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GunMetal 2021 Honda GL1833

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ITEM: ME2158100

Thanks to DJFIRE for recommending a Metzler rear and Bridgestone G709 front.
The bike feels ultra stable and grips the road with tenacity even from COLD.
This will be my setup from now on!
PM me for my tire pressures (thanks again DJ!!!)
5 stars +++
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Kuryakyn Armrest w/ Drink Holder for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU8991,   SKU: KU8991

Another product i bought so my wife will be happy & comfy on every journey. AND SHE IS! So, 5 stars for a product that makes every mile an enjoyable one...
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

I replaced my old, battered, non vented version with this vented version.
These belly pans definitely protect the underneath of the bike (proof being when i removed the old one!!!) and in my opinion is a "must have" accessory.
I don't feel any difference from the old version nor do i feel any better in cross winds. However i do feel an added sense of security knowing that these pans can take a fair amount of pings & dings before any damage occurs to my 'wing.
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Special Edition Quantum Windshield w/Rain Zip Coating
ITEM CODE: TR552153,   SKU: TR552153

I've gone through numerous shields for my wing & in the end i decided that a standard size F4 OR this Quantum SE are the best for me & my wife (passenger). I'm 6'2 & have no complaints regarding buffeting or windnoise with the Quantum SE. My wife SLIGHTLY preferred the F4+4, but i could not stand looking through the shield or the constant fogging up in cool weather. Saying that, she really likes the Quantum & has never complained of helmet buffeting or microphone noise.
So, the Quantum gets 5 stars for looks, stability, build quality & functionality. It is costly, but worth it.
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Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7016,   SKU: KU7016

My wife loves these. Working in conjunction with the transfomer floorboards, they make long distance journeys for any size passenger supremely comfortable & easy. 5 stars!!!
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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B

Love these tires. I'm on my second set (always replace front & rear together no matter what). I have never tried any other tire for my wing - but the 'stones hold their own in every type of weather and road condition. These tires offer a confident, quiet, grippy and inspiring ride. A definite 5 star product (for both G704 & G709)

Note: Use them together with the centramatic balancers & you won't recognize your wing!! So smooth...
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

Despite all the rave reviews regarding the centramatic balancers, i still had my reservations. However after installing them, i cannot stress how smooth they make the bike feel. There is not even a hint of vibration on the bars - even at above legal speeds. I took the original weights off my wheels, so the centramatics seem to be doing their job perfectly. I will update my review once i have covered 10 or 15,000 kms.
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LED Honda Fog Lights Airbag or Non Air Bag Model Gold Wing

A top quality product from hondaline. These LED lights have a real "wow" factor to them. From the moment i opened the box until they were on the bike - i just could not take my eyes off them! They give off a very bright, white light. Impressive, functional and beautifully made. A 5 star product for sure
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

I could not bear to cut into my heated seat - so i let my local Honda dealer do it. Once installed, the backrest looks OEM & is incredibly comfortable. My passenger hardly notices it is there and the fold-down feature is great when she mounts/dismounts. Highly recommended!
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Premium Heavy-Duty 100% Waterproof Cover w/Bag

A heavy duty, quality cover - exactly as advertised. I use this one at home to protect my bike from the sun and rain. The half cover goes everywhere else & these pair are both fantastic products from
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Deluxe Grey Half Cover for Goldwing

This cover will join us on every trip. It is easy to use, easy to pack and best of all keeps peoples hands off my bike. The low price & high quality ensures this product 5 stars.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

I replaced the kuryakyn highway boards with these pegs. My opinion is that the pegs look better and certainly work better (for me) especially with the baker air wings installed. My shins no longer rub on the lower wings thanks to the fantastic adjustability of these pegs. I have the 4" arm and the "short arm" peg adapters, but so far i found that the original 6" arms work best - despite my 34" inseam length. I highly recommend kuryakyn's ergo II pegs OR boards to any rider that suffers from bad knees and enjoys riding long distance.
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