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Men's Blockhouse Jeans Black

Just received my New Blockhouse Jeans in Black. I usually wear a 38 - 40 waist Jean, 32 inseam. I ordered the 38 Long. The fit is vary good and comfortable. Nice belt loops. The Long is great and does not hike up off the boot when riding or using the Highway pegs. The Knee pads fit well and in place. I added the Hip armor myself. In general I am quite satisfied with these especially for the price. I have expensive custom fit riding pants that cost 3X the price of these. They never fit properly and the armor was vary bulky. Corventure Dave
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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800

Having knee issues, I wanted to have a way to better support the bike when my passenger gets on and off.
This Ride Off stand does just that.

Plus's: When stopped at the end of the ride, I can use the bikes reverse to set the bike up on the stand, with both of us on board. I can also simply ride off, again when we're both on board. Installation is easy as long as you know the right ride fastener is reverse thread.

With no one on board and putting the bike up on this stand like the original, you have to be show and careful. The bike will go up on the stand real quick and easy! I mean really easy!

This is not the OEM or original stand. One must be prepared for that.
Some things I cannot do with this stand is rotate the rear tire to check the tread for nails when it's up on this stand. I can also not rotate the front tire, sliding it on it's tread surface, like I could do on the OEM center stand.
A block of plywood can be used under this stand's feet to raise the rear tire off the ground along with the suspension height adjustment at zero. However even with a 3/4 inch thick piece of plywood, the rear tire still touched the concrete floor. Also with this stand up on a board, it will take 2 people to rock the bike off the "ride off" center stand. The pressure on the rear tire will not allow one to ride off if the stand is engaged with wood. There is just not enough traction.
So my point is that in order to rotate the tires, a motorcycle jack is the best bet. One can always check tires or get the valve stem in filling position by rolling the bike on the ground. That's the standard with bikes that have only a side stand.

This ride off stand is a great choice for my knee situation. It is vary stable to board the bike. No reduced lean clearance like a Landing-Gear system or trike converting zero lean. And under $200.... worth the differences and feature over the OEM center stand.

Corventure Dave
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1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Silver for GL1800, Honda F6B

Just purchased these for my 2016 GL1800. As stated here, the look is clean and function is great.
The offset when mounting is from the engine cylinder spacing one side to the other. The Aero Peg's adjust for this just fine. Their positioning is quite comfortable.
I do long rides, these are as nice as my old Markland Hwy foot pads.
They flip out easy when riding with the tabs Rivco has on the bottom of each peg. They even have a machined safety notch to break away the peg if it's out in an accident, saving any damage to the engine.

American made. Fit and design are spot on. This is a fine product and just a bit more cost than the popular Chinese made clamp on Hwy pegs. Two Thumbs Up!
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Fairing Pouch w/Gold Wing Logo

Like these pouches but did not want them on the fairing lids. I put one on each side of the trunk. Left side is where the passenger Com cable rubber hanger is. The right side matches the left location. I mounted them "not" removable. These are great for keeping the SO's lower helmet cord and it's still attached to the bike com cable. I also have the 12v power cable in this pouch for her electric jacket liner. I just cut a small slit in the bottom to insert the cables into the pouch. we zip them closed around the cables when in use. The right side is for her camera or anything else she wants keep handy. Reminds me of my old Venture Royal that had one pouch located like this.
It's a huge improvement over the little rubber com cable holder and looks like they should have always been there.
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Cooler Rack System
ITEM CODE: RIGL18011,   SKU: RIGL18011

RIVCO has always been a great American Family Business with high quality products. have never been dissatisfied.
This is perfect. I never plan on pulling a trailer. This Cooler rack system fits perfect, and drops off when not needed, in a snap. I made my own box-trunk unit to fit on this. It works great for all the gear you don't want to deal with on a trip, until you need it... rain gear, cover, cooling vests, seat cover and what ever. Now we only use the duffel bags for our cloths and such.
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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

There is another lid support system that is really well made and really pricy. It has gotten great reviews, However... it only supports the trunk lid at two places, on the outboard edge of the trunk, leaving a possible load on the lid hinges.
This kit is simple, inexpensive and supports the trink lid at all four corners. I have found that when properly installed the bumpers last two or more years with the loads I put on them, "10 pound trunk rack bag". At this price, it is nothing to replace them if needed. The key is proper installation!
A great product in my opinion!
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