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Lantana, TX, US, 76226




Recently moved from San Diego, CA to the Free, Proud, and Great State of TEXAS!
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Dark Cherry 2009 Honda Goldwing Airbag

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Cargo Bungie Nets 13x13 in 7-Colors


Everybody needs one.

This is one of those things you should never leave home without. Enough said. Buy one and keep it in your saddlebag until you need it, which you will someday.
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Chrome 3-Piece Univeral Peg Clamps 3-Sizes


Good Mounting Solution

I used one of these to mount an electronic Deer Alert device to the left engine guard on my 2009 Goldwing. It's about one third the cost of a chrome P-clamp and works just as well. It's good quality and it looks great. The price was attractive to me, so I bought two just in case I ever need to mount more essential equipment. I highly recommend this product.
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Heel/Toe Shifter for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451620,   SKU: AO451620


Works well with mini floorboards.

After adding mini floorboards to my 2009 Goldwing, I found that it was difficult to get my toe under the stock toe shifter. After adding this Heel/Toe Shifter, shifting was a bit easier, but it became much easier when I removed the toe piece. Now, I downshift with the stock shifter peg and upshift with my heel. I just rode from San Diego to WingDing 38 in Billings and it worked great. An extra benefit is that a naturally occurring, stronger heel shift helps to eliminate that frequently missed, weak shift from 1st to 2nd. I highly recommend this product.
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Premium Mini Boards w/ Comfort Drop Mounts
ITEM CODE: KU4328,   SKU: KU4328


Very Comfortable

These floorboards added another level of comfort; more than I had with after market pegs, which were more comfortable than the stock pegs. I had difficulty fitting my toe under the shifter, so I adjusted the forward tilt down a bit, but it was still difficult. (I wear size 10.5 Wolverine boots.) I didn't want to adjust the floorboard too far from level, so I added a toe/heel shifter and removed its front peg. That made the needed difference. I noticed the mounting bolt on the left floorboard became loose on the first ride, so I used a drop of medium strength thread lock and tightened it a little more. On long rides, I need to stretch occasionally while riding, so I regularly check the mounting bolt now just to be safe. I highly recommend these floorboards.
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Front Nose Mask for GL1800


Classy touch!

I had this on my Christmas wish list and Santa got it for me. I waited a few months to install it, just because I was lazy. Finally, I opened the package, read the directions, and five minutes later it was on and looking good! I was concerned about how it would hold up at freeway speeds, but that concern was put to rest immediately upon my first ride with it on. I didn't even test ride it; I just took off from San Diego and headed for Washington. On my 2500+ mile round-trip, it stayed put with no flopping around or fluttering. It fits perfectly and stays positioned as installed, plus it's easy to wipe clean with just a little water and a microcloth. As long as you're careful while removing the plastic edge trim on the fairing, you'll have no problems installing this product. Just use your fingers and pinch the edges of the plastic trim pieces to remove them; don't use tools. You don't even need to remove the entire plastic trim pieces; you only need to lift them back far enough for the end tabs of the nose mask to be secured by sliding them under the plastic trim. Installation is pretty easy and you'll like the new classy look of your bike.
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ITEM: KU4035


Perfect Replacement Part.

These are very easy to install. They are a perfect replacement part. I'm glad they are readily available through
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Stop and Go Tubeless Tire Plugger With C02 Cartridges
ITEM CODE: TR150215,   SKU: TR150215


Well engineered. A necessary product to carry.

We were on a two lane country highway on a 3000 mile trip and 200 miles from our next waypoint when my buddy got a flat on the brand new rear tire on his Victory. We removed the nail that caused the flat and used this kit to plug the hole. It seemed like each CO2 cartridge provided ten pounds of pressure. There were four cartridges in the kit, but we used only two. We had difficulty attaching each cartridge and the small hose to the valve stem without causing loss of tire pressure, but, maybe there is a technique I missed in the instructions. We also used a small dc tire pump I always carried, but it seemed to surrender at about twenty pounds in the tire. Fortunately, we were only a few miles from the next gas station which had an air compressor where we were able to top off the pressure. The plug did its job and held for the necessary 400 miles to the next Victory dealer where we were able to get a new tire installed. A word of caution: The shop showed us the inside of the tire wall which had been severely damaged by the rim caused by riding on the tire the small distance when it was first going flat. This could have led to a worst case scenario, a blowout. I have already replaced the two used CO2 cartridges, so that I have a minimum of four in the kit. I will also replace the inadequate dc pump I have been carrying for several years. Based on this experience, I believe a powerful backup pump is necessary. I highly recommend watching the YouTube video on how to use this system when you first receive it and make sure you keep the printed instructions in the kit. We read them and followed them step by step. This system seems complicated at first, but, once you use it on the side of the road, you will understand and appreciate the engineering of the system. I would also recommend having a towel to lie on. It makes the job much more tolerable. You will also need pliers which you should have in your bike's tool kit and a pressure gauge is also handy. I highly recommend this product.
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AirHawk R Air Seat Cushion


The best product I've ever purchased.

Okay, we're all adults, so don't be offended by anything I say. This review is not meant to be funny or foul; it's meant to relay my true experiences. I was considering retiring from long rides because of excruciating pain in my outey. I spoke to my Doctor because I thought I needed surgery after my last long ride. He said I was fine, so I realized I just needed the right seat cushion. After reading several reviews, I replaced my expensive sheepskin cover with the AirHawk R. I strapped it onto my 2009 GL1800 Airbag just a day before leaving on my 3000 mile, 10 day trip from San Diego, CA to Missoula, Montana. I never, ever, felt any pain in my anus or tailbone during this trip. On previous trips, that area was on fire! I would also attribute some of the relief to the heavy application of Prep H products and also to my Duluth Trading Ballroom Jeans, but I sincerely believe the greatest relief came from the AirHawk R seat cushion. It has an open channel down the center, so your anus and tailbone are elevated and never come into contact with your hot bike seat. Your butt cheeks ride on an inflated waffle patterned cushion which redistributes air support as you move around and shift your weight. The air channels allow airflow which also help to keep you dry, you know, down there. This is not made for racing bikes; it's made for us fat old guys who like to take long rides. Face it, we force ourselves to smile when we're riding and we say we're having fun because we enjoy the scenery and we love to ride, but we suffer every inch of the way after about 40 miles, especially on hot days because our bung holes are on fire! I hate riding through the Mojave Desert on 106 degree days in heavy traffic! This cushion solves that problem. I just returned from my 3000 mile trip and I'm ready to go another 3000. The cushion is easy to inflate and deflate using a side mounted valve (easy like a balloon, no pump needed). The altitude and temperature changes affect its inflation a bit. The cushion comes with a cover and easily straps on the seat using two elastic straps. I highly recommend this product for long rides.
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HyperKewl Soakable Cooling Deluxe Wide Neck Tie
ITEM CODE: TN6520,   SKU: TN6520


Does a great job of cooling.

I used this item while traveling through Baker, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Mesquite, NV, and St George, UT which are some of the hottest places on the face of the earth in August. It absorbed water quickly and did a great job of keeping my neck cool. It worked so well that it made the temperature seem much cooler, like 95 instead of 115. If you're an idiot, like my friends and I, and plan a long trip through the Mohave Desert in August, you need one of these. Take a 2 gallon baggie, place the neck tie and your cooling vest in it and fill it with enough water to soak everything. When the vest and tie dry out, just stick them in the baggie for a few minutes to absorb more water and you're all set to go again. I really like this neck tie and my opinion is that it works better than the skinny ones with the beads.
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Ultragard Touring Luggage Rack Bag
ITEM CODE: BB4603,   SKU: BB4603


Exactly what it appears to be, but I decided not to use it.

This bag is well constructed and can pack a lot of stuff, but after loading it up, I was concerned about the excess weight on my trunk. I packed it full and took it on a trial/maiden voyage to see how it would perform. After a few hours of riding, I noticed a few scuffs on the clear coat where the edge of the bag and/or the straps had rubbed. There may be a way to prevent the rubbing and scuffing, but I would still be concerned about the weight issue. I decided not to use this bag on the trunk rack and may use it on the rear seat instead, or I will only use it for very light packing.
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Fleece Lined Water Repellent Helmet Bag


Nice bag! A real bargain.

This is a nice bag that offers good protection for the helmet without being too bulky to store. It has a slot on the bottom so you can run a theft protection cable inside and through the D-rings on your helmet. It's a good thing I bought two of them because I lost one 03/23/2012 on I-8 somewhere between the Golden Acorn Casino and El Centro, CA. I had it tucked behind my cooler bag on the rear seat and it just blew away. Whoops. I'll be replacing it with my next order of important Wing stuff. This would be a good, inexpensive, all-occasion gift.
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Front Fender Tip for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7321,   SKU: KU7321


5 Stars

Make sure you do a couple of trial fits and have good lighting, so that you aren't thrown off by shadows. The fit is not very tight against the edge of the fender, but this is not highly noticeable. This is a nice trim piece which adds just a little chrome accent to the front, helping to balance out the bling-bling created by all of the chrome I installed on the rear and sides of my bike. I would have preferred a more simple, straight edge design like the rear fender trim piece I installed, but this was the simplest design available. Overall, its a nice looking piece of chrome.
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