goldwing logo covers, but when they arrived they were made of cheap plastic, didn't fit well, and didn't come with screws (even though the product photo showed them with screws). I returned them and ordered these instead. What a difference. These have a nice heavy feel to them, are made of metal not plastic, came with screws, and fit well. They look really great!
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ABS Chrome Trunk Molding
ITEM CODE: BB52611,   SKU: BB52611


Not up to show chromes usual quality

A little disappointed with them. Got them installed okay, but the pieces do not line up very well where the back piece meets the side pieces. Also, the finish along the edges is not too good.
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Chrome Saddlebag Molding
ITEM CODE: BB52612,   SKU: BB52612


Look okay.

Only giving these four stars because the finish along the edges is only so so, and the fitment of the right side piece was not good. It was about a sixteenth of an inch too long for the holes. Really had to force it into place. But once on, it looks good.
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Battery Side Trim
ITEM CODE: BB52630,   SKU: BB52630



I've added a number of chrome pieces to the bike, but this is by far the best. This REALLY makes the area in front of the saddlebags pop! Good quality too.
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Trunk Key Hole Trim Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3219,   SKU: KU3219


Nice touch

Adds a great look to the back of the trunk! Looking good after being on there a year
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Chrome Key Plate Accent w/Rubber Pad for 2001-2005 GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52758,   SKU: BB52758


Just enough chrome to lighten up the area

A great inexpensive piece too add a little chrome to the area. Been there over a year and still looking good.
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