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Camas, WA, US,


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Orange 2021 KTM 890R

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Gray 2011 BMW R1200RT

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Silver 2005 Honda Goldwing

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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709


These tires stick!

Replaced an older set of Dunlop Q3’s. These things are inspiring and really accentuated my progressive monotubes and fork brace. They go where you point them and seem to stick exceptional on mixed pavement and choppy surfaces. I have not had the chance to try them in the rain so Judy is still out on that as well as the mileage
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Counteract Balancing Beads



Installed these when I swapped out the tires on the bike. Prior to changing tires I could not take my hands off the bars or it would wobble and go out of control. Tires were balanced by the shop that installed them sometime ago and to be honest that was probably 2013….Installed a new set of Bridgestones and took it out for a spin and WOW!!!! No more shaking or wobbling and I could remove my hands from the bars without soo much worry.Please note riding without your hands on the bars should ONLY be performed by an expert in a removed from traffic, pedestrians and animals setting. AND even then you take your own risk!
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OEM Factory Fork Seal/Bushing Kit for 2001-2005 GL1800 GL1800 Fork Kit 2001-2005


Everything you need to rebuild the forks in one order!

As stated above, great job/price pulling these together. Plus if you are installing the Progressive Monotubes at the same time you will have a couple of O-Rings left over.
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Ergo II Highway Peg w/Mini Arms
ITEM CODE: KU4073,   SKU: KU4073


Nice addition for extra leg strech

I am 5'10" and wear a 32 inseam jean, more like 31 these days... I was trying to figure out which arms short or 6" and looking at the other reviews pointed me to the short ones. They ended up working great and you have some sliding room on the mounting bar to move forward and back to get them dialed in. I have them in a position that allows me to get my feet out wide and still clear the bottom of the fairing. As others have indicated I am one of those that found the roll pins to be a complete PITA(hence the 4 star)! Have them preinstalled and add a couple of bucks, would be a great help, or redesign and have notches cut into the mounting location. Having said that and once installed they offer a great platform to stretch out the legs on a longer cruise, or even a short one and can easily be flipped in and out with the toes.
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