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Dr. Jim

Colorado Springs, CO, US,


Dr. Jim


Love touring. Nothing better for this than a Gold Wing.
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Media Consultant / Speaker

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Success is a series of little daily victories

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Racing Yellow 2002 Honda GL1800

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Artic White 2004 Honda GL1800

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Pearl White 2008 Honda GL1800

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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800

I like the IDEA of this stand. After 8 spine surgeries I can't lift the bike onto the normal stand. This one lets me to that but TWO things:
1) These are THE worst instructions I've ever seen. Seems like the guy could put some energy into making good instructions to help a lot of users prevent stripping out the bolts. (YouTube Video Sir)
2) Once you try to put your toe down to ride up on the stand, if not on completely level ground, YOUR BIKE IS GOING TO GO OVER - No matter what you do.
So Be Careful with installation, and Be Careful when using the darn thing. Once you get more used to it I think it is fine. But the Goldwind will go right over to the left if you are not careful!!!!!
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ITEM: PG29386

I LOVE a high quality product that fills a need. That describes the Pakit Rack. Needed storage for long rides, extremely well made and EASY to install and looks nice.

If you are looking for more storage and don't want to pull a trailer, this is for you.
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ITEM: PG02361

If you are having trouble getting comfortable on the wing, try these. Especially neck and shoulder tension. These bring the grips up and in and will EASE your position. Very worth the price.

I was convinced when I simply sat on a friends bike with these. Immediate difference.

They have to be extremely well made as all your control inputs go through these bolts.
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Comfort Grip Covers
ITEM CODE: TR179222,   SKU: TR179222

Stock grips are too small. With heated grips you don't want to put any Kury type aftermarket grips etc. THESE were suggested to me and I LOVE them. Heat comes through pretty well, but the grip and feel is fantastic. I can live without chrome on the grips. I highly recommend and you can't beat the price.
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Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads

Some people think this is 'voo-doo', if it is - voo-doo that WORKS! I've never had a smoother ride than with my Bridgestones and DynaBeads! I'll never do without this combination.
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Battery Tender Plus 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017102,   SKU: SOMS017102

I have these on all the bikes. Helps extend battery life and a must during winter months!
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New Generation Dual Air Wings w/Lowers for GL1800

I think these are a must for any GL 1800 rider. They help create a better rider air "capsule". Nice air in hot weather, more protection in cold weather.
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Service Repair Manual for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: TR700507,   SKU: TR700507

I have the full shop manual and often refer more to the Clymer than the BIG shop manual.

Small to medium jobs are not hard on the GL 1800. this manual helps with the details.

Great product!
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Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover
ITEM CODE: AO678034B,   SKU: AO678034B

Just finished 4,000 miles with these. Mixed opinion. They are not uncomfortable.
They do seem to keep you a bit cooler in hot weather. In cold weather I would take them off so your seat heater can be more effective.
Also After several hours, I remove them just to change the circulatory patter in my posterior.
So good and just okay would be my rating.

Be sure you take them of every month to clean the seat and let the seat foam "breath".;

10,000 NYC cabbies can be wrong. AND they are cheap.

Next year they will have chrome!
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Lower Wind Deflecting Trike Wings for GL1800

has anyone tried these on a NON Trike?? Just to get better side wind control?? I'd be interested to see how that works.
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Half Helmet Headset for Gold Wing Built-in System

I developed cervical disc bulges so had to go to half helmet. I use CB and listen to music through my FF helmet, so needed a good set for HH. Came across this one and was worried about the price (considering J&M wants $250 for "stereo quality sound" version.

BUT I was very, very surprised at the quality of music sound!! Outstanding and of equal quality to the J&M stereo set in my FF. Other riders say CB sound is normal.

HOWEVER ONLY ONE PROBLEM. Who ever designed these headsets has not worn them for more than an hour. They don't stay on ears well, and begin pressing your ear lobe to the point of pain. I have learned to bend the heck out of them, then went a step further and glued a 1 inch thickness of foam to the ear pieces and now they are comfortable (sort of).

I DO agree with the other reviewer, you need to get a clip and hold the cord to your coat or vest to take pressure off the left ear piece.

For the money I would recommend them, wish they were of different design. I'll probably do a little more modifications to these this winter.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800

Yes, it is clear, it cleans easy. Now for the bad news. I just replaced my Tulsa with this F4+4 because of all the rave reviews on I was really expecting a fantastic windshield. My first ride wasa 2,000 mile trip. I wanted to send it back the first 100 miles.

What is the MAIN reason for a windshield?? Shield the wind. This thing HAS THE AERODYNAMICS OF A PIECE OF PLYWOOD! Buffeting like I've never experienced before. My head is still vibrating.

It is expensive, it DOES scratch, it really does not shed water like everyone says (acts very much like all other windshields in that regard). It's amazing how "Hype" and the "bandwagon" effect can sell products.

My Tulsa was MUCH better. I'm selling this on Craig's List and going back to the TULSA Tall!! They have actually studied aerodynamics!!

(BTW: you should know how to install a windshield on your own because - as with most manufacturers they have NO idea on how to write installation instructions!)
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