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Port Byron, IL, US, 61275




Retired from nuclear power electrical generation after 29 years and took up gunsmithing for fun since there is no profit.
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No matter where you go, there you are!

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Dark Red 2007 Honda Goldwing

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BRG 1996 Triumph Trophy

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Blue 1993 Honda Shadow

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Chrome Powder Coated Ride Off Stand for GL1800

I just installed the ride off stand and the only hard part was breaking the 8mm bolt loose. It has blue sealant and does not want to move. the 14mm bolt is easier. Installation was otherwise easy provided you are mechanically inclined. Since I haven't used it yet my opinion may change with time.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

None better! Don't leave home without one. With this backrest riding long distance becomes a piece of cake. The only reason to stop is for gas and you know how far these bikes can go between drinks.
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Kuryakyn Armrest w/ Drink Holder for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU8991,   SKU: KU8991

My wife loves these things but I'm not so thrilled. They have to be "deployed" to open the trunk or risk breaking the hinges. However, they are quality built and look good. After a few rides in the rain they require a little lubricant to keep them from squeaking.
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Iso-Grip Set w/Chrome Accent Ring
ITEM CODE: KU6180,   SKU: KU6180

This is jewelry for your bike. They are larger in diameter than OEM grips and softer. They make the bike stand out without being gaudy. Installation is easy provided you don't use too much glue and lock up your throttle or drip on the bike. The package contains two bottles of super glue when one is more than enough. Start with the left side first to get a feel of how the parts act in the presents of the glue used. I dripped on the bike because I applied too much, so now I have a blemish on the fairing.
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ITEM: PG01051

These little plastic shields are terrific. They channel air to the rider when it's hot and block cold air when you want. I bought them to redirect air away from the passenger but she tells me she can't tell any difference. I sure can. I like 'em.
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Kruzer Kaddy Drink Holder

Easy to install, chrome matches the bike, easy to remove the holder and leave the stud. What's not to like? It does not come with a cup but I like to use the container the beverage came in anyway.
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Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
ITEM CODE: KU4038,   SKU: KU4038

These floorboards really look good and are great for traveling. They do force you to put your foot down a little farther out than you might ordinarily when you stop. Also, the sidestand is inaccessable until it is flipped up. Overall, they are worth the downside by providing comfort and protection while riding which is what you will be doing most of the time anyway.
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