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Retired and loving it! Starting back riding after 11 year hiatus means there's a lot to remember and new things to learn. Starting with the MSF Basic Motorcycle Safety course and lots of parking lot practice! Safety first, Fun always!

Many thanks to Rick Arnoldo and Wingstuff for being the one stop supplier for many of the additions that helped make the multi-year transformation of my bike into the most comfortable and stylish Wing I've ever owned.

If you're interested in seeing how something I've reviewed looks, you can browse my gallery to view more pics with accessories from: Wingstuff house brand, American Motorcycle Accessories, Kuryakyn, Add-On, Show Chrome, Drag Specialties, Markland, Baker Built, Hondaline, Beverage Butler, Grip Puppies,, Kisan, Ram Mounts,Edsets mic splitter, Hartco Sheepskin Seatcovers, Pakit Rak and Garmin.

You can also read through my product reviews for my take on over 100 items available here. I have and use everything I've reviewed.
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2008 Honda Goldwing (Titanium)

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Previously Owned 1988 Honda Goldwing (Gold)

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Previously Owned 1979 Honda Goldwing (Black)

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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

The correct way to close the trunk lid is by facing the rear of the trunk and reaching around the passenger backrest with both hands and giving it a good, swift, firm tug. If you do it right, you will hear the latches click. DO NOT press down on the trunk lid or the spoiler. If you are doing it right, you never touch the trunk lid to close it - all pressure is on the passenger backrest itself.

To open, you do need to have one hand on the back of the passenger backrest and pull on it while with the other hand release the trunk catch. When you hear the latch release, you might have to use the hand you tugged on the backrest with to push up on the lid, spoiler or luggage rack a little to keep it from relatching when you release the latch handle.

If you follow these procedures, (and you will need to for many years to come) you shouldn't have any problem with the bumpers. My bumpers are over 3 years old and I still follow these procedures. They were the best investment I ever made in protecting the finish on my bike. I'd consider this accessory to be the FIRST thing I'd do for a new bike.

Ride Safe!

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HP4 Pro Performance Oil

This is the oil I'm going to stick with. It's a quality product that keeps my engine and transmission shifting very smoothly. Also considering 5,000 mile change intervals it's that good.
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Stop & Go Tubeless Repair Kit
ITEM CODE: AP3080002,   SKU: AP3080002

I finally had cause to use this tool. Some observations:

1. You might want to bring a small board like a 1 x 4 x 12 or so along to place under the center stand if your going to work on a soft shoulder of the road.

2. Also there is one piece of equipment that doesn't come with the kit. A needlenose pliers. Highly recommend carrying a pair for pulling out small nails. I got a miniature set to carry in the stop n go pouch. Works Perfect!

3. Finally, I highly recommend that you practice before you need this, it will save you time and aggravation.

I'm very pleased with this tool and would recommend it without hesitation.
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Battery Tender JR 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017122,   SKU: SOMS017122

I've been using a battery maintainer on my 1800 but switched to this unit after reading about it's advanced technology. I'm very impressed with the competitive price too! Thanks Rick!
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Battery Tender Plus 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017102,   SKU: SOMS017102

Installed it on my classic lincoln. The car sits in the garage much more than it gets driven. I liked the desulfating capability of this charger over a simple trickle charger. Based on the information available, this is the best charger you could use on your motorcycle or car battery. The price here is competitive too! Thanks Rick!
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Chrome Footpeg Mounts for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU4544,   SKU: KU4544

Not to impressed with machining or finish. These things weigh a ton compared to the stock mounts. They don't fit the contour of the frame and require that you grease the bolts to keep them from rusting due to exposure to water. The factory mounts are back cut to correctly shield the bolt mountings from moisture. The set I have have developed a rust bubble that kuryakyn wasn't willing to replace because they were over 1 year old. You read about others having rust problems with kuryakyn mounts, but this was my first experience with rust. I can't say I'm pleased with kuryakyn customer service or the mounts. I took them off and went back to the stock mountings. Sorry, 1 star is all I can do.
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Black Foam Brake/Clutch Lever Grips
ITEM CODE: BB1799,   SKU: BB1799

Just put these on today. They are very comfortable. I wear leather fingered riding gloves and was getting finger slippage on the brake and clutch levers and wanted to try something different. These feel very nice and I get better grip now through the gloves on the levers.

Installing them is a snap, I just got a small container with a sealing lid like an old margarine container and put in some water and a little dishwashing soap. Shook it up and then dipped the grip cover in so it was nice and soapy then pushed it over the ball of the lever. Work slowly, they will slide on easily.

After you have them positioned in the grip zone of the lever, paper towel them dry and let them sit until the water dries out completely - according to the directions. Vola! Your grips just got a whole lot more comfortable.

4 stars because they could be just a 1/2 inch longer to better cover the grip zone, but I think that I've got them in the right place.

Yes, I'd buy them again!
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Mini Arms for Ergo II Highway Footpegs
ITEM CODE: KU4071,   SKU: KU4071

I was ok with the 6" arms, I loved the 4" arms and now I got these mini-arms, and they are the BOMB! I can really stretch out and relax with my feet out on the pegs. I have used the highway pegs much more now with these mini-arms than I ever did with 4" arms. Easy swap out and very heavy duty. I believe that you will really love these arms.
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Trunk Key Hole Trim Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3219,   SKU: KU3219

This is a very nice little accent that reminds me of the chrysler wing. Kury did a tasteful job by understating this piece. Price was right too!
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Chrome Scuff Plates
ITEM CODE: HO08P56MCA100,   SKU: HO08P56MCA100

I wasn't sure if I'd like these, but I got a set and just installed them today. Like most previous reviews, I noticed that they don't cover all the black plastic cover - it's mostly apparent around the opening, but that doesn't matter. They are very nice in appearance.

I'm a little concerned about the two sided tape. It was pretty thin and it sounded like much of it was pulling away when I installed them. I ended up removing the side covers from the bike, and hitting the black plastic again with more alcohol (50 percent rubbing), and did a re-stick. They seemed to be holding better. The instructions say to wait 24 hours for maximum cure time for the adhesive. So we will reserve judgment on the installation.

At this point I'm cautiously optimistic. If the 2 sided tape seems loose, I will remove it and use some thicker stuff. I can't fault the appearance though, it is top notch! I'd probably buy these again. Look for them on sale.

3 stars for price and possible installation issues but 5 stars for appearance - split the difference 4 stars.
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Small Touring America Engraved Map Gold w/Stick-On Stones

I got it engraved with our names on the bottom edge at a store in the local mall. It looks nice. The adhesive issue will be resolved with some velcro. That way I can remove it to add a stone or color in additional states as they are visited.

I also am critical of the attachment of the stones to some of the smaller states. When I get it installed, I'll post a picture in my gallery.
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Power Sport Tire Inflator
ITEM CODE: WP40061,   SKU: WP40061

I got this out from the left saddlebag today and fired it up. It works good and rapidly builds up air pressure. Since the 1800 came out. We've lost the air shocks the 1500 sported and Honda removed the air pump. Anyone with an 1800 should consider this as a valuable part of their tire repair kit.

The beauty of this kit is that I can use the battery charger pigtail that I have connected to the battery. It uses the standard 1 exposed - 1 covered style connector. I did increase the rating on the fuse. I dropped a 20amp in place of the battery charger's 3 amp.

Getting double duty from the connector and having a fused line makes connecting up the air compressor a snap.

Nice compact carrying case - fits into the little cubby in the rear of the left saddlebag.
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