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Box Elder, SD, US, 57719


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Red 2016 Honda Goldwing

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Advice for First Time Riders

The best piece of advise I received when I took my motorcycle riding course to obtain my motorcycle license was the classroom discussion of SIPDE. Remember what that means? Anyone? While riding it is a mental exercise we do may times. SCAN the field of vision for potential hazards., IDENTIFY potential hazards., PREDICT what might happen i.e. car pulls in front of you at an intersection or that dog in the front yard may decide to run across the road in front of you. DECIDE in advance your plan or options to avoid the hazard taking into consideration traffic in the area., and finally EXECUTE (hopefully it doesn't come to this) your escape or avoidance maneuver. I literally do this constantly without even knowing it when I ride. Put this in your brain and think it through often. Happy riding.

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Ride America: Alaska

Long Awaited Travel
Time is growing close before my GF and I will be hitting the road on a long awaited motorcycle trip across country. So stoked I can hardly wait to leave. Going to focus on the West. Will share more later. Keep the shiny side up always.

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Brake Chrome Heel Rest
ITEM CODE: BB52711,   SKU: BB52711

I had previously installed the factory foot peg mounts with the aftermarket chrome. Unfortunately the new chrome units are not offset so the brake heel rest will only fit with a spacer installed. Probably make the correction later.
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Honda Gold Wing
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