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Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. Sena 50S Bluetooth Communication Systems

PackTalk Bold
I recently purchased and installed the Bold on a Shoei Neotech 2 and a Sedici Modular helmets. The installation was really simple with the help of a few YouTube Videos. The units were easy to pair and the sound quality is decent. While riding a high speeds on the highway I can hear my wife really well and she enjoys yacking( 😉) to me while riding. The Cardio App makes using the products really easy and fun.. Overall good product. I would recommend to a friend

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HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Risers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: HEHR01139,   SKU: HEHR01139

I must admit I was a little skeptical about this purchase and altering my brand new 2020 DCT. However once I watched a few videos and had a few shots to build up the courage to complete, the installations was pretty easy. Like most people stated the hardest part was sculpturing the cover plate to put back on.. Wish I could help with a couple of shortcuts or tricks but I can't. My finish product was ok but far from perfect. I think that's because I didn't have some of the fancy tools other guys have in their garage. . However the bars really have me relief on my elbows after riding for about an hour. I thought I would have to take my backrest off after the install because it feels as though I'm alot closer to the backrest. After a few rides my body has adjusted and I love the new placement of the handle bars. These are a must for anyone who is experiencing slight pay or stiffness in the elbows after riding for more than any hour. I would buy this product again. Best
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Premium Heavy-Duty Waterproof Cover for 2018+ Gold Wing Tour

I have a 2020 Goldwing DCT this cover fits like a glove. Easy to install and I domt know about some of you but I found it hard at times to place an item back into its original packaging or case. However once I removed the cover from my bike I folded it a few times and I was able to fit it BACK into the pouch for storage. I would recommend this cover.
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