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Not much. Work weekdays, goes touring weekends. Take a day off every now and then for more traveling. I don't think there is anything on the market that beat this type of bike. I am very happy with my roadsofa.
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I have lived my life, -in the fast lane.

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Illusion Blue 2003 Honda Goldwing

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Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800

Ah. Some difference we got here. The bike stops on a dime now. Making bike ready for a vacation trip and wanted to make sure brakes are all serviced. I purchased the bike a couple of years ago, used. Decided it was time. These set of 3 brake pads made a difference. When I have my woman back there and brake really hard, I experience one of my favorite sensations. :-)

I noticed upon replacement, the old ones was aftermarket pads. These OEMs are so much sharper. I did cycle brake fluid too at the same time. That in combination I believe is a key thing. Also: Took wheels off. Took calipers off. Just to be able to pressure wash the calipers from inside out. No corrosion found, only a lot of sot or dirt, so looked like grand spanking new brake calipers after this clean-out. Installed back with new brake pads.
(You don't need to perform all these steps. You can actually just remove the pin that holds the pads, pry back the calipers carefully with a hard nylon flat rod between pads and disc, remove the pads and install the new pads).
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HP 15'' Windshields for GL1800

I purchased the HPS with the electrical option this passed winter. January I think. It's a great feature to be able to see over the windscreen and it leaves a very calm envelope. Can't believe it works so well. Gets some turbulence in higher speeds but that is taken care of by raise the windscreen. I also purchased the ST for long rides on freeways. I use that one when me and my wife do longer trips. That one you look through. I don't like that but the ride is very comfortable on those "transportation roads". These windscreens deliver a lot of options that a stock windshield would never have a chance in diversity here. Feel like taking a fast sporty weekend with your friends on twisty roads: Use the HPS. Feel like a stretch on the Freeway to a distant attraction: Take the ST. Buy one. You won't be disappointed.
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