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Andrews, TX, US, 79714




We love to get out on the Wing every chance we get. Something about that freedom of the road and wind in your face.
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Pearl White 2008 Honda Goldwing

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White 2005 Aspen Classic Camper

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T-Valve Optional Accessory for TPMS

Has anyone used these FOBO T-Valve Stems on a Non-FOBO TPMS???
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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800

I have been wanting one of these ride off stands for a while thinking it would make it easier to steady the bike upright. So I recently bought one. 1st issue is lack of instructions with the stand. Got the right side hex nut bolt off only after having to go buy larger hex set and trying one by one until I found the one that fit. 2nd issue (again from lack of instructions) I ended up rounding the bolt head on the left side trying to loosen it up. It cost me $60 to find out from a motorcycle tech that the right side had a reverse thread bolt. Would have been nice to know BEFORE I rounded off that bolt head. OK got the Right bolt out and ready to install the ride off stand. After installation, I find the exact same results as pere1543 review. My bike is leaning to the right. The left stand leg is approx. 1/4 inch off the ground with the foot stand shouldering the weight of the left side. The stand would not put my bike up while on the cement floor in my shop as it just slid along the floor. I rolled it back into the ally and tried it again. AGAIN, like pere1543, my reverse gear began slipping and would not pick up the bike. I called Wingstuff to express my dissatisfaction. Was told to call the manufacturer. I was given a phone #. I called 4 times in a 2 hour period and got a busy signal each and every time. Now, I am not an engineer, but if you have several people expressing the exact same problems, there is something wrong. WINGSTUFF, I will be contacting you so we can work something out. AS for a rating, can I give it a 0/5.!!!!!
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