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I've got over 125K miles on 2 goldwings I've owned in the last 14 years. Before that time, only rode dirt bikes up to age 20.
I bought my latest Goldwing in 2008.
I’ve done a trip a year putting on over 3500 miles each trip. I also ride the mountain roads here in Oregon. All year round, even when it rains.
Last long trip was with 2 friends was March 2017. Down the coast and searched out the curviest roads. Through Death Valley, Vegas, Hoover Dam, Route 66, Grand Canyon, up into Eastern Utah. Natural Bridges, Bryce, Zion. Rode through rain, sand storms, cold, snow. With Awesome sites!
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Retired after 36 yrs with major airline

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Titanium 2008 Honda Goldwing

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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B

I’ve bought the 702 before. I like the way the bike rides with it. It handles well on wet and dry roads. As it did on my latest trip.
But I bought the 702 3/2018, before a big trip. My riding has changed since I took an advanced riding class last year. I ride with two friends who ride 1200 BMW’s. So in order to keep up with them through the twisty curves. I’m more aggressive. Before I could get 15,000 miles out of a rear tire. The trip we had in April, we put on 3600 miles in 12 days. Pretty much staying off the freeways! Opting for twisty curvy roads! Yes we had a blast!
But by the end of it. I had threads showing through in the middle and most of the tread was all but gone on the rest of the tire! I was shocked! Because I used to get so much more out of a tire!
I’m going back to the 704. Hopefully that will wear better?
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

I bought this several years ago for my 2008 Goldwing. It’s nice to just drop the front panel of it to do and oil change. Just within the last 3 years I’ve started riding with guys that love the twisting curves of the mountain roads in Oregon. I recently too an advanced riding course. So I’m keeping up with these guys now. Who ride BMW’s.
I’m scraping pegs with a lot of turns now. The wing handles pretty damn good for a boat.
Now to get to the point of this product. I was rounding a curve really leaning, not quite to scrape the pegs. But enough to hit a large rock that didn’t touch the tires. But hitting the panel hard. I was also talking to my buds over my Bluetooth. He thought I had crashed! Afterwards I turned around and found the rock in little pieces. When I got home. I found the panel had been dented, even ripped a hole in it! And bits of rock inside. But it did the job of projecting the under belly! I hammered out the dents and afterward changing my oil. Put it back on!
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Great Price for this cover. The dealer charges $125. You don't get more. This is my second one. First one lasted 5 years of almost everyday use. I used to ride to work everyday (I retired Sept 2014). I used it every day at work (LAX). It protected it from all the emissions that fall to the ground there, the sunlight too. It fits (2008 Goldwing) perfectly! I've gone on a few trips and attached a cable through the grommets in the cover, and tossed the cable under the bike to secure it.
highly recommend this!
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HP4S 10w30 Full Synthetic Oil
ITEM CODE: HO08C35SYN1030M,   SKU: HO08C35SYN1030M

I normally use the oil Honda calls for. But after having some shifting problems, Sometimes slipping out of gear, while going thru the gears. I had this installed one time on my 03' wing, and it seemed to work well. I also read the reviews. Decided to go for it again. It works great, no slipping gears anymore! It just seems to run better! Cost the same.

I agree with Gerry of Moravia, NY No more crash and clunk!
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Chrome Wide Kickstand for Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU7104,   SKU: KU7104

I got this product because of the bigger foot pad and its chrome. I like it because it seems a little longer than the factory one. Which is nice since I recently put on a 702 rear tire, which makes the rear end a bit higher. So it makes the bike stand a little straighter
The problem I had was I didn't quite understand the whole mechanics of how it was put together. Even, after taking it apart. So, I took off the nut on the back, it hindsight I should have removed the little bolt from the front. So, when I took off the nut in back, bolt in front. Then tried to install it. The little metal tab (that kept spinning) that is to go in the little hole (which I drilled out a bit). Would not stop and go into the hole,(long story short) ended up snapping it off! I put it on anyway. And was able to ride it for a few days until the replacement part came into the dealer. It cost me $43 and some headaches, since I was to leave on a trip within a few days)
I just had to have the kickstand down a bit, no spring attached. As we all know, you can't put it into gear (1st gear, that is), without it killing the engine. I did find out you can put it in 2nd gear (with the kickstand down) and it will go. Also when riding in any other gear, it won't die either.
Now that I've had it for a bit, I'm glad I got it. It works in the dirt nicely and it looks Great!
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Saddlebag Organizer Set
ITEM CODE: PU35010719,   SKU: PU35010719

I really like this product! It helps save things nice and neat and kept in place. I always felt that space was a wasted area. Now when I flip open the side door and people see it, they are like OOH AAH! LOL. and usually say, "Wow, you're Organized!"

I agree with Kerry of Fort Saskatchewan, CA (below) about the screws. I also flattened out the grommets and used blue threadlocker to help lock them in place. I suppose you could use super glue too.
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ITEM: PG21260

I bought this flag to replace a flag I bought with the product that holds the flag. That lasted about 30,000 miles. This replacement flag lasted 500 miles! I put it on right before my trip to Phoenix, AZ. Its a 400 mile ride there. I looked back(with my mirror) about 100 miles into my return trip and saw that the flag was catching up. The next stop I made I inspected the flag and found it had ripped in 3 different spots and was swinging over the top of the post and catching up. I gave a 1 star because it looked nice and slipped onto the post easily.

When I bought this flag they didn't have the selection of different flags they now have on Wingstuff.
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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B

I made the mistake of buying the G702 180/70R16 (rear). But I love it! I normally ride with the 704's They are great tires too.But I really like these 702's I've always been told with the 704 you have to adjust your speed 5mph slower than your actual speed. But with the 702 it reads right on, it sits a little higher, which I like, because I'm a tall guy. I normally get 16,000 miles out of these rear tires
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Deluxe Luggage Rack Bag w/Rain Cover

I just came back from a 12 day, 3600 mile trip up the west coast. I bought this bag just before the trip. It fit everything I wore and then some. It's got plenty of Velcro straps on it to hold it in place. I strapped it to the rack on the back. I also used bungee cords, which really the Velcro would have done just fine.
I like it came with a rain cover. Because just south of Oakland, CA. I hit rain. I pull over under and over pass and pulled out my rain gear and the cover. It worked great. Although I kept the cover in a saddle back for easy access. I never did get anymore rain.
I also like the 2 little pouch's. I put a scarf for easy access in one pocket along with a bottle of hand sanitizer in the outside mesh pocket. The other pouch I put my toothpaste & sunblock.

This bag is well worth the price!
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ITEM: KU7316

I bought these because they look Great & give me more visibility. These lights provide the extra safety needed for night riding. They are on all the time, plus I like that they work as turn signals! If I'm showing my bike off it's one of the first things I show.
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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B

I've always used Bridgestones on both my wings (2003 & 2008). One of my front tires I got just over 21,000 miles before I had to replace. On a back tire I got 16,000 before replacing because it was flat down the middle and would ride uneven at higher speeds. The tread Never wore down. So I kept them. I'll never go with any other brand.
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Kruzer Kaddy Drink Holder

I just came back from a 1500 mile ride/4 days. to Utah & AZ, NV. The temps hit 115 degrees. I was OH so thankful I put this on before this trip. I put a tall 1 liter bottle in it. It worked GREAT! Yes, the swivel did tip a bit but I never lost any water or the bottle itself. I would recommend it.
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