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Battle Ground, WA, US, 98604




I'm just an old Geezer Glider enjoying every ride.
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(Retired) Director of Facilities Modernization (Retired)

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"Live your Life not your age."
Author Unknown.

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Cabaret Red 2006 Honda Goldwing

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Purple 2002 Honda VT1100C

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Rider Etiquette: The Good Samaritan

I was riding home from work one evening on the back roads riding my 2006 GL1800. I saw a motorcycle in the ditch, a GL1800 on a wide spot in the road with it's flasher on and a man and a young woman on the side of the road. The accent must have happened just before I arrived. We talked to the young lady and she could move without hurting. Then the GL1800 rider that was first at the accident ask the young lady if it would be OK if we got her Triumph out of the ditch and check it out. She said, yes. We teamed up and got a nice looking Triumph out of the ditch. It had a bent shifter but it appeared to be rideable. The GL1800 rider that was first at the accident asked her if he could ride it down the road aways to see if it was tracking straight. She readily agreed. While he was gone I asked the young lady if she had become Fixated on the ditch that she rode into. She said: Yes, I saw the ditch and did not want to ride into it but that is where I went. I talked to her about always look where you want to ride because if you focus on something off the side of the road; that is where you will go. Fortunately, the young lady was not hurt and got back on that Triumph and rode home.



Rider Etiquette: The Good Samaritan

Helping Hand
Years ago I was riding the back roads home from work on my 2006 GL1800. I saw a guy off the side of the road and he appeared to be working on his nice looking Harley. I stopped and asked the young man if he needed help. He said: Yes, but you probably can't help riding that metric bike. I need a standard Allen wrench to tighten up my gear shift so I can get home. I am just an Ole geezer that enjoys every ride and wishing the best for all riders. I told him I would check the tools I carry and see if we could find something that would work. Note: I carry metric and standard Allen wrenches. He found one that fit and as he was tightening the Allen screw for his shifter with my allen wrench; he told me that he doesn't carry tools on his Harley because he never works on his Harley when he is on the road. I just smiled, wished him a safe ride and rode home. Someday he will know. 😉

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ITEM: PG32651

I installed a Shorai battery in my 2006 GL1800 on 6/30/2013. Have connected it to a Shorai battery maintainer when not going for regular rides the past 10 years. Always starts my GL1800. Due to health issues I had not started my GL1800 for over a year. I started it about 3 weeks ago without a problem. Yes, I will definitely put another Shorai Lithium Battery in my GL1800.
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Chrome Fairing Moldings for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: BB52643,   SKU: BB52643

I have a set on my Wing now, when I replaced the originals due to broken tabs about 9 years ago. The trim is a poor design by Honda in my opinion. I do most of the maintenance on my 2006 GL1800 for the past 12 years. If I need to pull plastic, I generally ride it or let it run for awhile so the engine heat will warm the plastic. If I do not want to pull it outside and warm it up; I use a hair dryer to warm the plastic up before carefully removing and I still get broken tabs just like the originals. Over time, I have had to glue every tab with flexible epoxy backing up each tab. I purchased the new ones and will carefully prep the back side of each tab and reinforce them with the Devcon flexible plastic Epoxy before I ever install them.
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Replacement OEM Style Fog Light Switch

I installed a switch like this 10 years ago when I installed the "Fog" lights. I had about 10K miles on my 2006 GL1800 at the time. Now, have 83K miles. The old switch became non-functional so I ordered a new one and it is a perfect fit. Note: while I was waiting for delivery of the new switch; I removed the old one and cleaned it with electrical cleaner and air. Got it working again. I still installed the new switch. Should be good for another 10 years.
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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800

Outstanding tires for my Wing. I decided to try a less expensive brand of tires on my Wing and was disappointed. Back to the Avons, now Cobra Chrome Radial. Very comfortable ride even in the wet Northwest. With the Avons I do not experience the front tire cupping like other tires I have tried do on my Wing. I run 40 psi in the front and 45 psi in the back. This appears to work fine on my Wing as I ride the back roads with lots of Sweepers and Smilers.
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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800

I have run different tires on my 06 Wing over the past 10 years and I keep coming back to the Avon Cobra, now Avon Cobra Chrome. All motorcycle tires deliver about the same miles but I feel more comfortable on the Avons. They are just more stable in my opinion. I only run my tires until they are close to the wear bars. I run 40 lbs in the front and 45 lbs in the back and my tires do not cup. I also have centramatic balancers to help maintain tire balance as they wear traveling through sweepers and smilers at moderate speeds because I am just an ole geezer glider.
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Premium Mini Boards w/ Comfort Drop Mounts
ITEM CODE: KU4328,   SKU: KU4328

I finally purchased these mini floorboards after looking at them and reading the reviews that other folks have posted for about a year. Thank you to all for your reviews. The mini floorboards were easy to install on my 2006 Goldwing. However, the spring did not work properly the first attempt because I did not get the back side of spring inserted in the small hole on the frame of my Wing. When I started out on my first ride with my mini floorboards it felt a little stange. However, I quickly became accustomed to a new level of comfort for me. No more boot toe scape when enjoying riding sweepers and smilers. One recommendation for an improvement is to add some replaceable skid wear plates on the outside edges of the mini floorboards, Please. Still give them 5 stars because they work well for this Ole geezer.
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WingBucks eGift Cards

This is OUTSTANDING!! My daughter is always asking me what I want for my birthday, father's day, Christmas, etc. and I do not want her to spend the money. Now I can just mention the WingStuff gift certificates. Thank you.
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