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Maroon 2008 Honda gl1800

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Black Ride Off Center Stand for GL1800


2 Stars

As others have said, it's tough to get the stock bolts off. I used a 2' iron pipe as a socket wrench extension. Even so, my cheap sockets kept stripping. Bought a Husky brand socket and that worked. But the new stand had a manufacturing defect: the right side ear/flange with the mounting hole was welded 1/8" too low. Didn't notice it till I tried to install it. With 1/8" less clearance, after screwing in the right side bolt, the stand wouldn't pivot up far enough to install the left side hex bolt. I had to file off the area directly below the flange till there was enough room to swivel up into place. Then, once installed, when I tried to put the bike on the center stand, it didn't have enough space to fully engage (so the flat part of the stand rests on the flat pad on the bike, as the OEM stand does.) This left the bike precariously balanced. By comparing it to the OEM stand, which is beveled down about an inch near both flanges, I filed the new stand to match and then it worked, swivels up into place where it should. However, since the right side is 1/8" shorter than the left, the bike leans slightly to the right. Doesn't seem to affect getting onto or off of the stand though. All that said, now that it's finally on, I love it. Make sure you leave the bike in Reverse when it's on the stand (as the manufacturer suggests.)
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