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I am a new Goldwing owner. I owned a Honda VTX1300 Retro for five years prior to purchasing my Goldwing and I loved it. When I decided to upgrade from my cruiser to a touring bike there was no question which one would be parked in my garage.
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Small Touring America Engraved Map Gold w/Stick-On Stones

There is fine detail in the map engraving. However, I must agree with the previous review; I thought the stones would be shaped like the states. The stones are extremely small; nonetheless, they are still too large for some smaller states. I was also under the impression the "stick on" stones would be self stick, which they are not. Be prepared with some super glue and a pair of tweezers. I am thinking about buying some colored sharpies and trying to color in the states rather than using the stones.
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Kuryakyn Heel Toe Shifter Kit for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU4039,   SKU: KU4039

Easy install, the chrome was flawless. I kept pegs and didn't switch to floorboards. It does interfere with getting your foot on the kick stand. But more importantly to me, the shifter pegs are so high I really feel like I have to lift my foot up uncomfortably high to shift. Much higher than I did on my old VTX retro that had floor boards and a H/T shifter. I will leave it on for a while to see if I get used to it, but not sure I will be keeping it on though.
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Wig Wag Brake Modulator
ITEM CODE: PU20500031,   SKU: PU20500031

I installed about three weeks ago and it was an adventure to say the least. I had a standard back off unit on my 2003 VTX and had no trouble installing on that bike, but increase the number of taillights to four and the wiring gets considerably more difficult. It took me a while to find wires that led to two opposite lights so I ended up going with the first two which happened to be the two bottom lights (Don't ask me which wires I couldn't begin to explain which ones they were). I am glad to see the note below from the Back Off folks about getting better installation instructions and a web site to help. I sure could have used it. I works well installed and is a must have for safety as far as I am concerned, but be prepared for a tough install if you aren't a mechanic, engineer, or electrician.
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ITEM: AO451838

The chrome was bright and flawless. Installation was easy, but there were no instructions with the rack. Just do like I did, measure 20 times and drill once. If you don't have a spoiler on your bike be sure to mount the rack far enough forward to leave room for a spoiler in the future. I didn't think of that during the installation, but through sheer luck I mounted it far enough forward.
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40 Channel Factory Honda GL1800 CB Radio Kit

Removing all the body parts took a little time, but after that the install was quite easy. The whole thing took about an hour and a half in total. I agree with others, the CB is way too expensive for such a dated piece technology. But it is worth having when riding in groups or traveling long distances.
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Factory Honda CB Antenna for GL1800

Easy install. Chrome looks good. The antenna matches the OEM radio antenna perfectly.
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I too installed this into a HJC Symax II modular helmet. No cutting required. The total install took less than 20 minutes. The fit and sound quality are great. This unit comes with the newer slimmer speakers which made for a very comfortable fit.
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