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Oil Change Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT

Wingstuff asks for a review so here goes.......I screwed on the oil filter without incident. The crush washers seem to have been properly crushed and seal the drain bolts. The O ring fit the transmission filter housing snugly. All parts installed and functioned as they should. What else is there to say? Can I have my 200 bonus points now?
WingStuff Reply:
"200 points well deserved :)"
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GN4 Pro Performance Oil

Wingstuff asks for a oil went into my bike and the bike didn't sieze, overheat, leak or any other adverse occurrences, so I would conclude that the oil has done its job satisfactorily. Can I get my 200 bonus points now? :-)
WingStuff Reply:
"200 points well deserved :)"
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Adjustable Driver Backrest for 2018-20 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU6772,   SKU: KU6772

This is a well made component. Install instructions were good. The adjustable spring ball the allows the backrest height to adjust and remove, didn't work very well. The adjustment is either too solid to adjust/remove or so loose the backrest just drops to the bottom of the slot. Micro adjustments were ineffective. You either lock it in place or allow the too loose fit. Still not bad. The backrest pushed me a little too far forward for my liking-thats just me -not the fault of the product. Its a good solid backrest, it just won't fit me.....and its unreturnable.
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I wish sites prompted customers for reviews after one year instead of after one week.It was the easiest install imaginable. The corner plastic tabs didn't fit the proposed hole location very well but it stays in place OK. I hope the plastic rivets are strong enough to withstand a good yank on the velcro closure. It should work just fine for me.
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