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McCalla, AL, US, 35022




Getting ready to retire and travel full-time in my 41’ Momentum 376TH toy hauler.
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Programmer / Web developer / SQL Server DBA

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Metallic black 2021 Honda Goldwing tour DCT

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Cold Weather Warmskin Face Mask

Tom Verified Buyer

Good face mask

I like to ride all year, and since I sold my full face helmet with my bike and haven’t been able to get the modular I want in XL, I’m wearing my half-helmet in 28° temperatures. This face mask does an excellent job of stopping the wind and keeping my ears and face warm. I like that the face/ear covering is thicker than the rest. I highly recommend this product.
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Adjustable Hand Guards for 2018+ Gold Wing


They work but require adjustment

I ride all year and even though I live in Alabama, it still gets cold (though not as cold as when I rode all year in Wisconsin). These deflectors make a significant difference by keeping the direct wind off your hands in cold weather. After installation I did have to get out a pair of pliers and channel locks (both jaws wrapped with duct tape) and rebend the end of the bracket to make the cut-out align with the blinker. It would also be nice if a clear Lexan deflector option were available.I highly recommend for cold weather riding.
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Plastic Polish


Used this for over 30 years

I first bought Novus Plastic Polish in the mid 1980’s from a Plexiglass supplier in Milwaukee Wisconsin and have loved it ever since. I highly recommend the #2 and #3. You can also use Comet then #2 to polish out pretty much any scratches and hazing. Also good to polish cut Plexiglas and acrylic edges. Not sure about coated windshields.
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LED Trunk Light for 2018+ Gold Wing


One of the best

I wanted to purchase this from WingStuff but they were out of stock so I ended up getting it elsewhere, but I wanted to still review it here.This may be my favorite accessory so far. Yes, it took a while to install and you have to also purchase the harness separately, but I absolutely love having a bright light that comes on automatically when the truck is opened. I also didn’t want something that looked like it was an afterthought. This light works without the bike being turned on which is nice, as long as the key fob is turned on and nearby.I highly recommend this light.
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USB Cord for 2018+ Gold Wing

Tom Verified Buyer

You might not need this!

I purchased this for my 2021 Goldwing Tour, and after I opened the package, removed my seat, and looked to see exactly where it plugs in, I realized the 2021 tour version already has this cable installed at the factory!Check your bike before buying this connector.
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tailBlazer for 2018+ Gold Wing

Tom Verified Buyer

Get noticed when it counts!

Extremely easy to install. Simply remove seat and plug inline with each side taillight harness.Nice logarithmic decay on the flash rate, it’s very noticeable. Gives me a little more feeling of safety when breaking with cars behind me.
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pathBlazer Headlight Modulator for 2018+ Gold Wing

Tom Verified Buyer

Great safety item

Great safety item, and super easy to install; simply reach past the handlebars under plug modular between headlight plug and wiring harness. I routed the sensor wire to the brake fluid reservoir and zip tied it and the wire in place for now. I may leave it there since it’s barely noticeable.
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920 Saddlebag Liner for 2018+ Gold Wing

Tom Verified Buyer

Makes packing and keeping things organized

After buying my new Wing, it didn’t take long at all to have things shoved into my saddlebags all unorganized. I was thrilled to find these bags after my wife and I went on a long weekend trip and ended up shoving grocery bags full of clothes into the saddlebags. Now we can pack one each in the house and simply put them in the bike. Also saved a ton over Honda OEM bags. These fit well and are heavyweight canvas with dual flap zippers. I highly recommend, make your life easier.
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Saddlebag Carpet Set for 2018+ Gold Wing

Tom Verified Buyer

Nice liners, well worth The savings

These are nice liners, especially since they were on sale! They’re heavyweight and fit well. Can’t beat the savings over Honda OEM liners. I purchased these with the trunk liner and am very happy.
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Trunk Carpet for 2018-20 Gold Wing Tour

Tom Verified Buyer

Not a perfect fit for 2021, but with the money

I contemplated buying the OEM carpet for my 2021 , but decided to try this and save quite a bit of money. It’sa little small since the 2021 Trunk is larger, but it doesn’t appear too small. It’s still worth the money and with the savings I can get another item. I purchased this with the saddlebag carpet liners as well, I recommend both. Carpet is heavyweight and made well.Only 4 stars since the the trunk carpet isn’t available in 2021 size.
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Air Deflectors for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU6579,   SKU: KU6579

Tom Verified Buyer

Works excellent

I purchased these lower deflectors over the Honda OEM lowers because of the smoke color. I have a 2021 Goldwing Tour DCT in the Metallic Black and these go very well with the color of the bike.I did have some trouble getting one bolt to start during installation, but other than that no trouble.I do need to remove the left fairing to install the DCT Parking Break Interlock, and I'm hoping I don't need to peel these off to remove it... otherwise I'll be ordering the double-sided tape.When closed, according to my wife riding behind me, the wind is much less than before and I don't feel any of the hot air from the radiators. When partially open they let quite a bit of wind through, some of which is hot from the radiators. When fully open, I expect it will be like having installed a heater on the bike; they scoop up the hot air from the radiators and funnel it right to your legs. Needless to say, I currently drive with them closed since the temperature in Alabama is fairly warm already.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for 2021+ Gold Wing

Tom Verified Buyer

Night and Day difference over OEM backrest

I purchased the Honda OEM backrest from the dealer when I purchased my 2021 Goldwing Tour DCT thinking I would like the backrest to match the seat and styling of the bike. After 3 short weeks (or long while riding), I could no longer stand being poked in the middle of the back by the severely uncomfortable OEM backrest, and I purchased this Utopia backrest.I had Utopia backrests on two previous motorcycles (Suzuki Boulevard and Victory Cross Country Tour) and loved the backrest on both; having it on my new Wing is no different. It has completely transformed my riding experience from good, to absolutely wonderful.Installation was easy, however the T-nuts could use a thicker plate since it's easy for them to slip out and fall into the inner portion of the seat (yeah, I did that and spent 5 minutes with needle nose pliers to get it out). Adjustment is easy and the large pouch on the back is perfect for my wife to store things while riding.I can't recommend this backrest enough.
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