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Perl White 2008 Honda GL1800 Airbag

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White 2005 Honda NT650 V DEAUVILLE

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Blue 1985 Kawasaki Z250

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Waterproof Battery Tender 12V 800 mAmp
ITEM CODE: TR212116,   SKU: TR212116

Very good product and has input range 100-240v which very good for my case. Also is waterproof so is easy to put it outside.

The 12v cord is shorter than the JR version and also has fewer light parterns (yellow and green) to show the charging status. should indicate its input range to help people know this feature. You can see it only under "full size image" (and read carefully). I knew it suprisingly when I opened the package lol.
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Battery Tender JR 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017122,   SKU: SOMS017122

If you are going to use it outside of US for a 220v (50Hz) outlet and with a 220v/110v transformer, this charger may be not quite good for you. I have purchased two and they all stop to work completely after only 2 times of use. I think that there is some kind of protection circuit that “cuts-off” connection but with no way to know how to get it back. When the second one fails, I open the case and take off a part of protection shield of its transformer and shorted the protection circuit with a fuse (500mA), and it works again. But it really heats itself a lot when it is charging my GW’s battery.

I also purchased another Detran battery charger: “Waterproof Battery Tender 12V 800 mAmp” and this one is very good and doesn’t need transformer because its input is 100-240 and only about $10 more expensive.
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Factory Honda CB Antenna for GL1800

Very good antenna and make your bike looks great. Easy install, but it really makes me feel a little nerving when drill those holes.
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Replacement OEM Factory Pocket Push Pin for GL1800
ITEM CODE: HO90116SP0003,   SKU: HO90116SP0003

A little pricy but make me feel safe when I do those removals on my bike.

Bought 4 and come with "huge" bags to hold only one pin each, it really make shipping company happy. lol
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40 Channel Factory Honda GL1800 CB Radio Kit

CB is not such popular used in Chile; you can use it in highway without any other listen to you (you have a free cell-phone :-). But it’s the only way that I can talk with my wife when we travel on the way of our beach house every week end to carry more people. Honda should consider other kind of radio for other countries, such as VHF, GMRS, because they much better.

I have to agree that there is no any CB solution can be integrated with GL1800 like this one. They are one for other. Thanks to save some dollars.

It caused me about 7 hours to install and work quite well. If you have 06-08 airbag GW like mine, you should buy the Service Manual first, because there is no any video on the web to show how to make those removals.

The only thing that I found is that when I drive on a stone paved road, there is noise come to the CB when GW shaken by the movement. I think that is come from the crash sensors of airbag system. Does any one have the same “problem”?

If anyone need help please let me know. Specially you are in Chile :-)
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P-Style Lower Headset Cords

Very good product and I had them over a month. The only thing that I wish to make it better is that, in somehow, make it easier to plug into Goldwing’s headset terminal. I have to help my wife to make the connection every time.

There is no chance to put 4.5 stars and it really worth more than 4, so I give it 5 stars.
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I have purchased two set this headset, they fit very well for open face helmet and be installed just in 20 minutes. But for flip full face, speakers are too big to install and I replace them with my old headphone's speakers (Philips - only about 1/2 thickness) and work very well. The other problem I have is the mic is too big and I have to bend it beside my left eye when I close my flip to use it.

But any way, they are very good headset and cheap, especially when your helmet has enough space. And, the most important is that my wife love them and judged the buying as “A Good Purchase”
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