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Former Marine Gunny and Phoenix Police Solo Motor Officer.
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GT Euro Sport Dark Tinted Windshield
ITEM CODE: BB20-522DT,   SKU: BB20-522DT

This is a beautiful shield and gives the bike a whole new dimension in regards to awesome appearance .... but!Road through a typical springtime Dallas frog-drowner and noticed a couple of engineering flaws:1. Water comes over the top of shield and smacks you in the face ... that's in addition to all the other water smacking you in the face.2. When it's raining, it's fairly typical for one to try to duck under the top edge of the shield to get some spray protection. Problem is that the shield is so dark it's impossible to see through. Raising the shield creates the same problem. Dark skies and dark shield means pull over. Unsafe to ride. 3. I suspect there wasn't a whole lot of wind tunnel testing done during the R&D for this product. Lots of wind. Yes, I know. It's a motorcycle, it's supposed to have wind. But NOT that much wind. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a 'windshield'. Haven't Mama tested it yet. Suspect I'll be investing in a substitute for when she rides.Appearance: 5 StarsFunction: 3 Stars
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Air Deflectors for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU6579,   SKU: KU6579

I purchased these but as others have stated, was reluctant to install due to the type of bonding tape required to mount, which would make any future maintenance required (changing air filter) difficult. I read particularly Randy's review wherein he commented that he had contacted Kuryakyn on the problem to which Kuryakyn responded the attachment issue was "an oversite" and they were working on a 'Service Kit', whatever that is. Thus, I followed up with Kuryakyn a few days ago to restate the problem and check the status of said 'Service Kit'. Their response was that they were not aware of/had not heard of any issue regarding the attachment and removal of the air deflectors. Interesting! I could regurgitate the email tree between Kury & myself but it would take pages. I cut & pasted several reviews, including Randy's (sans his name), essentially reminding them of the issue. Persistence produces results. As of this afternoon, 04/21/21, a Service Kit of sorts was added to the Kuryakyn product page consisting of several strips of 3M tape rather than the high bond, non-removable tape which comes with the unit. The 3M tape costs around $9.00. With Tax, Title & License (S&H), comes to $15.00. That price is in addition to the unit, which will still include the high bond tape. The Air Deflectors are #6579. The 'Service Kit' is #6589.
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Luggage Rack Gloss Black for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7157,   SKU: KU7157

I gotta tell ya, there's a lot of folks making aftermarket stuff for the Wings, just not enough of it BLACK. I have the 2014 All BLACK GL1800/NAV and when I first saw this item, I gave it serious consideration. But first, as we all do, I first had to check out what the competition's rack looked like. Most were more-of-the-same old tubular stuff, just painted black. Another outfit's rack was just to garish to consider.

Bit the proverbial bullet and purchased this rack, first for the other-than-typical tubular shape & style, then because it was BLACK.

Product is typical Kury quality (which is sometimes hit or miss but this time right on) and looks & works great on by beautiful BLACK Motor. (Old cop vernacular hang-over. We OLD Motorcycle Police Officers, referred to as 'Motor Officers', still refer to our steads as 'Motors'.)

Thus in summation, this is a great product which fulfills the mission for which intended and looks good doing it.
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Capt. Richard's Best Bike Clean & Polish

Been using this stuff for years. Excellent product with outstanding results. Always on the bike and cleans bugs and other road stuff off windshields and Tupperware with ease. Never leave home without it!
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ITEM: SG01200

I never could understand folks who poo-poo stuff without ever trying. I give their credibility a '0' star. I give these 5 stars. I have the original Road Trip Essentials color matched set. They are but another tool of safety. Yes, turn your head, use all mirrors and check again. I love the added assurance.
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ITEM: PG27281

Awsome device. Had it installed in Tulsa WD '09 and the ride home was noticibly improved over the going to ride. Got the black with black fork guards. Excellen contrast against the CBC bike withlack bra.
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Adjustable Driver Backrest for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52637,   SKU: BB52637

All I can say is that it's 'nice to look at'. A classic case of Aggie Engineering. Just replace mine with the Utopia.
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