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Goldwing 1957

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Goldwing 1957


I am 66 years old and have been riding for over 54 years. I have a focus on Adventure riding but bought the Gold Wing DCT in 2019. In February 2020 I had an amputation below the knee of my left leg. I have made 4 California to New York trips since the amputation and the Gold Wing DCT has proven to be a perfect bike for these long rides both for comfort and for adapting to the amputation. In 2023 I completed a lifetime ride of the 48 contiguous states. 35 were visited on the Gold Wing. I also have my adventure bikes which includes a 2022 BMW 1250 GSA, a 2016 KTM 1190 Adventure R, and a 2017 Husqvarna 701 set up as a mid displacement adventure bike. These 3 bikes have all been modified to work with my prosthetic leg so I have no problem dual sporting them for fun and unlimited touring.
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I am retired. I was a Police Sergeant in southern California and retired after 28 years

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There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothing.

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white 2018 Honda Gold Wing DCT

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white 2022 BMW 1250 GSA

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White 2016 KTM 1190 Adventure R

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Deluxe Drink Holder for 2018+ Gold Wing

First things first, I never liked the way drink holders looked but I got tired of carrying water on my back with a bladder in triple digit temperatures. When I was considering which size there were no pictures to compare the sizes, even on the Butler website. I ordered the 20 oz because I did not want it to be too big. Being all black I found it looked good. The mounting hardware was simple, sturdy, and there was no way the cup would hit the bike even on full lock. With the straw to the outside (right side mount) the instrument panel was only slightly blocked in the lower right by the straw. The mug keeps things cold and was secure on the road. I found the 20 oz size was not enough liquid for me to have enough between stops. I ordered the 32 oz kit from butler which included the mug and ring. It is visually only slightly larger than the 20 oz and when the straw is positioned to the outside there is no blockage of the instrument panel. The added fluid works for me. As per the Butler website I modified the straw with 5/16 ID food grade tubing to make it more flexible. I just ordered bite valves so I do not have to fumble with the straw cover when drinking. With what I learned I would recommend ordering the 32 oz kit.
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Dunlop Elite 4 Tire COMBO for 2018+ Gold Wing

Put these on when the bike was new before a California to New York round trip. I found them to be smooth, long wearing, and predictable wet or dry. I used these before and after the trip and changed them before the next California/New York trip to be sure I had enough tread for the trip. After this trip I used them for daily riding and the used them for a California/Georgia trip. I have been measuring tread depth and I think I could make a third trip on the same set. Thankfully after several months these became available again and I immediately ordered these and installed them for another transcontinental round trip. I took the first two sets off well before they had to be changed because of the long trips. Based on my measurements I feel comfortable these tires will go 20000 to 22000 mies. I run them at 41 pounds front and rear and have no problems with cupping or any bad were patterns.Get them when you can, they have been in short supply!
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TWINART Lighted Vent Trim Black
ITEM CODE: CI78316,   SKU: CI78316

I reviewed this when I got them and it did not show up in reviews. It is in my profile if you want an in depth review and fix. Beautiful and easy to to connect with plug and play. I do not know what the issue is with the tape they use in their products but this fell off one side in under a week in my garage, the panel cover let go in 2 days, and the saddlebag lights unglued on the manufacturer installed light side after about 3 months. I was able to save these lights and the saddlebag lights with a screw installation and now no worries. I am holding my breath on the two lights I have on the trunk from this company. They have been on the longest but getting ready for a cross country trip so will be packing tape just in case.
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TWINART Switch Panel Cover
ITEM CODE: CI78335,   SKU: CI78335

I bought this for my white Gold Wing. The bike is easy to keep clean, even when dusty, but the black panel shows the dust. The chrome cover fit well and looked really nice. It accomplished the goal of not showing dust. It was really bright when the sun hit it just right, even through a dark face shield. I prepped the surface with alcohol and held it down for 2 minutes in 82 degree heat. I let it sit overnight and used it the next day. After using it for 2 days I noticed the lower adhesive was not holding. I reset it but it still did not hold. This destabilized the other smaller pieces of adhesives and the cover was loose. I finally just pulled the cover off. This looks like the standard 3m adhesive tape which I have used on many accessories on this bike. I cannot explain why it stuck so poorly.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing

I bought the 20 inch clear recurve late in December 2019 and I have had the opportunity to use it in various hot and cold conditions as well as a full day of driving rain in Death Valley. I noticed the comfort afforded by the additional width made riding much more comfortable. I was afraid it would really inhibit cooling air but it still allows air to hit my jacket arm vents. I am 6' 2" and I usually took my stock windscreen up about 2 inches to make it comfortable. I ordered the 20" because I do not like the look of tall windscreens and I thought the recurve would allow me to run the 20" lower than stock. I find the recurve did not make any difference and I still raised the screen about 2". My passenger said she did not notice any difference.I did not notice any of the outer edge problems others have reported. When I got my windshield there was small imperfection in the upper left of the screen. It was bad enough to distort when I looked through the area. I called the day after delivery directly to F4 expecting to be given a hard time. I talked to a very nice lady who resolved my issue in under 5 minutes. She told me a new windscreen would be shipped out immediately with a return shipping label. She also said she would have the replacement windshield unwrapped and inspected prior to shipping. I told her I had already mounted the F4 and asked if I could use it until the replacement came. She said that was no problem and to enjoy. It turned out they had gone to backorder so I used the first screen for about a month until my new one arrived. I changed it, sent it back with a thank you, and that was it. That is what customer service should look like. Things happen but it is how the company responds that makes the difference.I found the windshield to be of the highest quality. It mounted easy, is optically very clear (even though the recurve), gives better side protection, was well finished, is easy to clean, and sheds water like it has rainex on it.
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Lighting Y Splitter
ITEM CODE: CI48001,   SKU: CI48001

I installed the sub harness and needed one more light hook up. This plugged right in. No dimming and no fault codes. I am powering 5 Goldstrike accessories with the harness as well as heated clothing and other lighting off a Show Chrome isolator fuse block.
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TWINART Lighted Vent Trim Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78315,   SKU: CI78315

These fit so well they seem like a stock part. There is no gapping or other cosmetic issues. They wire in easy using the sub harness kit and look great illuminated. I installed them using the supplied prep and had a lot of confidence in the 3m mounting tape. After about 2 weeks the tape failed on the left one and it came loose. this happened in the garage so no harm done. I resecured it but no longer trusted the tape.I tacked in 2 #4x 3/8 pan head screws in the leading edge. By carefully placing and matching them they looked like they were supposed to be there. Do not let this dissuade you from buying these. I have used the 3m tape on the Goldstrike tour blade, trunk light, and saddlebag lights and they are as secure today as when I first mounted them. This failure was not normal. I personally like a mechanical connection and these lights can be secured very easily the way I did it without affecting looks or function.
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Plug-N-Play Lighting Installation Kit
ITEM CODE: CI48000,   SKU: CI48000

I originally used only the Show Chrome isolator fuse block but later added these to run dedicated Gold Strike accessories. I currently run the fork lights, vent lights, tour blade, trunk light, and saddlebag lights using this and the extension y plug in. I have several accessories on the isolator fuse block and this set up works perfectly. The Gold Strike accessories are all first rate and I have replaced some of my original accessory lighting for with the Gold Strike items. I rode a full day of rain recently and when I returned home the left saddle bag would not open. I thought I had a shorted bag switch and took it to Honda for a warranty repair. After about 4 hours of troubleshooting the tech found I had not completely locked in one of the connectors of the harness causing the failure. My local dealer was fair and discounted the labor but just a word of caution if this happens to you. This was completely on me and in no way a problem with the harness.
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LED Saddlebag Lights Black
ITEM CODE: CI40037,   SKU: CI40037

I looked at the two options for these type of lights offered by Wingstuff. I opted for these because they were larger, easier to install, and allowed me to retain my stock reflector. They are an exact match for the mounting location with no gaps or other cosmetic issues. They stick on directly using 3m adhesive tape already installed and cut on the light. I have used these in high heat and pouring rain and they are as solid now as the day I mounted them. They look great running and as a signal light. They project a small amount of red light to the rear for extra safety. The wires run without drilling and there is no disassembly of the bag required. I used the Gold Strike harness for easy wiring installation. I currently use 5 Gold Strike items and a Show Chrome isolator fuse block without any electrical issues.
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LED Fork Mounted Nav Lights Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI48100,   SKU: CI48100

I originally bought the Show Chrome fork lights which look nice and sit flush. They are yellow for running and signals. I used them for about 2 months and one strip of the LEDs failed on the right leg. I already had the Gold Strike harness installed so I decided to go with these fork lights. My bike is black and white but I opted for the chrome set and they look great with the aluminum fork. These are much better constructed than the previous lights and they project slightly from the fork. They display a daytime running light forward and the yellow light is for running and signal. I am much more satisfied with the light set and they are well worth the extra money. They are simple to install, especially if you have the sub harness. I am running 5 items off the sub harness plus using a Show Chrome isolator fuse block for some other accessories. There have been no dimming or faults associated with this set up.
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I looked at three different options the way another reviewer did, by checking the Cruisemans Garage video site. I did not want to fight with the installation of the console switch so I was able to work a deal when I bought the bike to have the switch installed as part of the deal. I did find a video on the Heli Bar website recently that shows a shortcut to install that switch which appears to cut hours off the installation. With the switch installed I installed the lights as a plug and play in about 1.5 hours. These are very bright and I run the main lights and the DRL function full time. This is a super bright light that really improves daytime visibility. I recently took a long ride with a lot of night time on back roads. I have never had such a great night time setup for lighting with the Pathfinder lights and the stock headlights. They really fill in the dark side of the low beam pattern which really enhances lighting. One thing takes getting used to. With the lights on they toggle between DRL and running lights. I found if you are in running light mode and go to high beam it will go to DRL. If you pull the dimmer switch all the way back to go back to low beam it will return to running light mode. If you do not pull the switch all the way back it will stay in DRL. This is easy to check at night by looking at the illumination but you can lose track in the daytime if you do not pay attention. I did check the strobe mode and it draws a lot of attention. There is a major bicycle race in my area every year and motorcycles are used for escort. I think this function would work really for this.
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Cowl Light with DRL + Sequential LED

These lights are super bright and really add visibility from the front and side. The install was easy with the provided drilling template and they sit very flush and stock looking. I wired them into an isolator fuse block using the supplied wiring diagram. If I had to choose between the fog lights and these lights I would install these first to improve visibility. They are so bright that they work to illuminate the sides at night similar to a cornering light. The turn signals incorporated in the lights are also very bright and look great.
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