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Pasadena, TX, US, 77505




Disabled Viet Nam Vet 69-70 C Troop 1/1 Cav. Armor..2 Purple Hearts, Bronze Star and just for grins the Good Conduct Metal ;-) -- I

spent the last 25 years working in a chemical plant and now I am retired but not by choice.---- Since Nov.6, 2012 I have decided to go on Welfare Assistance LOL (:-o

It has taken me a little over 4 year to complete my touring of the lower 48 states plus a couple of locations in Canada. June 3rd 2013. :)
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Retired and dodging idiots on the road

Favorite Quote:

Survived Viet Nam War -
43 Years of Marriage -
Forced Into Early (OBAMANATION) Retirement -
I Have Nothing Else To Lose!" -----Correction OBAMA CARE -----

"The older I get the less I care what other people think!"

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Dark Red Metalic 2008 Honda Goldwing

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Stop & Go Tubeless Repair Kit
ITEM CODE: AP3080002,   SKU: AP3080002

I have had to use this plug setup 2 times on my pickup and it worked great... Then on a trip I got a rear flat on the bike and I though okay no big problem. Got everything setup to use and went to use the plug but I could not get the plug to go through regardless of how I held my mouth. The plug stuck in the shoot and I could not get it out but luck was smiling on us, a person coming by afford to help and he had a plug kit just like mine. His worked and we finish the last 450 miles with no problem. I am contemplating about buying another one and a new rear tire. Will be caring the old plug style for a backup.
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ISO-Grips Black for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6383,   SKU: KU6383

I have used these grips for a long while actually I am on the fourth set being both chrome and the black and as far as the comfort they are great. You do loose a little of the heat and it does take longer for the grips to heat up. The main problem is that everyone of the sets that I have used start peeling with in matter of months. Part of the problem is that I have additional acid in my system from meds that I take. I took them to a local company that does custom chroming and they said that the problem is also due to chroming process that they use on their product.
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ITEM: ME2158100

This is an update to my privious review. I now have little over 6000 miles on these tires and everything look good. I have rode in very wet conditions, also in area of where snow was still along the shoulder of the roads. These tire handle very well as long as you use common sense with you driving. I have another trip planned at the end of May for the Dakotas, Minnisota,Wisconsin and Iowa an this set of ME880 tires with be making that trip. Keep a check on the air pressures that does make a lot of difference on the life and handling of these or any tire.
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ITEM: ME2158100

Ok I just finished a 5700 mile trip up the east coast into Canada and back down through Missouri to home. These tire performed very well in all types of weather, in the rain they had good traction into the turns. These tires seem to make me come back to the up right position a little quicker than I was use too but have become adjusted to it. It could be due to the low profile of these tires in regards to the other brand of tire that I have been using. The wear on these tires have been minimal, no cupping and no wobbling is present at this time. I have a total of just over 5800 miles.
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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B
ITEM CODE: TR416233,   SKU: TR416233

These bearing are worth it for stopping the low speed wobble and smoother handling on turns. I finally decided to replace the bearing on my wing and I was a little hesitant about doing so. Once I got into doing the replacement I found that I was not hard to at all, just take your time. If you have any mechanical experience you should have no trouble. The only draw back was having the stem nut socket to do the torque specification.
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Progressive Heavy Duty Fork Springs for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR771521,   SKU: TR771521

I installed these Fork Springs and was concerned about if different problems would arise being that I did it myself. NO PROBLEM, I did take the time to do some extra things such as all ball bearing on the spindle and check brake pads. No war stories, these springs went in easily and did not have to make any other adjustment to the hydraulics. The smoothness of the ride over ruff sections of the road was better than with the stock springs. Worth the money and time to do the work.
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ITEM: ME2158100

I have had this set of tires for about 1,000 miles and they have handled very good in dry and wet conditions. Come May 28th I will be putting them through much longer test. When I return there will have been at least 5,700 miles on these tires (Pasadena,Tx to Maine, Canada, Michigan and back home). Then I will make another review which I sure will be a more actual knowledge than just assuming.
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Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge
ITEM CODE: TR151502,   SKU: TR151502

This is my second go around with these type air gauges, the first one that I had was very accuate simple to operate. The only problem that I had with it was it did not withstand being rolled over with a car tire. So this time around I decided to purchase two of them just in case.
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ISO-Grips Black for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6383,   SKU: KU6383

I've replace the Iso grips for the fourth time but this time I went with the Gloss Black grips. They have the same comfort as the chrome ones but the chrome kept bubbling and peeling after about a 3 month use which I believe was being caused from the acid in my body. It has been almost 3 months and these Gloss Black look just like the day that I installed them. Being that I do a lot of traveling the comfort of these grips are a must and I do not think that you would go wrong getting them; I do have small hands. In the winter months there is a longer time for the heated grip to be felt but with the gloves that I use it does not make that must difference in the time or the lost of some of the heat.
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Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads

I had to replace a tire due to road damage, this tire had the Dyna beads in it and they did keep the tire in balance as stated. The only thing that I did see when the tire had been removed was that the wheel or rim which ever you prefer to call it had some etching marks plus a little showing on the valve stem. This caused me to think of what might happen with continue use over a long period of time. I’m trying a different type of beads in the new tire but I’m still running the Dyna beads in the other tire so I can get some comparison between the two. As of now both tire are in balance and the only different is the beads in the older tire fall to the bottom after stopping for any length of time.
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ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6183,   SKU: KU6183

The reason of the 4 star is that this was the 3rd set of grips that I have install and all three sets start bubbling then peels; and I have used S100 corrosion prevent. I have installed the same grips on other bikes and they have not had any problems with them. I must have a lot of body acid I guess so now I'm planning to get the Gloss Black ISO Grips next an see what happens. There are no complaints about the looks nor the comfort of the ISO grips.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

Installed a set of Ergo ll on a friend bike and they do look nice and have more adjustments ability then the set of Küryakyn highway board pegs that I have. After installing a set of air deflector wings
I can not obtained the height adjustment needed to prevent them from scraping when I have to go into a more than a normal turn. If I place them where they do not scrape then I can not reach them so I will be replacing mine with a set of Ergo ll.
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