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Cruise Control



Cruise Control


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Cruise Control


How To Determine the Helmet/Headset Combo That's Right for You

Austin who comments on the Corded v. BT blog post (referenced in this post) is right on! This post and the Corded v. BT miss everything involved in making a decision about audio connections for motorcycling. The worst of it is that Step 3: What do you need from your headset should be Step 1. Another factor that isn't even mentioned is whether you're setting up only for your Wing or if you'll want features you can use on another bike.

Like Austin I chose to go the Sena route. In doing so I found a workable option that adds Bluetooth to my 2007 Wing. It's not a great solution. But maybe if you'd have talked about the BT conversion idea we could get more consumers interested in doing something like that which might get product designers more interested in BT conversion for the Wing.

As to my point about multiple bikes, that factored very high in my choice of solutions (my Step 1). The Sena connects to BT on my smartphone so I can listen to music (my #1 reason to have a headset) no matter which bike I'm riding.

And FWIW, you were selling one of J&M's BT conversion options a couple of years ago. I ordered that, but it was never delivered. (I wasn't charged for it.) J&M just decided to discontinue it... couldn't get it to work right or something.

It'd be nice if these posts quit focusing so much on hocking a particular product line and offered a really good summary of what the forums are saying about making these kinds of choices. Otherwise, these posts are a bit misleading.

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Aluminium Cooler Rack - Vertical Black for GL1800


5 Stars

Threw a 2.5 gallon cooler on this for a road trip. Ice melts pretty quickly with all the heat going back there. Cooler also didn't have a tight seal so only used it for sealed products. Here's the thing! At one stop I forgot to put the bungee cords back on. At the stop some 30 miles later, the cooler was still there. Later when buying replacement cords I asked my buddy how many he thought I needed. His answer: "apparently none". I have since bought a 14 gallon Rubbermaid and customized a mount to make it to fit well on the rack. Should handle 2, maybe 3, full grocery bags (not cold items). So plenty of storage. Pitfalls: must get the right size container that won't block the license plate. Catches lots of dirt (or mud) from rear tire. 5K miles and already needs fresh coat of paint.
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Baker Air Deflecting Leg Wings for GL1800


3 Stars

I found that wind deflection was excellent and really helped improve warmth during cooler weather riding. My issue is durability. Installed September of 2011. They developed star cracks some time ago. I assume hit by a rock or something. They stayed on fine but when I noticed the crack they didn't look as sharp. Hardly noticeable, but still! Then last wash I pulled on one and it split apart. I won't replace due to poor quality plastic.
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Superbrace Chrome Fork Brace w/Fork Protectors For GL1800
ITEM CODE: SB2318,   SKU: SB2318


5 Stars

This is a beautifully well constructed piece of metal. Installation was quite easy. It looks great on the bike. It may well be that the price matches the cost to manufacture the device. Unfortunately, the cost doesn't match its designed function. In slow cornering I continue to have a wobble problem; there is very little more stability after adding this. Maybe a new front tire will make a difference. Regardless, I'd feel better about the purchase if it were priced closer to $100. I just expected more at the suggested price.
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Vertical Trailer Hitch for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: KU7642,   SKU: KU7642


1 Star

Sorry guys. Gotta give this a 1 because of quality issues. Could easily be a 5 except for complete and utter frustration with the nuts on the plates. Others who have complained identified the right problem but wrong reason; at least for me. It’s not the paint or powder coat in the threads. If it was a tap would have cleaned it. I stripped the tap trying to clean them! I finally ended up buying 2” U-bolts to replace the upper clamps… which were easier to install than the clamps anyway. Other than that I am really impressed. Install could have been done in less than 2 hours except for all the running around to try to clean the threads. Definitely worth buying once they fix the problem with the nuts on the mounting plates. The video is excellent too. BTW, I’m likely to contact Kuryakyn for replacement clamps. I’ll trust the clamp better than the U-bolt.
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ITEM: TE331001


3 Stars

If this is the same mount I received from an alternate source (for about $30) I am impressed with the quality. I want to use it for a radar detector mount (V1). However it mounts too far back and points the V1 at the GPS on the bike. The V1 misreads it as ladar. Also while it adjusts to many angles, the positioning lock points made it difficult to make the shelf level.
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