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Silver 2003 Honda VTX Retro

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Black 2006 Honda Goldwing Airbag

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Farkle Windshield Shelf

I installed this shelf onto a windbender windshield so that I had more room for new farkles and to get my gps and phone off of the handlebars. It was fairly easy to install.

I thought about buying the mini because I thought I wouldn't need all the room the full size unit offers. Glad I got the full size unit. I have one gps, a radar detector, a phone, usb charger and sena Bluetooth transmitter mounted on the shelf.

Bounces a little on rough roads but not enough to be a concern. The best part is my gps is in my line of sight, no more looking down on the handle bars to see it.
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Progressive Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR779004,   SKU: TR779004

I had this the monotube fork cartridge kit and the rear spring installed by the dealer. The bike, now with +100,000 miles, rides better than I remember it riding when new.

Would definitely recommend these products.
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Rear Shock Spring
ITEM CODE: TR771173,   SKU: TR771173

I had this rear spring and the monotube fork cartridge kit installed by the dealer. The bike, now with +100,000 miles, rides better than I remember it riding when new.

The rear preload is set at 5 instead of maxed out as it was with the old OEM spring. No more back jarring jolts when hitting a pot hole. The bike sits higher now also. I have a Russell saddle and now I'm on my tippy toes at stoplights. I can also lean into the corners without scraping the floor boards.

Would definitely recommend these products.
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

After balking at the price for a couple years I finally had these installed along with a new set of E3s. The difference is incredible. The bike rides likes it’s on a rail. Smooth as silk. I can take my hands off the bars at any speed with no wobble. I've never been able to that even with new tires. I ride lots of mountain roads and I can easily go 5-10 mph faster through the twistys and feel totally in control.

I'll have to see if this continues as I put miles on the tires.
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ITEM: PG03513

I installed this myself in a couple hours on a 2006 airbag model. Took my time and referred to the online instructions referred to in other reviews. I pulled a trailer 2-up over 6000 miles on a trip last year with absolutely no problems. This hitch is solid.
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ITEM: AO451838

Have had this rack on my bike for 3 years and it is holding up very well. I used the star washers to spread out the weight better. Would buy again.
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Deluxe Luggage Rack Bag w/Rain Cover

Just used this on a 3-day trip to Utah. Worked great. And yes, it is large enough that weight can be a problem when fully packed.
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Dual Adjustable Air Wings for GL1800

They work as advertised. However, if you are long legged and have highway pegs installed you may find that your leg rubs against the lower air wing. I'm 6'3" and ended up removing the lower wing.
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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

They will cut down on the rattling, but mine bent and eventually broke off after a years use.
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